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About Functional Remedies

Functional Remedies is the leading producer of CBD oil and other hemp derivatives of the highest quality.

They use the most effective techniques to extract and preserve all the useful elements found in the plant and yet make this product easy for our organism to adopt. No other CBD producer has yet reached the level of knowledge, experience, and production quality like those that characterize Functional Remedies’ products.

The center figure behind this serious, successful, and sustainable process the company practices is its director, Tim Gordon. He alone has over 25 years of experience and accumulated knowledge regarding growing, harvesting, and processing the hemp plant.

His journey has been long, arduous, and full of exploration and revelations, but it has also been rewarding, since he has managed to find the best way to put this plant to the finest use for humans.

He started out in 1990’s by growing cannabis plant in corn fields and discovering how it helped people who were dealing with serious ailments live a bit better lives.

This has led him towards founding one of the first dispensaries in the country and fighting to make this remedy legal. Through his dispensary, he helped huge number of people with various illnesses improve their lives’ quality.

As time passed, he wanted to do even more, so he started exploring the “entourage effect” even before the word about it has spread.

Finally, he was asked to join Functional Remedies, and that’s how he got all the tools and resources to develop the finest hemp products aimed at preserving and restoring people’s health, and one of the company’s most effective products is holistic CBD oil of the highest quality.


The CBD oil Functional Remedies makes is a holistic product in the sense that the whole plant is utilized in the process. Moreover, the company uses its signature production process which is unique on the market and based on lipid infusion which is gentle and keeps all the beneficial elements from the plant in their original form.

Thus, the product which reaches you is as rich in necessary components for your health as is the very unprocessed plant, only easier to use it and adopt it.

The list of upsides doesn’t stop here – there is also the growing process to mention. Namely, the plants Functional Remedies uses in their manufacturing process are also their product. Just like in the case of CBD oil preparation, the hemp growing is done under the Functional Remedies supervision.

Even the seeds are the result of their hard work on genetic adaptation and adjusting its properties to fit the human health necessities – they have the most beneficial elements and the smallest percentage of THC.

The fact that the fields where the plants are grown are in the close vicinity of processing laboratories is only yet another proof of how dedicated the people at Functional Remedies are. Not only do they oversee the whole life course of the plant, but they see to it that the best and the freshest ones are used for the final product.

Another focus of attention is the application method. The final product comes in the form of tinctures, capsules, and salve. So, whichever method of application you find the easiest for yourself or your pet, this company has you covered.

While tinctures have the widest application and can be both digested and put on the skin, capsules are made for easier internal use, while salve is there for treating topical areas.

Cost and Price Plans

When it comes to pricing of the products, the cost seems quite acceptable if you take into consideration the amount of effort and attention put into production of these remedies.

The price is based on the potency of the product, i.e. the concentration of CBD in it, and the complexity of the production. Capsules come in 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg concentration, while tinctures come with 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg concentration. However, since capsules need more work, they are somewhat pricier.

Customer Service

There is a returns and refund policy with every purchase and it is valid for 60 days from the purchase. If you decide to return the product within this time, the team at Functional Remedies will run the tests, and if it turns out that you return is accepted, you’ll receive a refund of your money.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, the company’s telephone number is 303-981-6893, and the email address [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

The online community has only the words of praise for this company’s products. The reviews are great, and people report significant results from using Functional Remedies CBD oil tinctures, capsules, and salve.

These have brought relief to those who have gone through recovery from fractures, chemotherapy, those who suffer different forms of pain resulting from degenerative diseases or other causes, as well as people who experience psychological problems.

Even pets with health issues have seen improvements once these products have been introduced in their everyday routine.

Competitors and Alternatives

Of course, there are many other companies which deal in CBD oil production, and they all work towards improving people’s lives. However, not all of them, of course, use the same methods and make the same products.

Some of the most prominent ones beside Functional Remedies are Highland Pharms, Endoca, and CBDISTILERY.

Each of them stands out for some of the features: Highland Pharms have edible CBD rich products, Endoca is scientist led, and CBDISTILERY has their own farm. They all have a quite wide range of products as well.

However, none of them can say that they have their own adapted seed or special preservation holistic production process, and this is why Functional Remedies are still seen as leader.

Where to Buy?

All Functional Remedies products can easily be ordered through their website at


The world is slowly getting back to nature and old remedies which solved people’s ailments for a long time before modern medicine came along.

One of these old-times remedies is definitely CBD oil. Add the new preservation techniques to this tradition, and you get an extremely potent legitimate cure which has already helped a huge number of people lately.

Functional Remedies definitely has the longest experience and the greatest know-how in the field, and trying one of their product looks like the safest way to solve or relieve some of the most discomforting health issues and is definitely worth the try.

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