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Run far away from Ghostbed
July 3, 2023
Probably the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Their return policy is a complete scam. Don't get fooled by their fancy website full of bogus reviews and outright lies.

Less aches in the morning
June 16, 2023
My husband and I bought the Flex mattress and adjustable base. We've had ours now for 2 months. I can honestly say that it's true, you wake up with far less aches and pains. And it's a very comfortable mattress. We got the split king, and enjoy the benefits it comes with. However, making the split bed was way too much trouble. We decided to set our adjustable base to work as one, and put a king size fitted sheet over both XLT mattresses. Also, the sheets slip. Other than that we are pleased with our purchase, and highly recommend it.

Not as advertised
February 27, 2023
Mattress topper is not cool as absorbs heat and is not comfortable. No returns... feels like a scam.

Scam company!
February 2, 2023

Tried to cancel an order within 24 hours of the purchase. Sent them an email canceling through their customer service team, HA! They are nothing but thieves! Stated that the order had already shipped and couldn’t be cancelled. When they arrived one week later, I refused them, had to pay to send them back and they have yet to refund to my credit card. I even sent them the tracking number and still no refund. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY DON'T BACK THEIR PROMISE.

No returns, "101 night trial" is a lie
December 29, 2022
Do not buy anything from Ghostbed. They advertise a 101-night sleep trial but do not let you return the mattress if you don't like them. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This company is crooked. Absolutely pathetic.

Kiss your money goodbye from GhostBed.
November 18, 2022

I paid $2834 for a bed and adjustable frame bundle. The refunded me $919! I knew immediately this was not the bed for me but I had to wait at least 30 days “to get used to it”. The person I worked with at GhostBed was pleasant. I know his job was to make me keep the mattress, after a few conversations I told him I was going to return the bed.

After a charity picked up the bed and I sent a copy of the receipt, I received an email statement telling me I’d receive my refund within 15 days and they stated the amount I would receive($1915). They do not allow return of the bed frame, which is okay because I liked it. I paid $2,834. They refunded me $919! The adjustable bed in the bundle costs $850 (according to their website). I should have received a refund of $1915.

—-If you feel you want to get this bed, buy a membership at Costco. The same bed and frame is much cheaper at Costco and Costco has a wonderful return policy (no 30 days wait, no trying to donate and get your money from GhostBed.) DO NOT BUY IT FROM GHOSTBED -might as well kiss your money goodbye

Disabled Beware
November 17, 2022

If you are disabled and would like for the mattress to be delivered to your residence, this is not the company for you.

The mattress was thrown in a stairwell somewhere on the property of complex I am in. I found it elsewhere in my building. I am disabled so am unable to lift the package up to my second floor apartment. I will say that GhostBed did reach out to FedEx to have it actually delivered, but to no avail.

After waiting for a return call, an unpleasant CSR contacted me with two options:

1.) They would cut a little off the mattress price so that I could arrange for it to be delivered to my residence.

2.) I can pay the 15% restocking fee and return the items.

I opted for #2 as I would like for this nightmare to be over.

There are other online mattress companies out there I would recommend taking a look.

Unreliable massage motors.
November 16, 2022

I have had the ghost beds for two years now. So far I have had to replace the massage motors twice. They don't seem to have a very good reliability. It looks like I may have to request other replacements. Currently, I have to lift up each end and smack the motors to get them to run. Not sure if ghost bed just had a batch of defective motors.

Poor Pillow Quality
November 10, 2022

I have tried both the faux down and memory foam pillows and am very dissatisfied with both. They quickly lose their loft, and once they go flat nothing seems to fix them. Both pillows lasted maybe a month before flattening, at which point they began to cause neck pain.

Their customer service is not great either. They don’t appear to actually read any messages you send them, and that’s if they respond at all.

Don’t waste your time with these pillows, they aren’t worth the obscene price.

Scam -will not accept returns.
October 28, 2022
Absolute scam. They won't let you return their mattresses if you don't like them.

Not what is advertised!!!
October 6, 2022

I ordered the mattress topper advertised on their website. I did receive one, but not the one pictured. It had a different pattern. According to their website the pattern is integral to the performance of the topper. Although their website does state in very small letters that patterns may vary, I feel I got the bait n switch with them.

I did contact customer support and was told what I received would work great and they did not offer any return policy or any other recourse. Very unsatisfied that what I received is not what was advertised. No where does it picture the product I received. Buyer beware.

Watch the prices go up when completing an order!
June 6, 2022

I bought some Ghost pillows which work for me and seem like they will last. Was told if I do a review I would get a discount code for $50.00 off the next order. I did a review and got the code. When I went to order a sheet set, there was a sale price of $187.00. With the discount code applied the price came to $208.00 !?!

I stopped the order and sent an email to question it. I was told that the discount only applies to the original price. I would be paying less by just going with the sale price. They sent me another code that would save me $12.00 off the sale price. So much for the $50.00 off the next order!!

Do not buy from this scam company.
April 27, 2022

They do not honor their return policy. Scam company.

I financed it but have not paid anything. Flat out told me they would not return it. Also did not get full order.

Worst Customer Service
February 3, 2022
Worst customer service ever. My mattress is on day 4 waiting for it to be delivered. No one has been willing to help me other than send me the tracking which only says it is pending, I have had 3 delivery dates and now it just says pending. Numerous calls to Ghostbed did nothing to solve the issue.

Chris February 08, 2022

We've been waiting since dec 25 for our topper.

Jarrod RockstahDrugge April 12, 2022

Well I got mine march 7th and it is horrible! Now they are telling me that I have to pay for the free gifts because they are not returnable. And I also have NOT found a single place to donate the mattress so I can get my refund. They lie. They are deceptive with their refund claims. And the customer service argent Jay was combative and aggressive not willing to help or get a manager on the phone.

This is what you need if you want a good night’s sleep.
September 6, 2021

Just received and installed our new Ghostbed. It’s amazing. So simple to erect.

Slept on it last night and “wow” what a difference from our old bed.

Took a few minutes to familiarize ourselves with the remote control and enjoyed playing with it’s functions.

Last night’s sleep was spectacular.

Thank you Ghostbed Inc. for creating such a wonderful product.

Buyers Beware...Worst Company Ever!!!!!!
April 7, 2020

Please take my advice and DO NOT buy a Ghostbed mattress from this company. The mattresses are not as advertised and the return policy is a complete joke.

If you are not satisfied with the mattress and want to return it, they will come up with every excuse in the book and not refund your money.

I got screwed big time and am stuck with a nightmare "hard as a rock" mattress. I will end up trying to sell the mattress but will end up feeling bad pushing this horrible mattress onto someone else.

This company should not be allowed to sell mattresses online; and I will definitely be contacting the Better Business Bureau about them.

Jarrod RockstahDrugge April 12, 2022

Did you contact the BBB?

Difficult Company
April 28, 2017

Ghostbed claims they offer a 101 night sleep trial and that they will remove your mattress if you are unsatisfied. I can tell you that those are both misleading statements. While their employees do indeed assure you that you have 101 nights to sleep on the mattress, that is a life based on company policy. Even if employees misinform you about company policy, you are out of luck.

Go ahead and check if you don’t believe me. Your sleep trial starts the day your mattress ships, which to me seems undeniably misleading. Do they expect you to sleep on the truck with the mattress? Additionally, they generally force you to arrange for the mattress to

be removed. This is in stark contrast to what they promise to do on their website.

I had two ghostbeds because the first one arrived damaged when the box was crushed. I had to pay for the bed to be removed and this delayed the installation of my replacement. I notified the employees I spoke with I’d need the mattress to be removed before the second one was installed and they told me that it would not be a problem. Turned out it was a large problem.

When the company was unable to schedule a donation, they relegated the task to me. Despite promising on their website and advertising that you can get a refund, it is no where near as easy as they claim. I actually had to pay to have my mattress hauled away and ship in the law tags at my own expense!

I am still awaiting my reimbursement and the manager of Nature’s Sleep claimed it had been processed 45 days ago. He notified me on 4/19 I had to fill out a form because they “only keep billing information for 90 day.” Shouldn’t the operations manager know what his own company’s policy is? While I did receive a check today, it was for another customer who also had to pay for their mattress to be removed, so I am still waiting.

Their warranty support is also suspect.

One side of my bed offers no support and has me rolling off the side of the bed. While multiple people have tried the mattress and concurred with this, Ghostbed says it measures within spec and there is no issue. Your chance of ever receiving warranty support or honest support appears quite unlikely.

I should have checked their BBB rating prior to purchasing my bed, but I did not. It currently sits at D-. The company is rather dishonest and I would recommend buying locally or trying another company that actually gives you a clear sleep trail.

If they give you a 101 night trial, they should at least keep your information on file for that duration. If you’re not satisfied with the mattress, be prepared to remove it yourself and do the work Ghostbed claims they will.

Warren May 25, 2017

I agree with this review. I had to wait for the 30days to be up then called and said the bed is too hard. It is a well made product, but it's just too hard for me to sleep on which I was very surprised by. They offered to send me a free mattress topper. I agreed. It was ok, but no makes me sleep "hot" as it's not cool like the regular mattress. So i call back and get yet another person, they offer to exchange the bed for a different model from Nature's Sleep which is the parent company I guess. She said no problem, we'll set up the donation and everything. So I waited for the instructions in email. A different person sends them and says as soon as I SET UP THE DONATION AND SEND THEM THE RECEIPT they will send the replacement bed. I reply that's not what I was told and I don't want to be without a bed. Your website says you take care of this. No reply. I wait for a few days and get pissed off and say I want refund, screw this. They're like oh ok..well you have the pillows, you have to return them too unless you want to keep them, we can deduct $100. I say i'll think about it, she says she'll send instructions. NOTHING. I call again. DIFFERENT PERSON. She says she'll send instructions. NOTHING. They are a scam to run out the clock. Really disgusting!

Jarrod RockstahDrugge April 12, 2022

I’m starting this horrific process now….I mentioned I was going to contact the attorney generals office they immediately told me they could no longer talk to me and they were hanging up.