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Gig Walk is a Scam...
February 11, 2015

Gigwalk is notorious for refusing to pay people. There are hundreds of stories all over the web of people who submitted their gig's and had them rejected. Myself included.

I did a gig and provided the images exactly as was requested. However after they were submitted the client changed their mind and wanted more detailed pictures. The client only gave me 24 hours to submit about 150 more images and was very vague in their instructions. I asked the client directly for more time and was granted an extra 24 hours.

However, despite this, gig walk cancelled my gigs (keep in mind these were completed) and refused to pay me. I tried to contact them, but they do not give gig walkers a phone number to reach customer service. You can only use the email on their website. They didn't get back to me for two days then shuffled me around to other departments. The result is I worked 6 hours for gig walk and was supposed to be paid $60 and I got nothing.

This same thing happened to a bunch of other gig walkers on the similar gigs. We are currently pursuing a class action lawsuit against the company. If you have been screwed by gig walk please contact us.

March 29, 2014
I conducted 2 photo shoots for a lays potato chip display and submitted them on the 2 consecutive days and I was paid within 12 hours. I think the concept is being missed, for the amount of money paid I don't think it is prudent to go out of your way to do them, I located gigs in the area I'm in at the time, or group a few of them together.

Sounds Like Mystery Shopping
February 6, 2014
Yeah it sounds a lot like the mystery shopping emails I get. Unless I can land a certain amount of gigs per day,and they're not already snatched up,it really isn't worth the few dollars. I need a steady paycheck at this point in life.

No Gigwalkers here
January 1, 2014

Everyone is complaining about this company. Did you keep a copy of all your gigs? Believe me they have receive payment for the jobs you've completed. Gigwalk don't respond to anyone questions but their clients, not even paypal. I filed a complaint with Google Play concerning Gigwalk and their app for not paying. The concept is great but very bad people. Here is the account's manger name [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Elyse M January 09, 2014

Was that suppose to be in English? If your reviews read like this one, I can see your problem.

Fool's errand
September 10, 2013
I just received my first assignment, to photograph some bags of potatoes at Wegman's. The product wasn't there, and according to the produce manager and customer service, they had never seen anything like it. I reported this to Gigwalk, and I received an email from them stating that they had decided to take me off the assignment. What? I don't even understand what that means, especially since the assignment is still posted. So, including travel time, I spent 45 minutes for nothing.

Joe S February 06, 2014

Sounds like the kind of luck I usually have;

Jeff M November 05, 2013

I have had the same problem with Gigwalk. I signed up for a gig, went there, they were closed. I logged in and left a comment indicating that I took all exterior pictures but couldn't take interior pic's until the next day because they were closed. No feedback from them just a notice saying I was removed from the gig. They do this all the time. Very unresponsive to communications but very quick to just kick you off your gigs. Further, in my area there are very few gigs. I signed up for three, completed 1, could not complete the second as mentioned and the third was 15 miles from my location. I left a message saying I would complete on the next day...Booted off the Gig. For $5? They can keep it.

P. l September 12, 2013

I contacted Gigwalk about this situation, and they were surprisingly nice about rectifying the problem. I guess I should have given them a chance before I started spouting off about them. Sorry Gigwalk.

September 8, 2013

I signed up for a gig to take a photo of a new appliance and the sales receipt. I was told my photos were not clear enough so I took more and sent them in. A couple days later I was told I did not follow directions and I was not paid. I thought, well maybe I didn't...

Then a month later I get junk mail wanting to sell me insurance and the appliance I did the gig on. Yep, scam.

Bobbi O January 01, 2014

who did you work for, check your emails. Maybe I can help you get your money

Annonymous September 11, 2013

I've been having problems getting paid for a gig I did. I heard other people say that they were great and even have some close friends that got paid by them, however I've been going round and round with them about a $100.00 gig I performed. I will not do anything for them again.

Not Worth The Time
August 13, 2013

I liked the concept, so I downloaded the app. When I saw the gigs that were available and what they were asking for, I was very disappointed.

I wouldn't mind going to a nearby business and snapping a few photos. But the instructions typically asked for things like "we want 8 Amazing photos, with useful comments", with very specific requirements about how the photos should be taken and submitted. Easily 30-60 minutes of work, not including transportation to the location. And all for $5, which you might not get if they are not satisfied with your work? No thank you!

If the company were to actually hire someone to do this, they would have to pay 5-10 times what they are offering here. So this is the worst of all worlds: it pays typically less than minimum page for work that requires more skill and uncertainty than most minimum wage jobs. And there is no upside. Put in a full day doing this and you might make $50. Booyah! You'd do better to stand on the street with a cup in your hand.

In short, this is a new tool for exploiting the poor and desperate. PLEASE avoid.

CJS November 15, 2013

Never accept singular assignments I tend to group them in a minimum of 6 in a small area. This will allow me to get there and walk to the gigs and post all 6 in about an hour.

Not sure its worth it!
May 31, 2013
I have performed a few gigs for gigwalk and even though they pay fast, the work is a bit tedious for the amount of pay. I have a couple of apps on my iphone that I use to make extra money and I must say that even though the money is real, the tasks are time consuming and more complicated than it should be. Procede with caution, there are better paying apps available.

Elyse M January 09, 2014

What do you recommend?

Not Bad
March 18, 2013

I have done a about five of them. On one of them I was asked to go back twice. Not worth $5 to go back. Not only that they don't pay for Pay Pal fees, you do.

They do pay you pretty quick I must say. If you talk to a manager to let them know what you're doing they will let you. When you do a panoma make sure it is near perfect.

Not worth traveling a few miles just to earn $5. If you are in the area where needed then do it.

Comment November 22, 2013

Don't you believe it!

Bob April 01, 2013

I was just told on the gigwalk facebook page that they pay the paypal fee, that the gigwalker gets the entire posted amount.

Not Bad At All
February 21, 2013
Did 7 and got paid for 5. They literally pay within 24 hours to your paypal account not bad. The photosynth is difficult to use at times but you do get better over time, the key is to move and let the photos stitch itself. Easy $25 for 2 hours worth of work = $12.50/hr walking around town. The key here is to select a set of locations next to one another.

Elyse M January 09, 2014

What was the task assigned for $125.00, if you don't mind me asking. Were you being accurate on your true zip code?

Annonymous September 11, 2013

No they don't pay within 24 hours. I did a $125.00 gig for them early this week. I did not receive any money at all from them and have been given the run around about this issue. I don't like doing 4 hours of warehouse work and not getting paid. I'll give them another 7 days but if that money is not in my account by then I will have to turn them over to the BBB for scamming people.

Good after doing first 5 gigs
January 11, 2013

No sour grapes here. On the first day I did 2, which were places I already were going to. The managers came to greet me, all positive feelings. Got paid within 18 hours.

On the second day I did 3 more, again, met the manages, all good vibes from everyone. Some even straighten things up to make photo prettier. Got paid within 18 hours.

On good advantage is that I can deduct all my mileage. So if I'm going somewhere for personal reasons, that is not tax deductible, I can throw a Gigwalk near the destination, and then it becomes a business trip, and now tax deductible.

Software on iPhone is amazing and so simple. No brainer. Takes about 20 minutes to make $5

Bobbi O January 01, 2014

who did you work for? look through your emails

Annonymous September 11, 2013

I am having problems getting them to pay me. I don't like doing 4 hours of warehouse work and not getting the $125.00 promised to me. They keep saying that it's in pay out mode. Been saying that for days and that PayPal is having problems. Funny how other people are getting payments to me through PayPal and not them.

Larry March 27, 2013

If you document the trip as business and have the gig documentation for evidence, deducting expenses is no problem.

Mike March 22, 2013

personal trips are not tax deductible even if you stop to take a picture of a store, main portion of driving isnt business related just happened to be there

November 18, 2012
I took the time to do two different locations perfectly only to be told I took a photo at an angle, so I will not be getting paid. Scammed me into taking free photos for them.

Tried it. Feel we are being cheated
November 16, 2012
They make this sound simple. Actually you are goin into people's businesses taking pictures, doing panoramas and hopin that no one asks you to leave. The amount of time and pictures they want you to take is TOO MUCH! $5 is minuscule compared to what they are being paid for our work. Not to mention the gas, and time we have to give. If you're looking for extra cash this is not it. They are taking advantage of people's circumstances. I'd rather get paid $5 dollars an hour than five dollars to go to different locations and hope that after I submit my work it'll be accepted.

Brandon January 03, 2013

as a gigwalker i can relate to your anger with Bing, all their gigs are BS i only got piad for 2 out of at least 15 i tried, but keep your eye out there are gigs for big bucks that are simple tasks, ipoll is a scam to me, its taken over two months and i still have pending rewards, f these guys right here.

Gates November 19, 2012

Then! what you are going to do is! to apply more gigs! because the more the merrier!

SCAM artists!
August 9, 2012
These folks are scam artists. Do not provide them your demographic information!

Jobs March 22, 2013

actually he is correct they are very shady in their business practices have fun with all the gigs wasting your time they will cheat you

Gates November 19, 2012

Then! what you are going to do is! to apply more gigs! because the more the merrier!

Renee November 16, 2012

We're being paid scraps. And have to use our gas and time just to get paid $5, IF....IF they accept your work! The gigs that pay more and require info from stores you will NOT get selected to do! FRAUD!

Charlie August 09, 2012

I like Gigwalk when I get easy opportunities! Being in between jobs has not been easy and I really enjoy doing the missions for some of the other guys. My favorite newbie is iPoll. I have it on my iPhone and my wife on her android.

Just yesterday, I got to do some really cool things for the Olympics at a local restaurant! Last week I went on a secret mission into a Target store and snapped a picture of a yoplait yogurt. The company is pretty good about catching cheaters so be careful!

All in all I have made $480 on iPoll and $64 on Gigwalk.

A couple others that I downloaded and am starting to use lately; check rewards and shop kick! No missions, just discounts, no real cash rewards either.