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Many of us feel guilty about our unhealthy diets and binge snacking due to our busy lifestyles. With convenient stores and supermarkets selling microwaved or pre-packed food, we often grab our lunch or dinner from there. However, those foods are often very unhealthy as they contain preservatives and MSG.

From the Farmer is a one stop solution that can help you eat better and lead a healthier lifestyle. They are not only convenient, but they don’t compromise on the quality of their produce. 

Products or Features (What’s Included)

Farm Box - From the Farmer provides farm box subscriptions every week, right to your doorstep. Every box contains a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables from family owned farms and their regional or national partners. You can be assured that the sources of the food are always fresh and healthy.

Furthermore, the items in the farm box are customizable to suit your tastes and preferences. If you are out of town and do not require a farm box that week, simply skip your box delivery on their website at!

There are six different types of farm boxes to choose from. There is the small and large seasonal box, as well as all fruit or organic box for you to choose from. The best thing is that they also have an organic box if you love your food to be healthier and 100% organic.

Their deliveries are also done before 7am every week, so that you can get your food once you wake up! It comes with an eco-friendly bag, which we are so glad, as it saves the environment.

Local Meal Kit - Other than their farm boxes, From the Farmer also has local meal kits, which can be a life saver for every working adult or student. Meal preparation can now happen in less than 30 minutes - you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can whip up a wholesome and healthy meal with the meal kit!

Their recipes are also carefully crafted by Chef Robert Wood, who is a very experienced chef in many different types of food services and cuisines in the local food industry. Although his culinary style is based on French cooking with a twist of Southern American, he also enjoys the strong flavors of Asia too.

All these choices will ensure that you will get to explore a whole new world of flavors and learn new recipes at the same time! There is also a good mix of nutrients, with grains, protein and farm fresh local produce.

How Does It Work?

If you want to order their products, simply go to and check if they deliver to your area by entering your ZIP code.

If they do, continue by registering a new account and log in. Afterwards, choose the product that you would like to order.

Decide if you would like to get the products on a weekly basis and finish up by entering your delivery information. It is a very streamlined and easy process for anyone to order.

Cost and Price Plans:

For the farm boxes, the small and large seasonal farm box costs $29 and you will receive 6 to 8 items. For the large seasonal box, it is $45 and you get 10 to 11 items.

The organic box costs $39 and you will receive 8 to 9 items that are 100% organic. The local box is $37 and it contains 7 to 8 items that are all sourced within 200 miles.

If you are a fruit lover, their fruit box is only $32 and it comes with 5 to 6 fruits. The all veggie box is also $32 and comes with 7 to 8 seasonal vegetables. All prices stated are per delivery.

For their meal kits, the classic menu contains 2 portions and is $49 per delivery while the family menu has 4 portions and costs $95 per delivery.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions for From the Farmer, you can go to their FAQ page and they have a comprehensive list of related questions for you. You can also talk to them via their chatbot by clicking on the green help button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

From the farmer has received a lot of good reviews online everyone enjoys their healthy produce and reliable services. There are a few instances where people claim that they receive one food item that has gone bad but they seem to be individual occurrences.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are a few other online stores that sells fresh produce as well. One of them is Freshdirect, where they sell a wide range of groceries on their website. They seem more like an online supermarket but there is a section for fresh deals and meal kits.

Another online store is Amazon Fresh, where they also have thousands of household essentials and groceries that deliver to your doorstep.

Lastly, we have Green Bean delivery, which is a community supported grocery. With a membership based subscription, you can get groceries and produce delivered to your doorstep as well.

Where to Buy?

You can make a purchase on their website


In conclusion, From the Farmer is really a great solution for you to order wholesome and healthy food. We are all guilty of having unhealthy eating habits due to our busy schedules so let us start treating our body better with fresh produce from and embark on a healthier lifestyle enjoying convenience and an affordable price.

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