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About Force Factor was founded in 2009 by two Harvard University rowers. The website claims to deliver the best in sports nutrition by using premium ingredients and expertly formulated supplements.

Force Factor states that these products provide your body with everything it needs to build lean muscle, burn fat, and perform at the highest level.

The company claims to be more than just a sports nutrition brand because it is also a lifestyle and a movement. The website states that it is trusted by thousands of professional athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters, and fitness enthusiasts.

Currently, is promoting their new product, Test X180. Force Factor says that as men age, they drop production of testosterone every year, resulting in loss of muscle mass, energy, and stamina.

Test X180 uses “premium, clinically supported compounds” to naturally raise your testosterone levels, resulting in a difference in your feelings and energy within just a few days, with no harmful side effects. However, in order to continue having results, you must be willing to continue taking Test X180.

After you order, you have an 18 day free trial period to assess your products – 4 days for your order to process and arrive, and 14 days of a free trial.  If you do not cancel within this 18 day window, Force Factor will enroll you in their auto-ship membership.

In the case of Test X180, every 30 day shipment will cost you $74.98, though different Force Factor products may result in different monthly subscription charges.

If you are an auto-ship member and are unhappy with a Force Factor product for any reason, you may return the product for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

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Force Factor

November3, 2012

Force factor is a SCAM. They have poor business ethics. Their staff is well trained in manipulative legal acrobatics.

You don't get: - a 'free trail sample' - just pay $4.99 SHIPPING.
You do get: - a 'Recurring $74.99 monthly subscription' with a 'free trail sample'.

I believe that Payment for Shipping should be used ONLY for Shipping, misuse of entrusted information for unsolicited merchandise is not just immoral or unethical; it's stealing!

Think about it, if it's such a good product why deceive costumers?

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Dave J
March 01, 2013

I am a victim of this scam. Somebody needs to shut this company down for deceiving business practices!!!

Greg N
November 07, 2013

I agree Dave, personaly i intend to contact Better Business Bureau, and, then launch my own personal compain against this crap!!!!

November 09, 2015


I still receive monthly charges to my credit card regardless of cancellation calls. They do not naswer to customer contact requests.

It is guys ike this that make Internet purchases unreliable and very dangerous!

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