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GlobeIn is a company that provides customers with a monthly subscription box filled with highly curated, artisanal goods sourced from creators all over the world.

How Does GlobeIn Work?

According to their website, GlobeIn is dedicated to supporting artisans from all around the world, but especially in developing countries where artisan goods are often the second largest source of employment.

These countries and their communities can significantly benefit from the type of potential customer exposure they will receive from partnering with a service like GlobeIn.

Supporting GlobeIn directly benefits these countries and people, helping to reduce poverty and increase stability.

Each month’s box will contain a variety of products that will be selected to fit a common theme, like Picnic, Sustainable Goods, Kitchen, Laundry, and more. 

In each box, one artisan or artisan collective will be highlighted and you will be invited to help crowdfund their particular project if you choose to. 

Cost/Price Plans

The GlobeIn box can be purchased on a month-to-month basis for $35 each month, or it can be purchased in longer periods of subscription for a small discount.

Their three month subscription is priced at $99 paid quarterly, and their six month subscription is priced at $180 paid bi-annually. 

No matter what length of subscription you choose, however, the website says that shipping is always included in the price of the box. 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately this company does not actually address a standard Refund Policy of any kind, though based on the nature of the box and the items included it is likely that refunds given for any reason besides damaged or missing items will not be probable.

That being said, customers who receive a box that they are unhappy with for any reason should contact Customer Service as soon as possible so they can help you with any issues or problems that you are having.          

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, issues, or complaints can contact their Customer Service by phone at 415-294-1490 or by email at [email protected]


Though most of the reviews of this product come from monthly subscription review blogs and not from average, every day customers, there does appear to be a general consensus about this company and their products, and they’re all positive.

It appears that even though many of the previous themes for this box may seem vague or unexciting, like “Laundry” or “Kitchen,” the reviewers have expressed surprise and enthusiasm about all the products included in their boxes, especially about the high quality and beauty of the products they’ve received.

In addition, the estimated retail value of the items in the box appear to well exceed the monthly cost of the box by more than double, and the unique nature of the items is obvious.

Finally, many reviewers expressed pleasure at the information that came in their boxes about the artisans that were involved in the product creation.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

Monthly subscription services are becoming more and more popular in all areas of hobbies and lifestyle, and there are many other boxes available aimed at enjoying life, including food, reading, fishing, technology, and many other pursuits.

If you have any experience with GlobeIn or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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GlobeIn Customer Reviews

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They are a rip off
November 17, 2021

Hi don't mess with this company they are ripping me off $530.00 due to an error


gadget February 02, 2022

This is the biggest bunch of trash you will ever come across!!! It's a complete waste of money and a scam to give you a bunch of worthless trash for your money. Try fit fab and fun or all true they at least give you something you want to select for you box instead of trash!!!

ChristineGreenman November 01, 2022

Absolutely what happened to me and I even had an email from then telling me my subscription was canceled and then they charged me $540 for ANOTHER YEAR! SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest ripoff
November 6, 2021

This is the worst subscription service I have ever used. The cancelled 3 of my orders and didn't tell me. You can only use your subscription money on a 3rd of the products you see.

Your "free shipping" only works on certain items as well. I love supporting artisans and charity. But from now on I will be doing that in a different way. This was the biggest ripoff.

September 13, 2021
There is no guarantee you will receive anything from this company. They will make excuses and promise deliveries in the hopes that you will eventually give up. Do not waste your money with them. I am in the process of trying to recover mine with my credit card company.

Phone disconnected...ugh Customer Service not great!
September 10, 2021

I am new to Globein. I am very excited to be a new subscription member, however, I find the purchasing process very confusing. As a newbie, I purchased my order on the wrong credit card. I have tried to contact the company to get a refund on my card and pay for the products on another card. They did email me with a vague response. The phone number associated with Globein is disconnected and they do not offer a chat service.

Again, I just want to pay for my items on a different card not return or cancel them. Honestly, I love the idea of Globein and want to support the cause. Unfortunately, the customer service I have received (or not received...ugh) is very discouraging. It seems that even in the reviews Globein falls back on a pretty scripted response of "check your junk/spam folder Brandi has contacted you" I did get a response from Brandi but again very vague and not helpful. It seems that their go-to response is refunding with Maven Money.

shipping a little bit late but quality is perfect for me !
February 27, 2021
Maybe covid and Globein have changed new store so everything is little late.. but I receive the seagrass market bag.. it is such a beautiful thing !

Same old story
February 9, 2021

This is the email I received from Customer Service. Note I am not a new member. I was a member with this company for a year and then cancelled.

Dear Lea,

Thank you again for reaching out to the customer service team! We sincerely apologize for the delay in providing you support. We know that waiting this long for a response to your question or concern is unacceptable. In addition to working overtime, we’ve hired additional team members who are currently in training. We know in some cases you may have reached out on another channel and have already received support from another one of our team members. If you still need assistance, we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions below.

General Delays

January 15, 2021

This is a complete scam, they will charge your credit card if you click on anything and will not refund the money. I tried to cancel for three months, finally had to terminate the account that the subscription was set up with.


jessicabutcher April 21, 2021

I totally agree it is a scam they stole my money

They don't send you anything you order
January 7, 2021

I have been receiving emails for months now saying you were moving and have moved warehouses. I was told (as were many others) that they products would be out by December. It's January and I am still receiving the same message. You have a F under the BBB rating. You are still selling products and posting wonderful things about yourself on Facebook, etc.

This is a crime and really really bad customer service. I am going to find as many places as I can to post the truth about your company and what you are doing to customers. Stop taking orders for products you can't deliver.

Overinflated Prices, Unauthorized Charges, Horrible Customer Service
December 14, 2020

As with every other person whose reviews I have read here the execution of shipping and fulfillment has been atrocious. Yes, they moved to a different warehouse, blah, blah and a pox on the response email that will be the same canned crap the other reviewers got.

While the items are nice they are in no way worth the amount of money Globein charges. How much of that actually goes to the artisans I wonder?

All of the issues with this company caused me to cancel my membership. As a result, I ended up with $97 in credit because they had already charged me. I transferred my credit over to the store, ordered my final items leaving a $3.00 balance for me to pay.

They sure charged me the $3.00 and then they promptly charged me $101.00! I sincerely doubt they have the wherewithal to actually correct the situation so I am forced to go to my bank with my receipt showing the $97 giftcard credit. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!

MarkConnolly January 15, 2021

Yes, it is impossible to cancel the subscription. I had to terminate the account associated with them.

GlobeIn is a SCAM!!!!!
November 30, 2020

Please don't fall for this company! They used to be legit and I used to really appreciate what they sent me. They "said" they moved warehouses back in May. They also "said" Covid has caused shipping delays.

Well...they're able to take all of my money, but not able to send the product I chose. I'm still waiting for August, September, October, and November boxes. When I email to complain, they thank me for my patience and assure me it will ship soon. When I go to their FB page to complain, my post was deleted and I'm now blocked.

MarkConnolly January 15, 2021

Yes, this is a complete scam company. And it is impossible to cancel the subscription.

Don't waste your money
November 28, 2020

I wanted to like this company as its stated mission is admirable. I purchased a 3-month subscription in September. As other reviewers have said, it is difficult to determine how exactly the service works, but you select an "option" the first of each month, for delivery in about 3 weeks.

I made an October selection, but never received a shipment. I had received an email indicating shipment delays due to moving warehouses. However, the option still did not arrive by the indicated date. I had to make a November selection, so I did in hopes the October box would arrive. I contacted customer service and they sent an email - saying that included text from a email message that had purportedly been sent the prior day - I had not received it, but continue to receive emails for wonderful items on sale - separate from the subscription, of course.

I requested a refund. Received another email saying that the items would come shortly, now it was due to delays in GlobeIn receiving items due to shipping issues. Why would they offer boxes of items that they didn't have? How do they photograph the selections, if they do not have the items?

I never received the requested refund. I have never received any items - it's now November 28, 2020.

I have disputed the charge with my credit card company. Don't fall for this. It looks like lovely merchandise to support artisans. Sadly, it does not appear to be a real subscription service.

MarkConnolly January 15, 2021

Yes, this is a crap company, dishonest and basically thieves.

ChristineGreenman November 01, 2022

Total SCAM and customer service is non-existant

worst web site ever
October 20, 2020
Extremely hard to navigate the web site. Overinflated prices on the items. Some of the items are Dollar Tree worthy. Worst customer service.

MarkConnolly January 15, 2021

And you cannot cancel the subscription. I had to close the account that it was being charged to.

Poor CS and business practices
October 15, 2020

I love GlobeIn's mission - but it didn't take me long to realize there are some serious issues with how this company operates.

- no refund policy (see FAQ), even with billing issues and inability to cancel a subscription before it expires

- loss of any credit balance on account if cancel subscription (i.e. don't renew) - I am sure this is illegal

- misleading terminology: "upgrade your subscription" actually means purchasing another subscription for months indicated, not extending current subscription (which is actually a renewal, and already does automatically)

- very poor Customer Service: a lot of cookie-cutter responses that don't give customers an answer or not the expected outcome (e.g. refund)

- very poor shipping times (long delays) and poor communication of updates on shipping delays

- how members can hoard items during add-on and VIP period but Shop cart items are not reserved longer than 10 min

- handling of broken and missing items: credit is usually offered, even when item will be in their Shop but not offered as replacement when pointed out;

- poor website design

- an iPhone app (limited in function and not very good) but none for Android giving iPhone users an edge

I only had a 3-month membership to try it out. I spent many hours learning how to navigate their site in my first month; more than I should have to but didn't want to miss any opportunities due to their poor design of their website. FAQs are either outdated or incomplete, and it felt like the FB group helps fill information gaps, risking misinformation being spread (there are some very long, confusing threads that could be avoided if site was more reliable).

A shame. I love their mission and their products seem really beautiful. I have received one out of 4 orders to date. I was lucky there was no breakage. Not sure what will happen if there is any with remaining ones given 2/3 orders are part of subscription and they don't issue refunds for inactive accounts.

I foresee a very rocky holiday season for GlobeIn CS and a lot of unhappy, highly frustrated members.

Instead of throwing more people at their CS team, they should be doing this with their (new) distribution partner to get rid of the order backlog to a point where it is manageable for the CS team.

Ten thumbs down
September 14, 2020
My aunt ordered by mistake, charging her 259.00 . That was in August .Tried to cancel within minutes to no avail. Can't get customer support to respond to emails and of course there's no phone number. Now today 9/14/2020 another55.00 was charged to her account.If it's not a scam I don't know what is.

Heather October 15, 2020

Call credit card company to reverse charge(s). Also make sure subscription is cancelled so auto-renewal doesn't kick in (and bill).

MarkConnolly January 15, 2021

It is impossible to cancel. Their system always says, "having trouble processing your request." And then support says they will take 2 weeks to respond. Guess what, they never respond. SCAM

Don't bother
September 13, 2020
Box has not shipped. Form letter responses for status updates. Just poor to non existant customer service. Either they grew faster than they could handle or I just threw away $100 because now I am not getting any response at all

Terrible Customer Service
September 1, 2020
There’s no phone number. Customer service doesn’t respond to email. Boxes haven’t been shipped from months ago. Company is sketchy. I do not recommend at all.

JoanGardebled October 20, 2020

Try 415-294-1490.

Very Unhappy!
May 30, 2020
I joined for 6 months. I still haven't received my April boxes. It's now 5/30/2020. I wish I had seen these reviews. I will be cancelling my subscription. I just wish I could get the items that I paid for before I do!! Phone number isn't in service, emails never get returned, just a stock email saying they received mine. BEWARE of this company!

MarkConnolly January 15, 2021

Hope you were able to cancel. I tried and tried. SCAM

May 1, 2020
So many things wrong with this site. First, their web site is extremely difficult to navigate and somehow I ended up with 2 subscriptions. To add insult to injury, I received my first shipment. Chintzy, cheap and tacky. I would be embarrassed to sell it at a garage sale it is so bad. Before I knew that I had a second subscription and received a second package of the same crap, I complained. The response was to tell me to let someone else know that I didn't appreciate the quality. When they finally responded about my second box, they proudly told me I had 2 subscriptions. I have asked them to remedy the situation, but no response. This is a scam, stay as far away as possible

Trying to connect with company to resolve
April 6, 2020

MarkConnolly January 15, 2021

Scam. Monitor that card, they will charge it again.

December 7, 2019
I subscribed to this and received a towel, floppy straw basket and some soap. Not the artisan stuff I signed up for. Cancelled immediately and am really about wasting money on this. I don't think much of the goes to the country it's from.

PeggyFisher April 06, 2020

I am trying to connect with this company as they somehow managed to charge me for two subscriptions. I didn't even know I was subscribing to anything. They ran to my bank and took 500.00 without even speaking to me. I only meant to buy one item that I thought was $35.00 but I almost flatlined when I saw in my bank that they took so much money!