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Front Of The Pack Dog Food
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Front Of The Pack Dog Food Customer Reviews

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Less Anxious, More Focused Dog
March 8, 2022
My anxious dog is now able to relax and pay attention to commands. He is more focused. This was with The One supplement. Got Harmony too - he liked it at first and now isn't eating it as much. Harmony seemed to calm his anxiousness more and he is happier, doesn't have a constant nervous whine like he used to. He is NOT drowsy or "drugged up". Just not a bundle of nerves. 60+ pound German Shepherd/Husky mix stray rescue. Also, emailed customer service about mixing the two supplements - thought they didn't respond, but found, the email that I had missed in my inbox and the female rep was great.

The One - great supplement!
August 24, 2021

The One is a wonderful supplement that my Chihuahua, Annabel enjoys. I give her half a spoonful with her breakfast and half with her evening meal. She is 17-18 years old and, although doesn't move around outside much, when she does and the stiffness has worn off, she will give a hop, skip and jump, which I'm sure The One is giving her the energy to do.

My only grumble is with the discount codes periodically sent and my Referral Reward (DZVN44Z),for $20 off, which I did not get to use due to the automatic shipment, which I thought may come off automatically. Probably my fault!

It’s a great supplement especially for older dogs
August 24, 2021
It’s a great supplement especially for older dogs

Best Itch Relief Ever for Dogs
August 10, 2021

Front of the pack has been wonderful for both our dogs, but especially for Charlotte, a 2 1/2 year old Mountain Cur who had an allergic reaction to a generic 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner and then she continued to itch for a long time. The vet tried the normal medicine for itching as well as antibiotics to control the swelling and to prevent infection. None of this seemed to be working.

My husband read about Front of the Pack "The One" Supplement. We decided to give it a try. It is nice that we only have to sprinkle the recommended amount in their food in the A.M.

It took about a month, but Charlotte no longer scratches, bites, or licks herself . Since starting "The One," I have only seen her scratch herself once since starting this medicine, even when she comes in from the woods after a long walk, etc.

I am beyond happy with the results and have recommended it to not only my vet (who was happy to take the information since they see a lot of dogs with the same issue),but also a friend of ours with a dog with allergy issues as well.

If you have a dog with an undiagnosed or even a diagnosed allergy, I HIGHLY recommend giving this a try for about a month, since it takes time for it to work, before going with the prescriptions that many vets try first. You will not be disappointed.

Makes a difference
July 23, 2021

I started with Harmony as my Chihuahua has been very anxious since her big sister passed away. It took about three weeks to see results but to us they were impressive. She began to instigate play, she jumped through the dog door she never would before and she also started using the footstool at the end of my bed to put herself to bed. These may seem like small instances, but to us they are huge and I feel allow her a better quality of life.

I did some reading on The One and thought that may be a better alternative to Harmony as she has some issues The One says it deals with. So after two months I switched to The One (I did receive the tub and plenty of product). First it has a fishy odor and my girls are not big fish fans. As long as I put it on their food they tolerated it but I did not see any positive changes with any itching in two months so when I was low I reordered Harmony and within three days of restarting my chihuahua on Harmony she was spunky and playful again.

Long story, longer, I will not be switching again. It is well worth a dollar a day to have her happy and playful again. I feel this product has made a huge difference in her quality of life and mine.

You don't get what you pay for
July 17, 2021

The products seem to work for my dog, but the customer service from this company is horrific. My first order arrived minus the tub they advertise. Okay, no biggie except that the small bag they shipped was not resealable so I immediately had to find another container to put it into.

$39 for a crappy bag is ridiculous. Each container/bag is supposed to contain a minimum of 60 1 month supply for my 50lb dog. My bag barely had 48 scoops. I contacted FOTP every possible way I could, and finally a week later they responded.

Their customer service rep, Mario, basically told me I was wrong and did nothing further. I already had a subscription in place that I received 10 days after I ran out. I videotaped myself opening this new bag and counting out the scoops. This bag had 51 scoops in it. Still not the minimum of 60. I sent the video to them, tried to call them (but they never answer), and emailed them. I still haven't had a single response.

So, while the products seem to work, the company IS absolutely ripping it's clients off and doesn't care about making things right.

Wonderful ! Gods work
July 13, 2021
Fantastic product. Black stopped itching in 3 days!

July 11, 2021
I ordered a tub of product and when it arrived I was highly disappointed!! There was no tub and only a very small bag smaller than a ziplock bag! Not worth the money!

Jeff July 13, 2021

Fantastic product. Blacky stopped scratching in three days!