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Casual games at are fun for both kids and adults. With millions of players worldwide to connect with, it makes the gaming experience even more exciting. There are numerous categories to choose from for all game enthusiasts.

The ability to find games is simple with their different search tools. You can search through top-rated games, new releases and social games. There are games based on strategy, some are full of action and adventure, and there are classic arcade and board games.

Sign up to become a member of GameHouse for free and enjoy games online, on your phone, on your PC or MAC. There is a fourteen day free trial period to experience unlimited play on the site. Once your trial period is over, you can sign up for one of two memberships, both of which can also be cancelled at any time.

One membership option is called “FunTicket” and costs $6.99/month. Each month you can redeem your “FunTicket” for one new game or you can save them and redeem two “FunTickets” for one premium or platinum game. You also receive 30% off all other game purchases, bringing the price of each standard game down to $6.99 and approximately $14.00 for platinum and premium games.

The “FunPass” membership costs $19.99/month. The “FunPass” can be used for unlimited play of over 1700 basic games, which can also be downloaded onto your computer. With a “FunPass”, you also receive 30% off of all premium and platinum game purchases.

Each day a free game is provided with exclusive access for GameHouse members only. With an account, you can also create a username to access chats, post blogs, view message boards and join online forums. Purchase protection, when paying for games, is free to all GameHouse members.

Paying a fee for a virtual item license entitles members to earn rewards in the form of virtual currency or virtual badges. Virtual badges are simply collected in your account and symbolize personal gaming achievements for site activities. Virtual currency is given in the form of coins, virtual cash and points. These are earned by playing games, downloading games, and buying games.

As you earn more points you achieve higher levels of success, this enables you to get more rewards. GameHouse coins are collected and redeemed for free games coupons and discounts. Virtual currency and virtual items can be earned, bought and used and can be redeemed for merchandise discounts and other offers.

Some reviews tend to show that members think there are too many distracting pop-ups from advertisers. Other users have found it difficult to receive assistance from customer service and feel as if their issues are often not addressed in a timely manner or not addressed at all. Playing games omlone with other members can also be risky if the communication with these players goes beyond the gaming site. Children should be supervised and should have rules to adhere to if they want to play community games with others.

A positive aspect to GameHouse is that there are unique games and you can download games to play even when you are not online. There are many other players to compete with and they have tournaments to participate in as well. Have fun and play it safe.

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