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Good shop!
December 14, 2017
We found this shop you very professional and helpful at every stage in the process of the sale. This seller is also very professional and honest. Great job!. You researched three vendors when making a proposal of who we should choose to manage our payroll operations. You included all the necessary information for us to make a decision and presented the information in a one-page table that was easy to read. Your work made it really easy to make a decision. Great job! Excellent seller! great product

GEARBEST stay away !!!!
December 3, 2017
I made on order on 14 Nov and gearbest was saying that they ship on 21 Nov. On the 23 of Nov they sent me an e-mail that they shipped half of my order and the other half will be shipped at Dec 17 !!!. Today its Dec 2 2017 and the tracking number for my shipment that was sent on 23 Nov is saying the item is pre-advised . Witch means it still has not been shipped . Stay away from this company i will contact my bank from tomorrow and see what i can do since i paid with my credit card. Will keep you informed with my progress . JUST POST EVERY PLACE YOU CAN THAT THE COMPANY IS PROBABLY A SCAM.

The best price in the whole Internet.
November 27, 2017

Do not believe it !? Check it out for yourself!

Often the shares, discounts, which are reported to you in the email list and telegram canal and other internet resource, and not only on "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" and other holidays but always! Email at least once a week, in other more often.

For example, Xiaomi Redmi 4A 4G Smartphone - GLOBAL VERSION 2\16GB in email mailing costs only $ 87.99 and still gives a coupon for a $ 10 discount to everyone. Proof link But I do not need it, to me is going another phone, bought for 29.99 $ Karl! HOMTOM HT26 proof

(I will have enough). Many more examples can be cited, but it is better to make sure you personally use the services of the store.

Support center answers quickly, it's a pity just a weekend response is longer.

The order is packed and sent the next day. If the order date on the order page is the date of dispatch of the goods, then it is sent not earlier than this indicated date.

Free delivery is quality, sometimes rides quickly, sometimes a little longer. Paid delivery is not expensive and parcels come faster of free delivery. It is necessary to understand that the store can not improve someone else's work (delivery service). But at the moment I did not have a problem . In this moment I did not have problem of delivery.

Writing shortly, I do not want to take your time. I wish You successful purchases everywhere!

Ygaryan February 02, 2018

You can trust the store!

The phone was lost by mail in the Netherlands. In the ticket offer or refund of the full cost or free re-send. I chose the re-shipment, and the phone quickly reached Singapore by mail, unharmed. Untrack parcels too send and they well reach only longer than track. I recommend!

Ygaryan December 13, 2017

Please do not believe this review! The phone was not delivered!

Small product still monostability, but large goods are not ordered. There is no defense, only offer 50% of the value of the goods!

Good Online Shop - Awesome Products and the best prices
November 24, 2017

Hi, I'm Canero from Portugal.

I Make many orders in Gearbest because for me is the best Online shop for buy almost products, mainly Electronics, gadgets.

Smartphontes ? Smartwatches? Is the best price, Many people here in Portugal recomended Gearbest because is really awesome service.

Fast shipping, Nice prices, Many types of products.

In Europe I don't think people can get better.

Gearbest - High quality products at low prices
November 7, 2017
Shopping with GearBest can really change the way of Your shopping. start saving money today by ordering from Gearbest, high quality products for for really reasonable prices. Very good customer service, staff is very helpfull and answering very quick on all queries. Really reccomend, I ordered so many things already for myself, family, friends - always very happy! Fast shipping! Priority line shipping helps reduce the risk of custom duties;)

Just to keep the long story short: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM GEARBEST!
November 6, 2017

Now for the long story part. (*Note that they will probably take this post down for various reasons, but this is my experience of buying items with Gearbest). I placed an order for Bluboo S1 smartphone in the first week of July and the package was delivered almost 3 months late from the date that I placed an order. I contacted the customer service a few times, which they claimed it’s not of stock. Ok, so if their phone is not of stock, why the hell did they keep selling the phone online? No one knows….So I waited and waited until the point that I decided to buy another phone for a replacement for my old phone that I even forgot about this phone from Gearbest.

When the phone arrives, I contacted their customer service to issue a refund. The return shipping cost was also expensive to ship it back to their location in China, but who needs two phones anyway. I sent the package back about a month ago, but the customer service claimed that they never received the product and to keep checking with the local post office for an update. Here are the real quotes said by their customer service,

“Thank you for contacting Gearbest.

We are so sorry to inform that we still not receive the package.

We suggest that you can consult with the shipping company.”

“Thank you very much for your recent message.

We advise you to contact your local delivery organization.

We will kindly wait for your further news.”

“We are so sorry that we still not receive the package. Please contact your local post office to check this package.

Thank you for your patience.”

“Thank you very much for your order with Gearbest.

We are so sorry to inform that we do not receive the package.

Please consult with the shipping company.

Thank you for your patience and kind support.”

The estimated arrival of the product was supposed to get there 2 weeks ago and now it's nowhere to be found. Note that they are probably not going to process for me anyway, but I just thought others should know about how their customer service dealt with these issues.

In the nutshell, don’t waste your time buying with them. They claimed to have a great return/refund/replacement policy, but you will ended up paying way more for your money and TIME!

October 23, 2017
My name is William SKAFF. My order never arrived, they proposed partial refund 30%. They are doing the same for most customers. I will never order from this company again... Gear best is the worst online shopping company, it should be named GearWorst ! They are all liars ! Never order from this company. never enter your credit card details on this site, they are scammers.

Ygaryan January 30, 2018

You can trust the store! The phone was lost by mail in the Netherlands. In the ticket offer or refund of the full cost or free re-send. I chose the re-shipment, and the phone quickly reached Singapore by mail, unharmed. Untrecking parcels too send and they well reach only longer than track. I recommend!

WARNING: NEVER purchase from GEARBEST!!!!
October 14, 2017

WARNING: NEVER purchase from GEARBEST!!!!

I purchased from them. After 4 months of normal use, my product began giving an error and would not work. It was within the 1-year warranty for free repair. I followed their instructions for returning it exactly as they said. I paid $100 to send it back. They said they couldn't receive it past customs, although I sent it EXACTLY as they told me too. And since it was past 45 days after purchase, they would not refund my money. Bottom line, there is no way to get their product that failed and does not work back to them for repair, and they will not honor refunding it! I feel completely victimized. I have thrown away $450 purchasing from them a product that died and then paying to ship it back - which does not work!!! (I wonder if they knew that shipping it wouldn't work?!) Please, please, please do not purchase anything from them!!! So worth the extra money to purchase within the United States where people are under our laws and we know we can mail to them!!!

If i want something, i first go to gearbest to check if they have it
August 4, 2017 has one of the best services online i have ever used, i have made at least 5 orders, every single one came inside the time window that was given, the products came perfectly new and never have i had a problem with them. they after even asked if everything went well with the orders! 5/5

Easy to amaze, hard to disappoint!
August 2, 2017
Gearbest constantly launches flash deals which gives the opportunity to buy the things we want for a special price. I've ordered some things from the website and so far I'm really happy with it. The items not only matches the description, but most of them actually suprised me with its quality. Support center is top notch and often inquires if it's everything ok with my purchases. Plus: for each deal you receive points which you can discount in the next buy. Overall, one of the best online stores out there!

Gearbest is the BEST
June 28, 2017

Hello, I am a customer of Gearbest and my name is Gabriel. My first order was a Leagoo M8, but the stock was exhausted due to the promotion. As it happened the support of the store gave me all possible options, which included the return of all the money, credit in the store with a surcharge for the inconvenience or sending another item. I chose the third option, a Hafury Umax Smartphone, whose order number was W1704281333098013 and tracking code RS851539198NL. The shipment ran quickly, safely and super well informed, being done on May 17, 2017 02:49:38. The rating for sure was 5 stars. Below the product review.

Hafury Umax is a smartphone that brings together some interesting attractions like its mammoth battery of 4,500 MHz, its 6-inch screen and the 13MP rear camera in which it is not interpolated (common practice in Chinese handsets). Its size is very conducive to university students who read many e-books, people who work with the cell phone and also young people who usually watch many.

In addition to the battery, another highlight goes to your front camera, despite having a 5MP sensor, gives us printed photos for an incoming / intermediate phone. Depending on the style of the photograph, it can be said that it is even better than your main camera.

It is also worth noting that in the box that comes with the smartphone also has a silicone cover, a holder for cars and two glass films, one application and another.

However there are also cons. Due to the fact that the battery is very large, quick charging was necessary, a function that the device does not support. With the time of use of the touch begins to appear of sensitivity (problem that is solved when turning off and turning on a screen). The main camera should be of greater stability, so your photos are better, any shaking can ruin them.

In short, it is an excellent device for its category, with android 7, the most updated of the moment. Really recommend it.

Ygaryan December 13, 2017

Gearbest - best BS! is the worst online shopping website I have ever used.
June 3, 2017 is the worst online shopping website I have ever used. I am writing this trying to protect possible victims from this company in the future.

Everything started two months ago when I ordered a phone from them. At first, I ordered via the expedited shipping method for which I paid extra and bought the insurance. Yet, they send the item via the flat shipping method without even asking me. One of their live-help agents promised a ridiculous 1 EUR compensation for this mishandling of the order but they have never paid me the promised money. Even though it’s a ridiculous, very small compensation, it’s still very unprofessional to make promises which you have no intention to fulfil…

When the phone didn’t arrive after more than a month after the order, I asked them why and they couldn’t provide any information. No mailing tracking system showed any information about my parcel so I said that they should resend the item to me as my insurance allows me to choose what I want, the item to be resent or all the money back. I explicitly told them to resend the item but they didn’t listen to me and transferred SOME of the money to my bank account. Yet, again, it took me around a month to get SOME of the money back.

They told me to reorder the phone if I don’t agree with the non-full refund. Being stupid enough, I actually reordered the phone, clearly saying to them that I want my item to be shipped via the expedited shipping method ONLY. They took my money once again but the item hasn’t even been sent! Neither any email, no any confirmation of the shipping-out has been sent to me, yet my money has been taken! They started to avoid replying to my item at all. It seems that they simply took my money, didn’t send my any phone and just left wondering around.


1. They are not willing to solve your problem quickly and try to extend the period of time for solving an issue as long as possible. This is because they don’t reply to you directly and on time and avoid having any real-time conversation via skype/facebook/whatsapp or any other service. They were willing to communicate only during the order but when the money were taken and all the problems started, they clearly demonstrate that they are unwilling to help you solve the problems as quickly as possible.

2. Their customer service representatives lack good command of the English language, so that’s why you have to write the same things over and over again to make them reply to your simple questions.

3. Their customer service representatives don’t collaborate with one another and every time you have to explain your story almost from the very beginning to a new agent you’re communicating with.

4. Their agents provide various promises and forms of compensation, even though no real actions are taken in that matter.

I have trusted this company TWICE and I deeply regret doing that. I strongly recommend avoiding any possible contact with this company if you don’t want to risk being left with empty promises, no parcel and no money.

May 10, 2017

I ordered a drone from Gearbest whose webpage said 7-10 business days delivery. I attempted track the package but the tracking system does not update on the progress. 25 days and no delivery. I wrote expressing my concerns on the 28th of April. Miraculously on May 1st it appeared on the tracking system as delivered on May 27th. Gearbest said it would contact the carrier and get back to me to resolve the matter. Well today the sent this..Please check the attachment, your item is shows delivered.

"We regret to inform you that the shipping company USEXP1 is responsible not only for this issue and but also for making sure that all parcels they ship are successfully received. According to their policy the parcel will be either be destroyed or abandoned. Technically, Gearbest is not liable for this. Therefore there should be no compensation in such case." I addition to this they also stated "We can resend the same parcel to you. For this, please kindly send us 31.17 USD so that we can arrange the shipment. We can offer you a tracking number for this shipment and it will take 10 to 25 business days to reach you.We will send you an invoice by email if you choose this option." Does that sound like an resolution to you? Send more money for them not to deliver again? I SHOULD HAVE USED AMAZON IN THE FIRST PLACE. I ADVISE ANYONE NOT TO BUY FROM GEARBEST dispite the kind wording they did not DELIVER!!!

Gearbest is a SCAM
March 29, 2017

I have made an order worth of $20 on Jan 11. They immediately updated the package is sent. But it never reached me.

When I tried to track package, it never shown me any results.

After two months when I write them I haven't received package, they said it is lost in shipping. And as per their policy you don't get full refund and finally they agreed for $7 refund.

I really think they never sent me a package because they cannot provide correct tracking number.

"Things are never so bad they can't be made worse."
February 23, 2017

Disclaimer: 1 star is the lower I can go.

Before ordering something from this guys, ask yourselves this questions:

1) You need to pay for the item?

2) Do you need the item?

3) Do you want the item?

If you answered yes to any of all of the above, stay away from them. Seriously. Don't even think on it.

I was looking for a new phone as, the one I have and that have served me well for the last 3 years, decided to deffy gravity and, of course, floor 1- phone 0 and it ended up with a smashed screen.

I saw, in a couple of technology blogs/sites I follow, some articles about this.... errrrrr..... thing called GearBest and some of my colleagues advised me this company.

Had a look at the items and prices and they are not too bad.

Found something that interested me, ordered it with "Priority Line - IEEXP" with a delivery time between 7-15 working days.

So far so good.

My order, was dispatched about one week later, due to Chinese new year, which is acceptable.

Got an email, informing me my order had been dispatched with the pictures of two parcels, with my name on it and tracking numbers.

End of the good part of this adventure.

The parcels where "sent" from China but, they have Irish Tracking numbers, which is weird.

Checked tracking info in "My orders" for a few days and, no updates.

After some research, found a website where it could be tracked: sky56 and found some interesting facts and "great" reviews of this company.

Tracking was showing nothing until three days after the order being shipped.

2017-02-09 13:07:00 Parcel departure in Shenzhen Sorting Centre

2017-02-10 10:24:00 Parcel departure arrive in HongKong Sorting Centre

2017-02-11 01:19:00 Parcel is leaving Hong Kong Airport

It was looking good.

Checking the tracking info and no changes.

After a few days, without updates, contacted the support and, this is when things start to get interesting. "Things are never so bad they can't be made worse."

Opened a ticket and got a reply from a person saying thet they noticed there was no updates on the tracking info for one week and that would be escalated with the shipping company.

Then the "Please wait a bit more" thing started.

On the 17th, I was with an agent on the live chat for an update and, he said that it takes 2-4 working days for the shipment to update.

When I told him that 5 working days have passed an no updates, he would, according to him escalate this with his supervisor and I'd be contacted within 12 hours.

In China, apparently, even time is fake. 3 days later and no email, probably because they use the same shipping company to send emails, or an handicapped snail to deliver them.

I eventually got an email, after complaining about it with the usual excuses and, you guessed it "Please wait a bit longer".

As a proof of good will, GB would give me 100 extra points, YAY!!!!!!

Still waiting for them... (not that I will use them anyway)

Went on Live chat, again saturday the 18th. After some copy and past replies, which are not even remotely related with the question asked, I figured out how "serious" they are.

She assured me that they are not lying, my order was dispatched on the 14th and it takes 2-4 working days for the tracking update is updated. I was assured would sen me an email with an updated tracking info.

Tuesday and no email, well, she never said she would send me the email this Monday, in fairness....

So, went on Live Chat again, spoke with a different agent and was told the old story: "We escalated this with the shipping company in our country and your country but no updates so far".

I asked for the name of the company so I could contact them myself, he replied me that the company is IEEXP, which is, according to Gearbest one of the Shipping methods.

I had to explain the poor soul that IEEXP is a shipping method not a shipping company. He then suggested me to contact Irish Post Line, whatever it is.

Once more, had to explain him that there is no such thing as "Irish Post Line".

Decided to change the question and asked him the name of the shipping company in his country and, the reply was "Irish Post Line".

Interesting that the shipping company in Ireland is the same as the shipping company in China.

I insisted in having the shipping company name, I was then told I had to reply to my ticket so his colleague could handle it.

According to Gearbest, my order was shipped on the 5th, the 6th and on the 14th, although there is come kind of record of the tracking number I was provided with before the 14th so, seems that my order time travelled.

Bit weird that the same order is dispatched on 3 different dates...

In the mean time, I sent GerBest a message through paypal, hopping I would have some proper information thorugh there.

I got a reply from a person where she states that the deliveries with this shipper take between 10-25 working days.

So, I am given the option to have my delivery in 7-15 working days but, the minimum is 10?

This was escalated to a claim and, almost one week later, PayPal is still waiting for GearBest reply.

Of course that their "lovely and helpful" support team, will make it sound like it is our fault, we are stupid and liars.

And, the invoice shows some value, not sure in which currency though, because there is no mention of it anywhere, but assuming it is the same currency as the original payment, it is way lower, about 15% of the real value. It seems it was due to a "system error"...

Of course that. they care about their costumers so, if things go really wrong, they offer you a refund of 30USD, in a 163 euro order.

Guys, chances you will be ripped off by this scam company is high so, rather give it to charity, if you want to loose your money.

RON P May 10, 2017

Same thing only worst happened to me. They told me......."USEXP1 is responsible not only for this issue and but also for making sure that all parcels they ship are successfully received. According to their policy the parcel will be either be destroyed or abandoned. Technically, Gearbest is not liable for this. Therefore there should be no compensation in such case.

Here are the best solutions we can offer you in this situation as a commercial gesture: Reship the parcel.

We can resend the same parcel to you. For this, please kindly send us 31.17 USD so that we can arrange the shipment. We can offer you a tracking number for this shipment and it will take 10 to 25 business days to reach you.We will send you an invoice by email if you choose this option> I never got the first order and I'm supposed to send more money????

Best International Online Shopping Website
December 14, 2016

Hi i'm TheBlizzard on gearbest :) i've never had shopping any international website but gearbest.Strongly believe that gear best is the best online shopping website.Until now i ordered 3 different pieces :

Xiaomi Mi Pad 64gb tablet on Sep 30, 2016 22:08:14 Order number: W1609300908143291 ,

Xiaomi Mi Pad Protective Case on Nov 11, 2016 18:02:57 Order number: W1611110402572149 ,

Ipad Mini Retina Screen Protector & Case on Aug 30, 2016 18:04:07 Order number: W1608300504070164 .

Never had any problem custom or shipping etc. All of my orders are 5/5 stars and came to me safe and sound.That's why i recommend to all my friends shopping on in order to low prices & high quality :)

The best is Gearbest !
September 23, 2016

I would like to share my opinion about the Gearbest. The price was lower and the dispath time realistic. My order is W1604080435259095 original product ZUK Z1. Bought from the in the past and definitely gonna buy again.

I like the Gearbest.

Good work! Thank You Gearbest!
September 1, 2016

I ordered( WB1606140717443596) several pcs of Xiaomi LED Enhanced Edition. And I am happy, because I found the lowest price on GearBest site. Other stores have price 1 or more USD higher.

What else to say? Very fast delivery - 2 weeks to Ukraine. It is also the fastest shipping from China to us. LED lamps are genuine, new and work perfect.

Gearbest was the best choice for my transaction. Recommend!

William S October 23, 2017

I don't believe it, please read all reviews... you're driving people to be victims and to loose their money. GearBest SCAM SCAM SCAM

Fast delivery and perfect support
September 1, 2016
I bought some headphones that arrived after 10 days. The price was very good and the support superb. I am totally satisfied. If you want to save money and are a bit patient to await the longer delivery time, go ahead and buy at gearbest!

Much better then Ebay and Aliexpress
August 4, 2016
Have been quite new to Gearbest, but with so far about 6 purchases, I simply can say it is very good. It has custom location of items so that you can easily avoid customs fee. The shipping is relatively faster then other online stores of same kind. The quality of item is same as others in the market, but the customer service plays very good role to solve the issue if I have one. As such, I love it.