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What if your morning beverage could make you smarter?

Genius Juice claims that this dream could actually be a reality - but is it legitimate? Coconut has a ton of health benefits, including essential fatty acids that are said to boost your brainpower and offer vital brain food energy.

This company has a mission of bringing the most delicious and healthiest beverage to consumers, offering a zero-waste manufacturing process and a large selection of delicious creations.

Here’s what you need to know about Genius Juice and all of its benefits.

How Does it Work?

Featured on Shark Tank, Genius Juice is made of an entire coconut - and that’s not an exaggeration. This product consists of an extraction of coconut water and coconut meat, both of which are blended together into a tasty coconut smoothie. The coconut husk, too, is recycled, used for the creation of alternative energy.

The manufacturing methods of the company are pretty impressive-  but does the product have any legitimacy when it comes to its nutritional info, taste, and other benefits?

Genius Juice is a coconut smoothie that is flash pasteurized, allowing you to get the highest level of nutrition possible from your beverage. It needs to be refrigerated but can also be frozen or thawed. It contains vegan ingredients and is also soy- and gluten-free. There are no artificial or natural sweeteners added and is packaged in a BPA-free plastic bottle.

There are several products you can choose from. The Mocha Coconut Smoothie has healthy, natural ingredients like coconut water, Himalayan pink salt, coconut meat,  coffee extract, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. It is a great source of potassium, good fats, and electrolytes.

The Genius Juice Original Coconut Smoothie is also quite popular. This product only contains two ingredients - organic coconut water and organic coconut meat. It has 23 grams of carbs and zero added sugars along with all kinds of beneficial fats and MCTs.

The Turmeric Coconut Smoothie is another option. In addition to the ingredients you will find in the original smoothie, this product also contains cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, vanilla extract, and black pepper, helping to provide an extra dose of nutrients and anti-inflammatory spices.

You can also purchase a variety pack of coconut smoothies. When you buy, you’ll get a mixture of Mocha Coconut, Whole Coconut Turmeric, and Whole Coconut Original beverages.

Cost and Price Plans

All Genius Juice products are available as six-packs, twelve-packs, and eighteen packs. Buy a six-pack, and you’ll pay $49.99. A twelve-pack is $94.99, offering a savings of 5%, while an eighteen pack is $142.49.

For each product available, you can also sign up for a subscribe and save option. This option saves you 10% per order, with deliveries available every one, two, three, or four weeks or months.

They ship nationwide, except for Hawaii and Alaska.

Competitors and Alternatives

Drinking coconut water is no longer something you just do on vacation. Instead, more and more people around the world are adding this beverage to their weekly or daily beverage rotation. As a result, there are hundreds of coconut water products available on supermarket shelves. It can be overwhelming to choose!

If you’re looking for a budget pick, you might want to consider Vita Coco. This organic coconut water is much less expensive than Genius Juice and is only 60 calories per bottle. It does contain organic sugar, however, and the company doesn’t maintain the same environmental standards as Genius Juice.

Another option is Taste Nirvana Coconut Water. Also a relatively affordable option, it is made with Thai young coconut and comes in several flavors. It contains 26 carbohydrates and is not carbonated, either. It has no added ingredients but there is one flavor that includes added pulp for a unique texture.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Genius Juice coconut reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with the company receiving top marks for its eco-friendly manufacturing processes and taste. Not only does Genius Juice have a shelf life of up to four weeks, meaning you can really stock up and save on shipping costs and waste, but the product is super environmentally-friendly.

Even the boxes are recyclable! They are made partially of recyclable materials like corn starch and loaded with ice packs that can also be reused later on.

The biggest complaint about Genius Juice is that none of the products can be returned if there are any issues. This is because the products are perishable, but it can still be frustrating if you aren’t satisfied with your order in any way.

Customer Service

Questions about your order - or an issue with the shipment? All you need to do is get in touch with customer service at [email protected]

Where to Buy?

The beverage is available for sale on the company’s website. There are also numerous retailers that sell this product in California, New York, and a few other states. Whole Foods is one major distributor.

You can also subscribe to the company newsletter and receive 10% off your first order, along with information on regular discounts and events.

Is It Worth It?

Although Genius Juice is relatively expensive, it’s worth your consideration as a new morning (or afternoon) beverage choice. It is delicious and nutritious and contains no unhealthy additives or unwanted fillers. Although it’s unclear whether your IQ will actually go up after drinking a Genius Juice, it’s a sure bet that you’ll enjoy the taste.

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