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Robert Snyder

Bad Air Conditioners

August29, 2012

This company has been around for decades and used to be one of the best..It has obviously gone to the dogs. they have great prices, but you get what you pay for. We bought an mini-split AC unit 3 months ago, had it installed, it did not function, unistalled it,returned it to the vender, who unformed us that it was they manufacturers responsibility..They called the rep who told us that the compresors, only on ACs, were not covered..What is an AC without a compressor?..called and emailed response several weeks later.."will be in touch"..later,"..will be out soon"..3 months has gone by and still have an a Frigidaie AC that has to have gas added regularly..Did I buy an air conditioner or a car???

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David Russell Ohio
December 06, 2012

Most warranties last for 90 days... Was a extended warranty offer to you? All parts are covered for at least 90 days. This a/c unit was a lemon.. If you had to charge the system with gas then someone sold you a badly used unit. I would write to the attorney general about this issue. I have been doing HVAC for 28 years. David

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