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John Rockwell

Read the fine print or it will cost you!

January 23, 2013

I just wanted to know my credit score. Simple as that. I claim every year the three free credit reports a person is entitled to. I went to this website because it's well advertised. No problem paying the 7.99 membership fee which can be cancelled at any time.
Once you go beyond that, the large botton on the bottom right say "click to get all three reports and credit score". So narally I clicked and as I did, I see to the left of the page in fine print, "by clicking on the botton to the right you will be charged $31.99.
I tried to stop the process but it went through and wham...charged a non-refundable fee.
I am a marketing professional and I have to say I fell for it. Didn't pay attention to fine print.
I am a person of principle though and I have to admit, the website not informing you of any additional fee not to mention the critical fee which enables you to claim what you are there to claim-your credit SCORE. Reports are free don't forget!
This website is misleading and for that I will call them a scam. Yes, in the end they do provide you with reports and a score. But honesty is not their best policy.

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A scam (Unauthorized charges to your card)

July 11, 2012

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. They offer a free 7 day trial and tell you that you will ONLY be charged if you choose to continue membership after 7 days. It is a lie. They will charge your card $30 immediately. READ every tab carefully before clicking as they word it as if you are going to view the free report but in actuality if you click view report from all 3 bureaus they charge you $30. Calling customer service is hopeless as there is NO MANAGER, BOSS, or SUPERVISOR available to speak with you according to the representatives.

Rachel Winslow
September 14, 2012

Having serious issue with them. First of all it is not free. Which I had NO problem with. Second they did charge me 3 times for 3 credit reports. They gave me back 2 of the 3 charges no problem . Had good credit last month. Was very happy about this.

I needed to know my score because I have been in the process of moving. I only let ONE place check my score. I wake up one day and my credit has gone down 70 points in 1 week. Can't figure out why so I call them. Then I ask for a credit advisor to call me. It does not go thru. THEY OUT SOURCE MOST OF THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE CALLS. THEY ARE OF NOOOO HELP. Even if your nice & diplomatic or call several times. They told me to just find another credit company to help me if I need an advisor. ( did I mention you have to pay for advisors & information & still I got no help!) Use them at your own risk. I just needed help so that I could figure out what happened with my credit from someone trusted with there company since I was already with them & I don't have my credit info all over the place & they could not even help me & they are a credit company!!!!

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Michelle Sohm
Guest review

February 13, 2012

It's a good thing if you can afford it.

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Annette Unwin

Free Credit Report

February 12, 2012

Once again, you go to get something advertised as "Free" and technically maybe after all is said and done it is, but in the meantime, they ask for personal info i.e. social security no., address, etc. and then they want your debit or credit card to charge you a refundable $1 fee. Then they go on to say you will be charged for their services in the future.

THIS IS AN OUTRAGEOUS PRACTICE that needs to be stopped. It's not free if you have to give someone your personal information and they charge you with the idea they refund a charge to you. As we all know, it is many times very difficult to get something back once charged! I will post this comment to Facebook and warn my friends not to use this service.

February 08, 2013

Can't you sue for false advertizment?

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