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About Follinique Hair Regrowth Treatment

Follinique Hair Regrowth Treatment, found online at, is a new hair loss product which promises people the ability to regrow hair using the only FDA approved ingredient for hair loss.       

How Does It Work?

Follinique Hair Regrowth Treatment is a new hair loss product which promises their customers to help them begin regrowing hair by reinvigorating their damaged hair follicle.

This product is not a shampoo, as many other hair loss treatments are, but is rather a topical treatment that customers will be instructed to apply to their scalp on a regular basis to encourage hair growth. 

Ingredients and Side Effects

This company is very proud that their product uses a 2% Minoxidil solution, which they say is the only FDA approved over the counter ingredient approved for hair loss. They are accurate that this is currently the only over the counter approved medication for hair loss; there are other drugs which are available with a prescription, but at this time these drugs appear to only be available for men. 

Minoxidil does have a history of side effects for some users, so new customers will want to be very careful to follow the product instructions to make sure they are using it correctly and can discontinue use if they begin having problems.   

Cost/Price Plans

Currently this website says that their product is available for just $4.95 for a 14 day free sample and with no obligation to purchase in the future. Customers will be able to try this product for themselves, and if you like the product, you can simply keep it and at the end of the full 18 day free trial you will be charged $89.95, which is the full price of the product. 

In addition you will be enrolled in an autoship program where you will automatically be sent a new supply of Follinque every 30 days, and the $89.95 price will automatically be charged to your credit card.

Refund Policy

Because this company asks their customers to take part in a trial offer, they do not provide their customers with a Refund Policy. Instead, it will be very important for customers to pay close attention to their 18 day trial policy and make sure that they call and cancel during this time period so they are not charged any further fees. If you are charged the full purchase price of this product, it doesn’t seem likely that you be able to request a refund.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-659-3344. 


There are a few different issues with Follinique Hair Regrowth Treatment at this time. The first is the fact that they force their customers into a trial order of this product, which requires them to become an autoship customer at the cost of $89.95 per month. 

The truth is that there are many other products available on the market that actually use Minoxidil as their active ingredient, and most of them – like well-known alternative Rogaine – use a higher and more effective percentage of Minoxidil and are roughly the third of the price of this product. 

The bottom line appears to be that customers who are interested in using a hair regrowth product that uses this FDA approved ingredient should probably stick to other proven products which can be purchased at your local drugstore for more affordable prices to see if this ingredient will actually work for your personal needs.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, there are many different over the counter products that rely on the same active ingredient as Follinique and which can be purchased for significantly less, so customers will have many different options available to them.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Follinique Hair Regrowth Treatment reviews below.

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