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About sells quality stylish glasses and sunglasses from a number of your favorite designers. With products at varying prices for men, women and children, you’ll be satisfied with the amount of choices you get to shop from.

With, you always know you are getting a great product. Their website only features brands they support and approve of to the fullest degree. They create all of their own lenses and with a state of the art lab, they ensure that every lens is of the highest quality.’s main goal for you to find a pair of glasses you love. With online stylists, virtual try-on technology and a thirty-day return policy, you will be sure to find the perfect pair for you.

Products has a huge number of different glasses available. From Ray-Ban and Oakley to regular glasses and sunglasses, they offer everything you could need in the glasses department.

This online store wants to make sure you find the perfect specs or shades. They categorize their selection by brand, frame shape, gender and even face shape. This way, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in a much easier way than you ever could in a store.

How Does It Work? offers a simple online alternative to purchasing your new specs. The buying process is super  easy.

First, all you have to do is scroll through the frames options available on They offer a huge catalogue of designer and high-quality glasses for you to pick from.

After spending some time comparing options, select your favorite lenses. This decision is made easier by their available virtual try-on technology. Before checking out you will have the option to alter your details to fit your needs. Almost every frame on can be fit to your prescription.

To easily order glasses for your required needs, you can text, phone, email or upload a picture of your written prescription. If you do not have a written prescription, offers eye exams for $50 from many eye care providers. will then verify your information and prescription. To assure you are getting the shades you wanted, they triple check all details during manufacturing. Your desired specs are shipped right to your address for free.

Cost and Price Plans sells glasses at a huge range of prices. From glasses under a hundred dollars to ones over three hundred, you’ll be able to find a pair for your budget. They are constantly offering discounts on their products so keep a look out for lowered prices.

Online Reviews/Complaints offers a great catalogue of different high-quality products. People love the variety of their favorite brands, all available from an affordable one-stop shop. Their virtual try-on is a great way to test out the glasses before you even receive them. People also love the shopping interface and the way you can categorize the products for easy and quick shopping.

However, when it comes to purchasing glasses online, there can be some issues. Some people did have trouble getting glasses with the right prescription. This could be for a large number of reasons, perhaps even the size or style of the frames. They offer a 30-day refund policy.

That being said, people have found that contacting and solving issues with their customer service response can take some time.

Competitors and Alternatives

When it comes to buying glasses, many people would think to go to their doctor’s office or a glasses store. That being said, just like with every industry, technology is driving change. There are many alternative companies and websites, similar to which sell their glasses online.

Glasses USA

One popular alternative to is is an extremely similar website to but intended for American markets. The site offers a large variety of glasses from different popular brands, just like does. One important difference between and is that the latter also sells contacts. They also offer many clearance sales and deals of the week so that you can find glasses at an affordable price.

Warby Parker

Another alternative to is Warby Parker. Their mix of hipster and classic frames appeal to all audiences. The key difference between Warby Parker and is that Warby Parker does not sell designer brands. They actually create all of the designs themselves. Warby Parker is a glasses designer and manufacturer while is a glasses seller.

That being said, this smaller company offers fewer features than If you have a hard time picking a pair of shades in general, it may be harder to order online with Warby Parker. They lack virtual try-on technology and stylists may make it difficult to know what the pair of glasses will look like on you.


Another competing company to is the online specs seller: Zenni. Zenni, available at sells sunglasses and glasses for women, men and children. Zenni and are very similar in formatting. Their sites are both organized by gender and their products can be categorized by face shape.

However, that being said, there is a huge difference between these two companies. The one factor that sets these two companies apart is the price point. Zenni Optical sells glasses for as low as $10 while the cheapest glasses on on sale is still $60 or so. That being said, Zenni also lacks’s advanced try-on technology which permits a virtual test of the product. Without being able to try it on, picking a frame to suit your face may be more difficult.

Where to Buy?

You can access their catalogue of glasses from their website:


If you love the convenience of online shopping, you are going to love offers a large variety of frames from popular brands at affordable prices. Avoid the hassle of shopping for glasses in-store by simply having the perfect pair delivered right to your door.

For your next pair of specs, consider taking an easier route with

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Great experience

October8, 2019

Easy order process and prescription upload. Free expedited shipping is a plus! Glasses are high quality and made well!

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