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About Gainful Personalized Protein Powder

Walking into a health store and choosing a protein powder can be overwhelming. How do you know which one is best for you and which ones have quality products? These are the questions that Gainful personalized protein powder is hoping to answer for you with the help of their algorithm.

Yes, that’s right—they have a specialized algorithm programmed to build the perfect protein powder for you.

How Does Gainful Work?

Your body type, your fitness goals, and your physique ambitions are unique, and the standard off-the-shelf protein powder doesn’t always fit that mold. At Gainful, a team of trainers, athletes, nutritionists, and programmers combined their powers to deliver a process that can customize a protein powder that is suitable to your needs.

There are easy and accessible instructions via YouTube when you go to their website at The site also includes a visual and audio pathway to getting your hands on this product:

Take a five-minute quiz that asks about your body type, exercise routine, and goals. (e.g., What is your goal body type? What kind of exercises do you prefer? Do you have any dietary restrictions?) All of these questions are helpful when calculating your result.

Gainful does its instant robot magic and produces the mixture of protein just for you, listing every ingredient and serving size percentage provided in your mix. You’ll get a full Nutrition Facts chart breakdown, so you know what your powder contains. Note: Gainful comes in two flavors, chocolate, and vanilla.

The free shipment delivers to your door within 2-3 business days. In it, you will receive a 30-day supply of protein powder. You have the option of choosing an auto-shipment of the amount every month or every two months. They do not provide international shipping at this time.

Professional Perks

Gainful protein powder also gives you free access to a nutritionist. When you purchase Gainful, you can chat with their staff nutritionist at no extra cost. All those burning questions you have are just a few clicks away, before even making your purchase.

Click on the “nutritionist” option and contact he/she by way of e-mail. They will contact you shortly to help you make a well-informed decision.

Gainful takes care in aesthetics when personalizing your protein. It comes in a sleek design with your name on it, knowing that it was marked especially for you.

What Do I Pay?

The pricing plan for Gainful powder is $1.50 per serving, regardless of the final ingredients included in your personalized mix. The website notes that the standard serving is between 30-34g, but if your customized mix includes mass-gain components you will get much more at no extra charge.

The bags of powder come in monthly instalments that you can choose to stop or even put on hold at any time and restart when you’re ready.

Each recipe is unique to each user, so Gainful has a no-return policy for powder purchases. However, if you have any follow up concerns, or are not satisfied with the protein mix for any reason, you can contact them at [email protected], or call (805) 768-4205 and their representatives will do their best to address your issue.

What People Are Saying

Gainful received decent reviews from consumers and a nomination for the 2018 Best Protein Powder for Women. Most customers were impressed with the execution and packaging of the product.

But is it good? The overall consensus felt Gainful was at par with other shelf powders and did not exceed expectations when it came to flavor. However, one consumer did note that the consistency was smooth. The worst part about protein powders is the inability to dissolve properly, and Gainful, thankfully, does not have this problem.

Another added that it was a good base for other smoothies. The real disappointment was comparing it to other shelf powders where Gainful did not deliver overwhelming superior performance despite its price tag.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are other companies in the ring for custom built protein powder each with its specialty: the powerhouse Herbalife, iFit Nourish, and My Custom Protein.

Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder is personalized in name only and has no option for a formula just for you. It’s a simple add-to-cart process, but navigating other products is difficult compared to the other custom powder sites. Of all the companies, however, Herbalife does look like the most cost-effective product.

iFit Nourish protein powder plan is the closest contender to Gainful, with a similar personalized quiz and algorithm to build your powder. The formula and breakdown are the same, but the processing of added vitamins and minerals are key differences. iFit provides a 14-day subscription as opposed to Gainful’s 30-day. The product also comes with a tumbler.

My Custom Protein offers multiple types of protein powder; some are custom and others are pre-mixed for the less enthused consumers. There are no algorithms or questionnaires here. My Custom Protein gives you drop-down menus listing five types of protein bases, flavors, and add-ins like milk thistle (for an added cost.)


Health and Wellness companies are meeting the demands of American culture. Dietary awareness is changing the health industry, and it doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience in a maze of vitamins anymore. We need more options, and we need to feel able-bodied and energized to tackle the day. We need easy access and the comfort of a good fit.

Companies like Gainful understand not everyone has the same body or routine, and support the right that everyone should have options for a healthy lifestyle.

Is Gainful worth it? The product is worth trying out. It is a reasonable price tag for someone on-the-go.

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Subpar Customer Service

February19, 2019

Customer service not responsive. The powder made me have heat flashes and upset my stomach. I sent an email asking for advice to avoid these side effects and the emails go unanswered.

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