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Forever Comfy is a combination cushion not available in traditional stores that claims to be helpful and soothing to people who must sit for long periods of time due to work or health circumstances.

According to their website, as well as their commercial, many problematic back problems people develop are not really the result of how you are sitting but rather the surfaces you are sitting on.

They go on to say the Forever Comfy cushion lessens the discomfort caused by sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time by providing a layer of support made up of high density foam with a gel core.

In addition, their product is lightweight and portable, so that it can easily travel with you from home to the office. It also has a removable, washable faux sheepskin cover so that it can be easily cleaned.

If you order the Forever Comfy cushion right now, you have the opportunity to get two cushions for the price of one. The cushion costs a one time fee of $19.95 plus a $9.95 Shipping & Handling fee. If you wish to receive the second cushion, you must a second $9.95 Shipping & Handling fee.

Since the cushion is currently an “As Seen on TV” product, you can only order it through their website or by calling them and ordering directly. Once your order is placed, they say your product will be delivered in 2 – 6 weeks.

If you have any complaints about your order and wish to return your product, the website says that they honor a 30 day money back guarantee policy. You can return the product for a refund of the purchase price, less the Shipping & Handling fees.

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