Garcinia Cambogia Fit 1300 and Cleanse Fit 1800 Reviews

Garcinia Cambogia Fit 1300 and Cleanse Fit 1800
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About Garcinia Cambogia Fit 1300 and Cleanse Fit 1800

Garcinia Cambogia Fit 1300 and Cleanse Fit 1800 are two individual health and weight loss products promoted by the same advertorial, which promises that their users can lose up to seven pounds of stomach fat each week.   

How Does It Work?

According to the advertorial - which is a paid for advertisement presented as an editorial - both of these products have effective ingredients which can help users lose weight, but more importantly, when combined can also help users "rid your body of toxins."

In fact, the website makes a few claims regarding each of these products individually. Garcinia Cambogia Fit 1300 is said to help users lose more than four times as much weight than with diet and exercise alone, to deliver antioxidants, and to promote cardiovascular and digestive health.

Cleanse Fit 1800 is said to eliminate “bad” toxins, destroy parasites in your digestive tract, remove “sludge” from your stomach, stop gas and bloating, regulate your metabolism, and increase energy.

Ingredients and Side Effects

The website says that the main, active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia Fit 1300 is the extract of the garcinia cambogia fruit, which has been shown to improve your body's metabolism when the right extract purity is used. This product claims to use 95% purity, compared to other products that only use extracts with 60-70% purity. Unfortunately, no details are given regarding the ingredients in Cleanse Fit 1800.

But the reality is that no studies have shown that garcinia cambogia has the effects that this website claims it does, and since there are absolutely no ingredients printed for the cleanse product, it is impossible to evaluate whether their claims are legitimate. 

Cost/Price Plans

Unfortunately this website does not currently provide price information for these specific products, though it does say that both products can be purchased for an initial trial period for just the initial cost of Shipping and Handling.

Refund Policy

Along with the missing price information, no Refund Policy is provided either. However, these types of health and weight loss products which only give their customers an option of a trial period which then automatically forces them into an expensive subscription service are not well known for admirable Refund Policies. 

Customer Service Contact Info

At this time, no contact information is provided for either of these companies, which will make it especially difficult for any dissatisfied customers who need to receive assistance regarding complaints, defective or damaged products, refunds, or any other problem they may have. 


These two products have many, many problems which should give potential customers pause. First, they are being promoted by an advertorial which has previously promoted many different products that suffer from complaints and billing issues, and in fact, this very advertorial has not even properly managed its links. Currently the links which are supposed to be for these two weight loss products are actually linking to antiaging skincare products. And of course, the use of unauthorized celebrity spokespeople is not only dishonest, it’s actually illegal. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are so many different similar weight loss products out there, they're almost impossible to count, including products like Pure Asian GarciniaPure Best Garcinia and True Cleanse Complete, and many more.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Garcinia Cambogia Fit 1300 and Cleanse Fit 1800 reviews below.

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