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Beach Body LLC. introduced a new exercise program called Focus T25. This 14 week program requires five days of intense workouts each week; each one being only 25 minutes long. It is unique because it allows people to follow along at their own pace; doing what they can do and building upon their fitness level each day. T25 is a great starting point for individuals who have very little strength and agility because there are exercise modifiers.

The Focus T25 is broken down into three phases: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. New customers start with the Alpha and Beta series which comes together in a package complete with eleven workouts on 9 DVD’s. When ordering through the website, they will also include a bonus stretch video and a resistance band. The cost is broken down into three monthly payments of $39.95 plus $19.95 for shipping and handling. The Gamma phase is sold separately but costs the same as the former. The Beach Body product line is backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.

During the five week long Alpha Phase that starts off the program, there is a mix of cardio, speed training, circuit training and an array of strengthening exercises. Beta Phase also lasts five weeks; although it is quite similar to the Alpha Phase, it is actually a bit more challenging. Sold separately on the Beach Body site, you will find the Gamma Phase, the third phase of Focus T25. This phase is only four weeks long and challenges your body further to maximize your end results. 

Shaun T, the creator of Insanity, is also the creator of Focus T25. When comparing T25 vs. Insanity, there are some differences to note upon. First, T25 is only a 25 minute workout regimen while Insanity is 45 minutes long. Second, Focus T25 requires a few pieces of equipment: including weight training dumbbells and resistance bands; again, insanity does not require any equipment. The main difference between thee 2 programs is the base of the core training technique. T25 is a high intensity cardio based program with some weight training. Insanity uses intense cardio combined with plyometric exercises. 

There are also differences when comparing T25 vs. P90x3, both by Beach Body LLC. P90x developed by Tony Horton is a 30 minute workout program consisting of strength training exercises to build muscle. His series of videos tend to be a bit slower paced than T25 because it has an intense focus on each muscle group. T25, on the other hand, combines cardio with strength training to develop a leaner body.

With the busy lives we lead, finding time to workout can be tricky. Many online posts highlighted upon the length of T25’s daily workout routines. Customers realized it was easy to find 25 minutes of time to workout and stuck to it longer because of the non-intrusive time requirement.
Consult with a physician before starting any exercise program to ensure it is safe to do so. Each person will experience different results throughout the phases but it takes much longer to achieve results without a proper diet in place.

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