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Food 4 Patriots, found online at, is a company which sells survival food kits to people who are looking for nutritious food packs which can withstand long periods of storage, in case of an emergency.

The video presentation promoting Food for Patriots is done by Frank Bates, a man from Tennessee, who says that he started his survival food company to help people become more self reliant, more independent, and “ready for anything.”

The reason why he has started promoting the purchase of survival foods online, according to this video, is because his friend “Matt” received a letter from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which he claimed made lots of inquiries about the number of survival food kits he had and how quickly they could be shipped somewhere.

Matt and Frank Bates interpreted this letter to mean that there is an imminent threat to the United States that people should be preparing for, even though stockpiling emergency food supplies is part of FEMA’s job and is something they have been doing since they were established as a government agency.

In addition, Matt, from, is seemingly the only person to have ever received this letter. All “news” and blog articles having to do with FEMA questioning makers of survival food originate from a single quoted source – Matt.

Food for Patriots says this is because Matt refused to sell to FEMA whereas other food companies have likely agreed, and he and Matt want all the good people of America to have access to these food kits, not just the people that FEMA chooses.

This is an interesting claim, because at the beginning of the video Frank Bates says that he will only sell kits to 2 out of every 100 people who view the video, and only if these people agree to his requirements: that you do not discuss this video with anyone.

If you do publicize or discuss this video on social media, he says that your computer’s IP address has been recorded while you are viewing the video, and you will be punished by not having access to his survival food kits.

Customers who are still interested in purchasing food supplies from Food for Patriots can do so in three different kit sizes: a 72 hour supply of food for $27, a 4 week supply of food for $197, and a 3 month supply of food for $497.

And customers who are interested in other methods of survival food production, not just stored food kits, can see other providers at Survival Seeds 4 Patriots and My Patriot Supply.

If you have any experience with Food 4 Patriots or their products, please leave your reviews below. 

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Lemon Bars Are Awful
April 22, 2022

I ordered the 48 packages with 9 squares per package of Lemon bars. They are supposed to semi-sweet like shortbread with a lemon taste. I ordered them on the 4-month payment plan @ $99 a month. They withdrew $99 from my account on file for 3 months but never charged for the 4th.

Truthfully I forgot the price, and as they were on the auto-pay plan, I did not realize they never charged me for the 4th payment. They sent me a letter 4 months later explaining the situation and asked would I please finish paying them. Of course, I was so sorry they had not been paid in full by my bank and called immediately to rectify the problem. Problem solved, they received their 4th payment of $99.

Now, these Bars are horrible tasting, not what I expected at all. However, my dogs love them! so, even tho an expensive dog treat ( I have 6) I kept them, thinking if I ran out of dog food, they would suffice. Now the other day. 1 month after they have been paid a total of $400, I receive a notice, stating that my account is still negligent. I went back thru my Bank acc, to make sure all money was withdrawn, and it was.

First, the letter was rather rude, second, when I went to call them to notify them, they needed to check their records, of course, I was put on a lengthy hold, The call ended up, with " Sorry we we cant help you with your payment today!" and said they would call me back in 1 Business day. I have yet to hear back from them, and I have better things to do than to wait on them to call me back for a payment, I already made.

I am very upset and extremely frustrated with their service. To top it off, I have ordered literally Thousands of Dollars in food and supplies from them. They say Frank Bates runs the Company, but it is all fake, He is a made-up Fatherly figure for the consumer's naïve believability. I won't be ordering anything else from 4 PATRIOTS!

January 13, 2021
These people are thieves. Run folks, run like hell the other way...SCAM!

Kelly JeauLarson August 21, 2021

A lot more detail would have been a great help.

Avoid like the plague
October 29, 2020

At first I guess I was foolish and fell for their strong arm tactics where you scroll down this and possibly long spiel on how important it is and how patriotic they are. They do not exist. This Frank guy does not exist and is not a Navy contact says they're in Tennessee and another says they're in Utah obviously playing upon people's impressions that that's where the Patriots are.

They actually ship from a one company in Indiana and when you go to their website there's only one product on it and it's overpriced and it's exactly the same stuff it's all pasta and rice. when I realized what you get in the packaging after looking at a couple of their bogus videos online it's nothing but a handful of packages of rice and pasta.

You may not even get that because they claim they'll throw anything in there they have on the shelf. For $197 you could go to the grocery store and probably spend about 50 bucks on way more rice and pasta. Mylar packaging I'm guessing from the real reviews pop open easily and cannot be resealed. They must have got a deal on those plastic totes and I'm guessing they're all made in fact the woman in the one video that's on their recent advertising looks like she's been eating nothing but carbohydrates and empty calories.

I even went and bought not just one but three more because they promised to throw in a fourth actually fifth for free plus a couple of so-called 72-hour packages period when you look at this stuff one package won't last one or two people more than a day or so. I'm sorry but a serving is not 3 oz which is about 3 or 4 spoonfuls. I've been checking all of these companies then they're all pretty much the same .

Save your money and wait for mountain house to get their meat products back in stock and buy them at Walmart or on Amazon because they're actually cheaper than straight through the company. I canceled the order just minutes after making it and after waiting on hold forever the young lady said that they would cancel the orders and if they charge the card would return it immediately. she said they'd send an email which of course I haven't gotten yet so we shall see.

This is happening a lot recently with a lot of different companies and I've just been canceling through my bank on the card which is a pain in the butt. If society collapses in the grocery store shelves are empty or closed there are plenty of humans out there to make into Soylent green.

no 800# no listing in Nashville--They're gone
October 21, 2020
Aloha: I ordered over $8,000 worth of product in 2013 just took some out to give to people that needed food---It's all rancid!!! only 7 years! Bad product--no customer service---just a scam--special place in hell for people that do this---SHAME ON YOU

MaryAmatulli October 22, 2020

Is this the 800 #

MaryAmatulli October 22, 2020


2920 Berry Hill Dr., Suite 300

Nashville, TN 37204

[email protected]

(800) 304-4202

very disappointed
April 13, 2019

I am disappointed by the choices for the 72 hour survival kit and the 1 week survival kit. I guess it is a kit for only 1 person.

I don't recall what the ingredients are supposed to be, but if I had known there are so many servings of maple oatmeal I would NEVER have ordered. The smell of maple syrup is so strong, I can smell it through the package. Perhaps it is not sealed properly, don't know. Disgusting. I'm throwing it out.

And, if it is supposed to be for one person, why are the serving sizes listed as 4? Those kits will feed 4 people for 1 day, not 72 hours. Seriously? Unless you want to eat maple oatmeal for 3 days, there's lots of that included in the kit.

Just a bunch of hype. Don't waste your money on this crap.

CRAIG CHAPMAN October 21, 2020

Aloha all: They really got me good $8,000.00 all the food is rancid (kept in storage 7 yrs)--when I call their 800# it's now a capital 1 and Verizon # ---there is no local # for them----there's a special place for this type of scammer----never again from Hawaii

MaryAmatulli October 26, 2020

800-798-3351 is a good # for 4Patriots

Also-- from their website:


2920 Berry Hill Dr., Suite 300

Nashville, TN 37204

[email protected]

(800) 304-4202

December 2, 2016

I have ordered the 72 hour kits 3 times, the tomato seeds, the seed vault, the coffee and the strawberries. Probably 10 different orders.

I have messed up on the ordering once and ordered the seed vault 4 times in one session. I called 1/2 hour later when the confirmation emails were sent to me and I realized what I did. I got through to and operator that was polite, courteous, very helpful and it was taken care of right away, NO HASSLES. My card was billed and then credited right away. I live in Canada and have some of the orders shipped here. Then a friend got a mailbox in the states so I have ordered and gotten stuff shipped there. I HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM!!! I wish all of my on line dealings were this easy. In fact, I'm going to place another order.

NFair January 21, 2021

Lies. I have requested multiple callbacks, and was on hold for over 3 hours when my call was disconnected. The products they shipped me were garbage.

BrianMeyers June 18, 2021

Nothing but more lies...

Your Patience And Sanity Will Be Rewarded
November 4, 2016

So if you read the most negative reviews here, you discover folks cancelling their credit cards, calling an incredibly busy business instead of using email, and so on. ALL problems not related to Food4Patriots.

There's even a racial complaint to round out the Crazies Contingent.

BUT: the website is whack to some extent, and clearly has the potential to 'screw up' and whatnot. I do computer stuff for a living, and I found it difficult at times to even find the correct order page(s).

AND: when I called, I did get a human being. When I emailed, I got a response. In both cases, the responses were polite, intelligent and helpful.

SO: I placed three different orders: (1) for the 4-week supply, (1) for the fruits, and (1) for the Coffee / Fruit / Protein kits.

The food comes in these heavy-duty plastic bins similar to heavy-duty Rubbermaid under-bed containers. The are clean, attractive without drawing attention, stackable and space-conserving.

THE FOOD: is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. it comes in heavy-duty plastic bags that contain the food and an oxygen-absorption packet to keep the food fresh.

The packets I have tried are actually kind of awesome--mostly fruit and carb selections. The blueberries and pineapple are pretty amazing. Gonna have to be disciplined and not dig around in those containers from time to time for a snack.

The food tastes quite fresh as well. Will it taste that way 25 years from now? Who knows.

Can you get by with MREs instead? They don't keep, they're long on low-quality calories, and they're often loaded with salt.

Can you get by on those cinder-block shaped, vacuum-packed nutrition bars? SURE, but they're not likely to last 5 years, and the insanity you're likely to experience eating the same cinder-blocks day after day is going to s-u-c-k. STILL, I keep a handful of those around as well.

Is Food4Patriots a "good deal"? HELL NO. If you want a good deal, go buy some clearance meat at the Piggly Wiggly, jerk it, and hope for the best.

Is Food4Patriots a good emergency food option? PROBABLY SO. If you want appears to be by all indications a premium product, at a moderate-to-premium price.

Had Great service from Food for Patriots However, other companies such as Wise Food Has many of the problems I have seen on this review site
August 14, 2016

Food for Patriots delivered what was ordered on time. Many other companies like the Wise Food storage with their many commercials could not and has not to this day been able to deliver anything but apologies and admits their recourse is to refund money due to they have way too much business to handle. So much they say that they can't keep any stock on hand.

Don't try to buy there, they already have too much business to worry about you apparently.

AlanHuston October 11, 2021

Why would you make a review of Patriot Foods a review of Wise Foods? These reviews are not of Wise Foods. Your review looks like a planted fake review.

April 21, 2015

Ken Cunningham April 23, 2015

It is amazing to me how many people make excuses for this Company's

issues. Legitimate concerns are lambasted by faceless PC's. These folks are your fellow Citizens. Faced potentially with World affairs that will make these products, "Life Sustaining". Please don't don't invite me into you "Foxhole" if it hits the fan. You all are very rude!.

February 23, 2015
I have ordered several times from Patriots. I have never had a problem. They had to back order once, so it took an extra week to get my order. I have always received what I was told I would. I love the tote the food comes in and the packaging is great. I will continue with my orders without fear of scams.

Dan February 27, 2015

I ordered the 114 snacks and vegetables for $97. I received 36 packages of food. The vegetable packages state they yield 1/4 (one-forth) cup of vegetable. Somehow Food4Patriots is equating this one package of 1/4 cup yield as 4 (four) servings. The person I spoke with on the phone could not explain how 1/4 cup yield could serve 4 people. I am returning this order for a refund, and I'm out the return shipping costs. I advise everyone to not order the 114 servings of vegetables and snacks for $97.

January 26, 2015
White and cowboy boots has nothing to do with this company. Maybe you need to do some re-thinking and look at where you posted your racist comment.

I can't believe this!
October 3, 2014

It's amazing to me that people are falling for this scam artist, using fear tactics is wrong whether it's used by the government or people who claim to be patriots.

America wake up to the real threat that's coming it won't be found on the internet or the news. Grow your own food and build water distillers! You're going to need it.

Michael Reffner October 19, 2014

Did you order the food and, if so, would you review its quality or lack thereof?

Ordered 2 of the 3 month kits
September 27, 2014
I ordered 2 of the 3 month kits at different times and received both within 2 weeks and everything was there. I had no problem with them. As far as the FEMA letter and all, I really don't care. The route this country is taking is enough for me to try and put up a little extra to take care of my family when the time comes. Believe what you want.

Beverly Bartlett
April 17, 2014

I'm sorry you people had difficulties with your orders to Frank Bates's Food 4 Patriots. I ordered the 4 week, $197 kit. I had no problem at all and received my shipment within less than two weeks. The gray container is well made and the many packets of dried food were all visible. I am totally pleased with this shipment as well as every other order I've made. I've ordered two of the seed packets and received them punctually as well as the 72 hour food kit. Got that one on time as well.

I'm mighty grateful for Frank Bates's warnings and willingness to "go out on a limb" so to speak, in order to share his food with us. Although I have not yet tried the packaged food, I trust the other opinions of people who have already purchased numerous packages from Frank and these people have tried some of the food, stating that it was delicious. That was enough for me. My husband wanted me to keep the food until there was a real need for it. So, we're planning to wait until there is a real need.

I agree with William Finley.. I had no problems with any of my orders and would recommend Frank's orders of food to anyone.

My reveiw
April 14, 2014
I have also ordered from food for patriots. Although I never had the difficulty the obove did, I received my order and once more had a good contact number. Any website can have glitches and customer. Service issues. If this was a common occurance there would be a lot more blogs in myopinion. I suggest you do your research and decide for yourself before taking the opinions here as absolute.

March 31, 2014

These people are crazy. And if our president was white with cowboy hat this website would not even exist

DeDe Long May 09, 2014

Dumb comment.

Stop playing the race card!!!!

Emergencies happen... people were trapped in their mostly destroyed homes because they were trying to protect what they had left from looters after Hurricane Andrew hit S. Florida in 1992!

Sure would've been nice to have had emergency food supply on hand at home instead of having to risk your home to looters and maybe your own life trekking out to stand in the hot sun, in long lines with the hopes of getting a little something.

And, that would've been days after the disaster occurred for relief just to be sent to the affected areas.

Get real, buddy.

Jay Johnson August 23, 2014

I could not care less that we have a bi/multi-racial President. If white America was as racist as you perceive, the man would not have won two elections! Ask black voters if they would have voted had he been white! What troubles me is his Executive order permitting the federal government to enter your home and confiscate whatever supplies you have, coupled with FEMA's attempts to get listings of these food storage companies' custo0mers!!! FEMA should certainly be purchasing supplies, using our tax dollars to support those unable to help themselves. However, I do object to the government subverting my attempts to supply and protect my loved ones, confiscating my property!

Michael Reffner October 19, 2014

Joe, Did you order the food or are you just posting commentary regarding "race"? The comments sections should be reserved for product reviews. So I ask again, did you order the food, and if so, did you have a rational comment regarding its quality?


February 4, 2014
I placed an order in November 2013. When I entered my credit card number supposedly it was invalid. I was requested to reenter, when I did I was automatically increased to double what I ordered and was not allowed to decline or confirm. I tried several times to contact the company to correct this. The order was received but I continued to call but was never able to speak to a person. There was no way I was going to pay for shipping back their mistake. Finally I called my credit card company to dispute the charges, they stated they would investigate. In the meantime I was finally able to reach "Heather" after waiting for a half hour on the phone, I think they hope people will hang up after waiting so long. "Heather" claimed the call is sent to her after the second ring and she was free the whole time and could not understand what was going on, she would report it. After telling her my story she said she would have UPS pick up the order without any charge to me and send out the corrected order. So sorry for the inconvenience. No thanks, don't bother, this was a scam and I didn't want any part of it!! Needless to say, the charge was refunded and the product returned at no charge to me. Be careful out there!

Lesley August 01, 2014

I don't understand what you are so upset about. You got what you wanted in the end: your charge was refunded and the product was returned at no charge to you. As new companies get started or old companies have growth spurts or whatever, problems do occur and just because it didn't go smoothly doesn't automatically mean its a scam. I'm having similar issues with my internet provider, one of the nationwide ones, does that mean its a scam? There may be other reasons for the problems you were having. Maybe they need more business courses on how to manage their company and improve on their service consistency. If the majority of people continue to have similar issues, I'm with you. I am learning to become more self-sufficient and part of that process is finding companies that are consistently good. Thanks for the warning.

Jon C. Randall December 24, 2020

I have been buying over the years from Franks business. I have never had a problem with them and I do order a years supply each time. I also get other things from them as well. I never had any problems with communications with them, and they even introduced me to bee keepers as well, buying several 5 lb. honey for storage.

I have tried their food, and it is ok. Portion content could be better but having 3 years of food stuff, and now ordering another year of supplies makes sense considering what I see coming to this nation. This 4th year of supplies will be for bartering with others. You have to think out of the box and make do with what you have. Food 4 Patriots does well by my experience. This company is not a scam.


They got me
December 11, 2013
I ordered some of the free tomato seeds and then also purchased the 72 hr food kit . The seeds came and the food didn't although it had the same tracking # that at 1st I didn't realize . when I informed them I did not receive my kit I was told by Lisa another would be sent . after a week I contacted them and then was told by Lisa she would look into it . they took my money and obviously decided against sending my 72 hr kit . now all responses fall on deaf ears I am so glad it was just the small package and I'm out about 35 bucks . but I will continue to blog and complain to any and all I can . just aint right the internet is a risky place to business especially with folks like Frank . In my opinion there scammers and thieves out to help no one but themselves.

Major Dishonesty
December 2, 2013
I made an order on Nov.4, 2013. Paid with my visa card and NEVER heard from them again. When I called their 2 phone numbers, got a recording on both, "You have reached a non-working number." So what else does that mean but SCAMING RIP OFFS! Thieves and LIARS are what they are. If I'm wrong, call me BACK and I'll appologize.

Scammers of the first degree.
October 29, 2013

I've never had my Mac hijacked before. The site I was viewing was suddenly replaced by a full-screen hysterical ad for

I couldn't get out of it; there was no way to get to the QUIT function. I finally had to power down my computer to get rid of these whores. If there is some Federal agency out there that nails internet fraudsters,

I hope they catch this bunch of pukes.

Sue S November 04, 2013

Obviously a HUGE scam - These jerks are the WORST sort with NO sense of ethics - preying on peoples' fears and ripping them off - AND the site threatens you not to talk or to TELL anyone ELSE about this fine survival pack, because they know who you are and WHERE you are. Seriously - ? THIS IS ON THE INTERNET - EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS ABOUT IT! SOMEONE needs to catch this freak/these freaks very soon.

Dorothy E November 18, 2013

I honestly have looked into this and others. I HAVE NOT found it to be a scam!! Got that, "NO SCAM". Look, we know that food during ANY crisis disappears off the shelves, that people grab the wrong food to give them engery, keep them healthy during "unhealthy times". The price isn't beyond what you would spend on junk food and soda/pop! NON-GMO, NON CHEMICAL ENDUCED FOOD, seeds that you can use year after year. Go ahead and believe what these people are saying, but I bet you $$$ that you will be looking up a farmer, or worse yet, taking a gun and robbing those who have because you were not prepared. These are not freaks, (I do not know them personally) but I believe like everyone else that America is in for some very serious food crisis. Look at the tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and even sink hole problems we have had. If you don't think there is a problem, you must be one of those people who say, "oh that is them it would never happen here!" bull crap...wait it will happen, there is no reason not to be prepared. Have you ever had your electric go out for more than a day in bitter cold weather, while your clothes, food, and water are somewhere flying around another neighborhood? Use some common sence people...

Karl Childers January 12, 2014

Nice try "Dorothy". How long have you been working for these guys? My wife made the mistake of ordering the four "WEAK" supply and I have to say, I would definitely be in that condition in less the four weeks. I did find the calorie count from your web site . Very slim proportions indeed..

Char F January 26, 2014

WTG Dorothy!

I ordered the 3 months supply and it arrived within 1 week. I received it last Monday. I was extremely happy with my purchase. The only problem was a free survival tool was not included. I emailed them, received a response the next day and then in 4 days I had one in the mail. The service I received from them was excellent and I would highly recommend.!