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About is a digital marketplace which claims to sell everything you could need or want for your home and entertainment needs, from name brand electronics to home décor to fashion and beauty products and more.

According to their website, Gettington was created with one main goal: to fulfill the needs of your family, regardless of what type of budget you may be dealing with. To this end, they strive to provide a wide range of items at affordable prices.

In addition to their affordable prices, they also offer their customers three different ways to purchase items. First, like any other online retailer, you can purchase the item in full using a credit card.

But their other two options are unique to their store and their personal credit system. The first is the FAST option, which allows you to pay off the cost of the item over the course of four months.

The last option is the EASY option, which allows you to pay off the cost of the item over 24 months with a lower APR than you will receive from a traditional credit card company. Also, with both of Gettington’s personal credit options, you can find an individual item’s payoff cost in your account to complete payment ahead of time. also offers their member something called a “Gettington Goodie Bag,” which is a virtual goodie bag in your account. This bag will randomly be filled with special offers, like secret sales, limited edition merchandise, coupons for things like free shipping, discount codes, and freebies.

Exchanges and refunds will be issued for most items returned to them within 30 days of receipt, while credit will be issued for items returned within 180 days of receipt which have received prior return authorization from Gettington Customer Service, the phone number of which is 1-866-688-1091.

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Stay Away!!
January 13, 2014
Stay Away!!! I purchased a sofa for my daughter moving into her first new apartment. The sofa price was great and was a good quality sofa on sale for $299. However, by the time it was all said and done it cost me nearly $700!!! If I wanted to spend that much on a sofa I would have gone to the local furniture store for something more elaborate than a small apartment sectional sofa. Here's what happened. I purchased the sofa online. After delivery I was informed that the delivery charge was another $150. Since I set this purchase up on a line of credit with this company, I worked with their customer service to set up automatic payments each month. After 5 months of payments, I received a call out of the blue telling me I was late on my payment. After explaining that there shouldn't be any late payments as my account is set up for automatic payment each month, they told me that auto-payment I set up expired. It was only good for 5 months and that I must have made an error setting up the payment schedule. I was asked if I wanted to reset the payment schedule. I figured if I was going to go through all that hassle I would just go ahead and get the payoff and pay the full balance, assuming it would be around $350 or so. I almost fell on the floor when they told me my balance was $607!!!! I asked how that was possible after paying for 5 months. How could my balance be more than it was prior the payments they've received. He told me that when my automatic payments were set up that the payment date was scheduled 3 days after the due date so I've been being charged a late fee every month. I confronted him asking why I wasn't notified of any late fees or why the person that worked with me would have set up a payment date that would be late every month. He would not answer the question. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Can you believe he asked me why I wanted to speak with a supervisor??!! DAHH!! I told him I felt I was, at minimum, owed a credit for the late fees. He then - FINALLY - offered to credit back late fees. Wow - he offered me a $60 credit. At this point I was so mad, I just wanted to end the relationship all together. I went ahead and paid the ridiculous new balance of $547.67 and asked them to close my account and remove me from all mailing lists and to never contact me again. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these rip off artists!!!!

Great Products, Quick Shipping Affordable!
September 11, 2013
I have had a Gettington account for about 4 years they have never given me any problem with returns or the usage of warranties the products are of good quality and you get your items quickly no matter what payment option you choose. I like having the flexibility of options sometimes I may want to pay outright or I can spread my payments out if need be it's whatever my needs are at the time I love this company. Keep up the good work!!!