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Over 1 year with no product or refund
May 3, 2022

I ordered an internet booster over 1 year ago. I would periodically check in and be told that it would ship in about 2 weeks. Eventually I realized I was just being told the same thing every time. Several months ago I gave up on getting my product and asked to have my money refunded. I was told it would be refunded, but months later it was not. After well over 1 year I have no product and no refund.

I have filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau, but so far GearBest has not responded to them either. BBB has given GearBest an F rating, and a customer rating of only 1.12 out of 5. You can confirm this by checking them out on the BBB website.

Stay away from this company. They may tell you what you want to hear when you reach out to them, but they have not demonstrated the integrity to do what they say they will do.

Don't buy any products from here
February 9, 2021

Don't buy anything from this website. I purchased one product but after waiting for 2 months I did not get it. When I tried to talk with the seller, the seller said their system crashed and they can't find my data.

Then they advised me to cancel my order and apply for a refund. Now I cancelled my order but I can't get my refund processed, when I try to email and message them, there is no reply from this cheap website.

I could not give a negative rating, otherwise I would have done so.

Customer Service Sucks
June 20, 2020

I bought a Ticwris Max from Gearbest. When I got it charged it to 100%. By the next evening, it was at 5%. There were other problems.

The watch would not recognize a SIM card and the keyboard was not completely aligned properly. The "m" key produced a "backspace", which is annoying due to the fact that passwords use an "m". So I contacted customer service right away the next day after I received it.

They replied and asked for images and videos. So I sent a picture of the battery life showing a graph of the drop in battery life over a 12 hour period from 100% to 5%. All other issues aside, the battery issue is the one that cannot be fixed by me. But they still want videos.

This has not been "Fun Shopping" for me. I think they are trying to give me the runaround. If they refund/replace I will post here. Otherwise, be warned.

TimEastman January 25, 2021

Still waiting on a shipment that is currently over two weeks late. Unable to reach at listed phone number, and can't chat with customer service without setting up an account though they took my order and got my money immediately without having an account signed in as a guest to their site.

Gearbest - Chinese Fraud Scammer
June 6, 2020

I have been playing E-Mail Tag for almost 4 months.

They keep saying that they have no record of my order. Then they can't provide a Tracking number

in English. They send out advertising, that claims 5-Day service.

Well I am still waiting after 4 months.

July 12, 2019

NEVER BUY FROM THIS STORE! Order number 19042100974315104886

mail: [email protected]

At first they could not send my order for 3 months! After which they sent a non-working item that I cannot use! and now make me return the goods back! I spent 4 months on it! DO NOT BUY from this shop of thieves gearbest.

This is a Scam Company, Thieves in Plain Sight
May 19, 2019

I give them no stars. I ordered and paid for an item from them on 04/21/2019. Here it is almost a month later, and it hasn't even shipped. They got my money a month ago and after repeated attempts to get my item and asked about the problem, I got no response or answers.

Finally today I get a rep on Live chat, who tells me my order is being processed and then when I call BS, he answers that the item is out of stock and will be processed when back in stock. It takes a month to restock an item, and you don't inform the purchaser of that problem.

I'm in the U.S.A and believe they take money on the internet and don't intend to send items purchased by people in other countries. Even if a person cancels their order due to long waiting periods of inaction, they keep money for restocking fees. They make money anyway.

I will never do business again with this scam company and will wage a one person war with them. I will inform anyone I know worldwide, friends and family about this scam company.

They need to be stopped from using the internet to rip people off. I'm a real American and a real purchaser of an electronic item. Be informed and be aware of

Forget the Warranty!
February 8, 2019
The seam of my e-reader separated and the unit fell apart. Their attitude was that I obviously broke it. All I did was push the buttons!

PedroDoperoy May 19, 2019

Wished I had read this review before I ordered and paid for an item I've yet to receive, after a month.

Scam site
May 8, 2018
This will be the first and last order , they did not ship my order since 34 days , the support team promise my many times but they laying .

PedroDoperoy May 19, 2019

Wish I had been informed as I am now about this scam company. I am experiencing this very problem presently. This site needs to be avoided and hopefully the scammers go away. I doubt it though.

good service always gearbest
March 15, 2018
good products good quality good after sales service I had a problem that was soon solved is a good store to buy vape

PedroDoperoy May 19, 2019

Believe this is a lie. A fake review.

February 24, 2018

I purchased a drone from them. It took forever to get it and we had a problem with the camera.

I asked for them to exchange the camera and sent numerous emails and pictures of the problem but they kept asking for more pictures. So I asked for a refund. I got an RMA# and shipped the drone back.

After a month we still do not have our refund. Our emails are unanswered and we can not get a valid phone number to try to talk to a real person. Learn from my experience and DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

PedroDoperoy May 19, 2019

Wish I had read before doing business with these a__holes. I'm in the same predicament and haven't received my purchase a month latter, and they have had my money for it for a month. Now they claim out of stock and will ship in a week. They couldn't restock in a month. They are liars, and thieves, hiding in plain sight on the internet.

Pooer service and product after 4th time
February 20, 2018

First time I buy small item from Gearbest. The item came rather fast. Product was usable. Then I bought a GPS drone from them, again not too bad with fast delivery and the drone function 90% (the headless mode was not working).

Then I order a spare battery, it came but the dimensions is bigger from the original that came with the drone and cannot insert into the drone. I asked for exchange and/or refund, but up to now they have not given me a satisfactory reply.

Suppose to get back to me the next day from my 4th correspondence, but now no news. Its been 2 weeks already. I don't think I will hear from them again. It seemed that it's okay to buy 1-2 times from them, after that, quality of service drops and wrong products will be sent.

Not advisable to buy from them after the 4th time.

PedroDoperoy May 19, 2019

I empathize with you and I'm a present victim of their take money, give no product or service and not respond to customer demands for answers to correct bad practices from them. Totally useless thieves on the net.

very good service
February 17, 2018
I would like to commend the service I get from gearbest, very recommended to buy, the products come in good time and quality.

PedroDoperoy May 19, 2019

I call B.S. on this review, it's fake and a lie.

Item did not arrive
February 17, 2018

Item did not arrive, incorrect tracking number, no full refund offered, silence from customer services

I bought a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 4G Phablet on December 20th, by the 31 January it had not arrived. I contacted GearBest support and they provided me with a tracking number that was not recognised by the Post Office.

My package had simply disappeared. GearBest did not offer a full refund - only a refund of half the value of the item, stating that I should have purchased insurance to enable a full refund.

This is not the case as non-arrival of an item is grounds for a full refund. I asked that they provide a full refund and they said the issue was referred to their manager but after 2 weeks they still have not replied.

I am on the point of opening a credit dispute through paypal unless I hear anything back from them soon. I am very disappointed and other customers should beware.

February 9, 2018 offers many products with an excellent quality / price ratio. I bought several times xiaomi products on offer like the xiaomi mi drone 4k and the action cam xiaomi yi 2 4k and I was very satisfied with the quality of the products. shipments follow the right timing considering that the objects are sent from countries far from my country (Italy).

Choosing the correct shipping method you will not pay the import taxes and this is excellent.

The customer service is very helpful and quick to respond to all customer questions (really good times considering the time zone). buying products you will receive points that you can use for future purchases, so you will receive a discount of up to 30% on any item you want to buy!

In conclusion, I'm glad to have met and I will continue to buy from this e-commerce site. I recommend it to everybody!

Good shopping on :)

This is my real objective experience and i wrote this review to share my shopping experience with other people

[ref. Jan 18, 2018 03:18:04 AM; Order number: WWP1801180318041370; Igor Cattaneo]

PedroDoperoy May 19, 2019

Your face must be brown from kissing a__. Your review is a joke, your lie, and I hope no one reading it will do any business with your a__hole thieves on the net.

order headphones in the store
February 7, 2018

Hey. I want to share my buying experience at this store. I do not have enough headphones at home, so I decided to try to order Original Xiaomi Mi LYEJ02LM Bluetooth Headset. Especially I'm a big fan of Xiaomi products. Ordered and was pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery. In just 2 weeks came the premise.

The package was packed well, came without any damage. Headphones quality. It is convenient to work with them. I am completely satisfied with my order. I'll go tell my friends about it.

Gearbest - in my opinion the best chinesse shop
February 4, 2018

I've already ordered in this store more than once.

Most expensive orders I made is 3d printer and mobile phone, but i also ordered many other things (more or less expensive) but I've spent a lot of money in general in this shop and I'm not dissapointed.

Everything is okay :) Fast shipment, good quality of ordered items, the best prices everywhere and fast support - if you got any questions they will help you.

And the best thing - they give coupons all the time, you can buy something cheaper than you imagine! One time I've ordered something for 30% of the original price :D

I recommend you this shop, you won't be dissapointed, you'll be glad ;)

Gearbest - safe seller
February 2, 2018

I search this other sellers from China and I see Gearbest. They are safe and with all orders I don't have problems. I buy from they smartphones and a lot other gadget electronics.

98% orders arrived OK and 2% issues from carrier shipping, but Gearbest resolve me all time when I have problems. They have a fast response at tickets ( 24h). i 100% recommended.

Gearbest - Really good products on low prices
February 1, 2018
I have purchased a lot of products from this website and i can say that they are there for you on every step and if you need anything there to help you as soon as possible. Their products are really great and on low prices which makes it ideal for all the kind of present or little gadgets you like. Really recommend, I ordered so many things already for myself, family, friends and always very happy!

Nice place to buy at low prices
January 31, 2018

I have just placed my 7th order in this site and I am really satisfied both with gearbest and the end products, I have had encountered a couple of issues but nothing their customer service could not manage.

Only issue I ever had is on out of my 7 orders not arriving, but I was refounded quickly by the customer service.

Speaking about the customer service, I have openned four tickets for various reasons, from modifying an already placed order to tracking a package and solving the issue with the not received order, their customer service is plain good, it will get the job done, they usually reply a day after you open a ticket and they are willing to help, comparing prices with other sites and comparing the quality of the CS the sites that have better customer service have prices way more expensive than Gearbest, so I really believe this will be my go-to site to buy new stuff.

I´m overall satisfied, even if I encountered issues they have been resolved properly, and I never had the need to return a product because of defect or not matching their description.

Placed 3 orders, got nothing.
December 30, 2017

On the 4th of September I ordered a Alphawise window cleaner robot, a mobile phone and a week later an Ugee 1910b.

I have paid all these items and waited for it. In November I wrote them where my item was and first they didn’t reply at all, so I sended another mail. I got a message back that I had to wait for it, but as you can guess.... nothing arrived. Now I am waiting for 2 months for the mobile and I am afraid that this will be neither will come. About the Ugee, it was waiting for about a month and wasn’t shipped so I asked what was wrong. I got an answer back that the ‘shipment’ was wrong and again nothing happened. I went to their website and did see the Ugee was now $100 more expensive. GearBest says when you order then you need to pay for the item, but they just canceled the order.

As you can see GEARBEST isn’t reliable to do business with, I think they committed fraude with the money. So my advice to buyers: STAY AWAY FROM GEARBEST, they are not interested in you, only they want money. And if they have it then it’s up to them.

This site is SCAM, stay away from that. There are more traders in China who will do the best for you.

I hope that I could help you guys to make the correct decision to buy something.