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Flowers are a great way to show someone you are happy for them or to let them know you are thinking of them during a trying time in their life. On FTD.com ordering flowers and other gifts, for someone special, is a simple gesture to deliver a message that words could not convey.


FTD, Flowers Transworld Delivery, has the largest network of florists across the globe. There are over 16,000 FTD florists in the US; worldwide they have 45,000 florists in 154 countries. This is why they can process online orders quickly; once an order is placed it is routed to the florist closest to the delivery address.


On the FTD site there are so many flower arrangement options to choose from that they enable you to search by theme, recipient, location, and price or with the keyword search bar tool. Through their network, not only can you order flowers and plants but you can also buy gift baskets, jewelry, balloon arrangements, stuffed animals, assorted specialty candies and much more. 


Each item has a picture and a description for customers to view prior to placing an online order or calling their customer service to order by phone. Upon ordering you will need to select a delivery date as well; be flexible and be reasonable. Although you can schedule for a weekday, weekend, holiday, or even for same day delivery, additional charges apply; holidays and same day service will cost a pretty penny. Another viable option is to ship the flowers or gift via FedEx or UPS.


There are factors that you must consider when ordering flowers to ensure they arrive on time and, most importantly, so they arrive in picture-perfect condition. During the summer season you must make sure that deliveries are not going to be left outside the recipient’s house. This will reap havoc on the flowers, leaving them wilted and unappealing to the recipient. If you want them delivered on a national holiday, be sure to order them ahead of time to guarantee a spot for delivery that day.


Reviews online pertaining to FTD.com and a couple of competitors, such as TelaFlora and ProFlowers, are primarily similar in nature. Although they offer ease and convenience, the two most important aspects of their services are flawed. The first problem is the unreliable delivery schedule and the second problem is the condition of the flowers upon arrival.  


Do not let this stop you from showing someone you care with big bouquet of flowers. The smell and color of flowers have been shown to improve mood.  


Take some time to research all your online options and connect with local florists as well. Compare prices and take it into consideration when deciding whom to use. If you opt for online services, keep tabs on the order and the delivery and definitely contact the recipient to ensure they received a beautiful flower arrangement.

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