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August 11, 2023
Please don't do business with them they don't know what they doing and when they make a mistake they try to lie and cover it up they're giving out bad service I'm looking for me a lawyer right now

Payment is restricted.
February 1, 2023
Great place to get stuff, but i wish how you pay was a little different. I can pay the monthly bill no problem! But if i want to pay extra, i have to back track do it all over again. I should be able to pay as much as i want at a time. 1 payment is fine, but what if i have enough for 4 payments or even enough to just pay it off? Give me that option! (Online website)

Don’t ask me to buy when I’m paying
January 23, 2023

They have the balls to ask me to buy more products from them after billing me for a king sized mattress. The mattress is $3,319.63. I’m still paying it off. They did give me a whole $20 dollars off, but it has yet to reflect!

They say if I make a new purchase, I can get $4 off on that.. but I’m on ssi and have other bills.. currently no interest in things I wish to buy.

They still have not come to fix it
August 22, 2022

I bought this at #getitnow and it was really expensive. I came home from work and everything was melted and my ice Machine didn’t work. I called the store and they told me I had to call the company, the company told me to call where I bought it, they told me it would take 3 weeks for them to come fix it and it’s bs that I pay every week and it does not work, almost $300 worth of food gone.

AlbertDunisch February 01, 2023

That's a lawsuit...

Do Not Buy From Here!
February 12, 2022

Well I first bought a side by side fridge and a stove and was paying over $300.00 a month on a fixed income...ok.... then I have gotten a gaming laptop (which do not get computers nor laptops from them) costing me a pretty penny but I had also gotten a bed, well here's where it starts.

My husband and I are not by any means skinny, 250pds for one and 280pds for the other. Now when they brought my bed and frame 2 guys were here and with the first frame never put bolts in tight, nothing and the damn thing was falling apart right from underneath us.

I called and they said they'd bring bolts, 2 weeks later and nothing. It took me over a 1 hour to get to their store, got there and told them I have animal's and small children at my home what would happen if one of my kids or animals go underneath it and it and it killed one of them.... so I had to fight and fight them till they brought a different one.

The one kid was slapping things down everywhere and busted up my floor and wall, now I rent so now guess who has to pay for it??? Yea us! I bought very very expensive cologne for my husband well they were so pushy and ramming things around that they busted the bottle, I was in tears.

Then they spilt stuff all over my room and they really didn't even know how to put the damn thing together! Now they act like they did nothing wrong. If I could take my stuff back without ruining my credit I would. I pay over $400.00 a month!

Poor customer service
September 22, 2021
Called to make a payment, treated very rudely, basically he wouldn't take my payment. And he lied. That's the 1st time I've ever know a business to turn down money.

How Much Does this really cost?
October 10, 2020
13 months ago we ordered washing appliances and two, small beds..twin. A year later after paying 180 a month for over a year, we learn that we still owe $2300. Seems a bit high. Very very nice personable staff.

Got the run around for 3 months
October 9, 2019
If u want the run around this store is for u ordered a bedroom set 3 months ago got the run around from the start one blaming the other. Had no contract but had to pay on the bedroom set I didn't have finally called said they have the bedroom set, set up a time came to the house since I wasn't there they would not deliver it will never do business with them again worst company cancelled my order. Stay away if u can