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The online dating site is a casual dating site which is open to members of all sexual orientations and interests and which promises that you can “find a match in your area and get laid tonight.”

Creating a basic profile and searching through their membership is free. To get started all you need is to provide the website with your email address, the type of person you are looking to meet, and your current location.

After signing up, you will be asked to create a personal profile which describes your likes, dislikes, and hobbies, as well as displays photos of you to help catch the “interest” of potential matches.

New members signing up with this website need to know that signing up for any site within the Intellichat network means that your info will be published on every site they run, including, but not limited to,,,,,,, and, and more.

Customers who are interested in full account benefits will need to upgrade to a Premium membership, which requires a monthly subscription fee. The price of the membership is determined by the length of time you wish to sign up.

Members interested in a monthly membership will pay $34.95 a month. A quarterly membership will cost $24.94 a month, a semi-annual membership is $17.95 a month, and an annual membership is $8.33 a month.

Regardless of the length of membership you choose, when the subscription runs out, members will be automatically charged for another subscription of the same length. This is often something that customers don’t know and which can be frustrating.

Customers who do not want to participate in the automatic renewal program can log onto the website and into your personal account to change your renewal status. Those who wish to cancel their account outright must do it at least 48 hours before your renewal date to avoid being charged again.

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Tell me this is not a scam 'cos I just don't beleave it

September1, 2013

After a year of using this site I have found no convincing evidence that this site is in anyway genuine. You get hit with scammers wanting your messenger. Cam girls wanting you to move off the site and put codes into your computer or subscribe to something that starts off free. You get bombarded with adverts to pay for services, in particular a course in how to seduce women, which is clearly a con. They try to convince you that you are very popular with their members and they want people like you on their site and offer you lifetime membership for a fee. You are encouraged to up your membership to featured member. It makes absolutely no difference. Paying for elite matches makes no difference either. Because all of the profiles are fake. They are either virtual cupids, dormant profiles of members that gave up long ago, or scammers after you to get you. You create a profile on this site and your details could be used and probably are, to create a virtual cupid on any of their sites and the Ts and Cs are such that they can do this. Part of me is flattered and I'm not really sure I care. But, I hoped to meet somebody local as a special friend just for the dare and the fun of it. I didn't really want this to be serious just a bit of fun. I joked with my wife about it. Well, this site is the joke. I just don't believe anyone on getflirting is real and I am sick of the attempts to scam me. The disturbing thing is there are more sites like this that play games with you and try to do it to you again. I now receive so many scam emails telling me that somebody wants to flirt with me if I join another site that my worst suspicions are confirmed. My only consolation is that as a result of the flirting, I chatted up a lovely women on holiday that I am still in contact with. I got a kiss and a cuddle and I know she is real. But getflirting is clearly fake. Benefit from my experience and don't fall for it or pay. It really is a scam. Nothing more, targeted at men with no real women on the site, absolutely non at all or none that will give you any chance of realistically being able to chat up anything other than a virtual cupid or a scammer. This is a fake site and a honeypot used by scammers that will try and get you stuck to it like a fly to fly paper. The real world is easier and cheaper. This site just wants as much money out of you are they can get. They are the flies. Don't fall for this.

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