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Formula T10 is a supplemental nutritional product which claims that it can help people of any age raise their testosterone levels, and that raising these hormone levels are necessary for the health and well-being of men of all ages.

According to, the most common reason why men experience a decrease in their levels of testosterone is age, as the average man's testosterone levels begin drop after age 25, with their website claiming that men lose 90% of their testosterone from age 25 to age 70.

But they say there are other things that are depleting men's levels of testosterone besides age, like cell phone and WiFi radiation, as well as saying that genetically modified foods and toxins in waters deplete testosterone levels.

Low levels of testosterone may cause symptoms like fatigue and loss of stamina, erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, depression, muscle weakness, and more. Because of this, Formula T10 says that all men could benefit from taking a nutritional supplement that boosts their production of testosterone. 

Formula T10 says that their product increases testosterone by 70-140% in just 3 weeks and also increases the "anti aging" hormone DHEA by 47% over that same time period just by taking one pill each day.

There are many other nutritional supplements out there, like Prolexin IGF-1 and Test X180 Ignite, that claim to raise your levels of testosterone through either natural or chemical based ingredients, but Formula T10 isn't clear about what type of ingredients they use. 

In fact, they don't list their ingredients at all, which does make it difficult for customers to determine whether or not this supplement will be safe for them to use or if they may experience certain side effects from their ingredients. 

Customers can order a one month supply of Formula T10 for a Shipping and Handling fee of $4.95 and receive a 14 day trial period. Customers with complaints can return their orders during this time period and receive no further charges, while customers who would like to keep their orders will be charged the full purchase price of $79.97.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Formula T10 reviews below.

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October29, 2014

At the beginning of October of 2014, I requested an introductory 60-day supply of Formula T-10 which I received. When I saw that each month's supply thereafter would cost me $79.95 plus shipping and handling on a recurring monthly basis, I decided that I couldn't afford it and when I called both of their phone numbers 1-866-641-1487 (which was printed on the bottle and on the accompaning brochure) and 1-800-497-0709 which was provided by the Directory Assistance Operator in order to cancel any future orders, a prerecorded voice replied saying, "The number you have dialed is not currently in service. Message INVGNIF." which rendered impossible any kind of vocal communications with the distributor of Formula T-10. This has left me just one more way I could hopefully contact Formula T-10 which is to write them at Formula T-10, P.O. Box 5333, Chatsworth, CA 91313 in order to issue my immediate cancellation notice. If that letter is returned to me as "undeliverable," I will not hesitate to publish it as well as to contact the Better Business Bureau regarding this matter. Now that I have laid everything out cold, does something smell really fishy here? You decide!

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