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About Gametime App

Gametime was founded in 2012 by Brad Griffith after nearly missing a sports game for lack of an available printer. His bright idea to have everything easily accessible through a qualified and secure mobile application steadily grew in popularity and is now one of the most used apps for game tickets in Canada and the United States of America.

It currently supplies fans from more than fifty cities with all the tickets they will ever need, easily and efficiently. According to Griffith, his number one goal is customer service and satisfaction.


Gametime supplies their applicants with concert tickets, event tickets, theater and sport tickets. Prices will vary depending on the specific event, seat location, date, and other factors that Gametime has no jurisdiction in. Receive the best price guarantee and zero percent chance of fake tickets appearing because Gametime app is legitimate.

The Gametime app can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android phones, just make sure to download the correct application as needed.

How Does It Work?

It is absolutely necessary to own a smartphone and then downloading the Gametime app, which is cost free. Once downloaded and you register your account, you are set to go! Simply search for the tickets (concert, theater, sport, event, and more) you want and let the application offer you a short list of the best priced tickets available.

Safely and securely pay for your tickets and have direct access to your tickets from then on to print or keep track of. So quit worrying about the best time to buy your tickets and let Gametime do all the hard thinking for you.

Cost and Price Plans

Gametime guarantees the lowest price for the tickets you are searching for. Have a worry free experience. Gametime can be considered experts all in pricing. The exact cost will depend on the event in question. However, Gametime accepts all major payment methods for convenience.

Customer Service

If your event is rescheduled, you are covered with your purchase. If your event is cancelled, Gametime will refund 100% of your money. You should wait anywhere from 2 to 6 business days for your refund.

You can search their FAQ page for more information or email them for other matters. They currently host no contact number on their webpage. Every now and then you can find promo codes. Make sure to read the Gametime and price guarantees included.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Reviews about Gametime are mixed and the ultimate result is an average score for customer satisfaction. The most negative reviews accused them of fraud while the best of reviews were very pleased with ticket purchase and price. Other complaints were about unresponsive customer service line and double charges on credit cards.

Competitors and Alternatives

Gametime vs seatgeek- Seatgeek promises to offer you what Gametime does but without any hidden fees and with better prices.

Gametime vs stubhub- Stubhub is the largest supplier of tickets in over thirty countries. It is definitely for international users or those who travel quite a bit.

Gametime vs ticketiq- Ticketiq is less known but offers an instant ten dollars off if you sign up. It could be worth a shot but there will be less available tickets from this source.

Where to Buy?

Considering the sensitivity of these transactions it is extremely important to only purchase tickets from the official Gametime application.


Knowing which ticket supplier is best for you depends on your needs and what kind of events, concerts, theaters (and more) you are into. For example, if you enjoy traveling and going to sporting events or events in general outside of your country, a more internationally known ticket source will be your best shot.

Gametime can be the right application for you if you live in the United States of America or Canada, but not if you reside in another part of world.

Comparing before purchasing, reading up on reviews and more will help you choose the right application. Read the terms of service for any hidden fees that may outweigh the pricing guarantees.

When in doubt, always resort to contacting their customer service section so all your questions can be answered correctly.

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