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I tried to be so nice
July 18, 2016

I ordered 3 items FPGZA3ZXSQQS and all were shipped, however I could not use any of them. two came with the incorrect chargers and another did not function ( a mic did not work ).

I contacted them - ask them to E-mail me directly and explained the problem. they responded ( in their website, not my E-mail ) and said they wanted a picture of what was wrong - I again asked them to use my E-mail so I would not have to continue to log into their site to see if I might have a response - and asked them how I could take a picture showing that the mic didn't work ... well - finally they said the fault was with them ... but I had run out of time and they would not help me - I ask them to reconsider so I would not have to write bad reviews - now they no longer will accept anything form me - terrible !!!!

January 10, 2015

10 reasons to don´t buy in focal price:
June 30, 2014

I make a list of 10 reasons to don´t buy in focal price:

1 - The products don´t have quality. I receive a broken phone.

2 - The products take a lot of time to arrive (I am waiting by 3 months for a functional phone).

3 - If you have problems with the product, to have your money back have to send the item to china. Normal, but you have to pay 70% of sending cost, even if the fault is them.

4 - Focal price take a lot of time to respond too messages.

5 - They receive the money and only after this, say to you that don´t have the product in stock.

6 - The comments, rantings and videos don´t are real. I post a comment, rating and a video and don´t be aproved by them. They select the information that show in the website.

7 - The live chat don´t work.

8 - Most of the products they don´t have in stock and don´t ship in 3 days like say in the webite.

9 - Don´t meet the delivery deadlines.

10 - If your phone is broken, focalprice tell you to pay more for new one.

Focalprice are deceitful! Products not as advertised and fail soon after.
January 21, 2014

I bought a tablet from them but got a tablet with lower specifications instead. The website said it is dual core 1.5Ghz. I got dual core 1032 Mhz. They advertised rear camera 1.3 mega pixel. I got rear camera 0.3 mega pixels. Instead of Screen Resolution 1024 x 600, I got 800 x 430. The tablet ended up being more expensive than the UK (for the specifications I received)

Also, the tablet's ac adapter stopped working within a month and had to buy a new one.The tablet's battery is failing and lasts only 10 minutes after a full charge, and that is after 38 days of use!!! I wasted £40 plus £10 for charger and they are not responding to my emails.

Please do not buy from them, there is no warranty on goods from China and you end up paying more. They lie and never post bad reviews about their products on their website. In fact they rejected my honest review of the product.

long history with this site
January 18, 2014


I have orderd a lot of products over the time.

There where some trouble with some packages.

But i cant't blame FP for al. Beceuase there are a lot of people between FP and me.

The service is getting better and proffesional.

great side to buy gadgets etc.


They will take your money and screw you up.
January 11, 2014

I bought a USB-VGA adapter, it was delivered after a month and a half. the product did not work at all. When I try to contact them I never got an answer. they would not answer your email and when you go to the live chat they tell you to send an email.

They will screw you up big time. DO NOT BUY from these people.

November 7, 2013

i've paid them and it's completed.

but after 3 days, i ask them why they don't ship my item, after that they replied with issue that my ordered item was OUT OF STOCK!

they tell me to wait for more 4 days, then they tell me if the item can be re-stock or not.

finally, they tell me that the item i've ordered already re-stock now for 40pcs more.. so i tell them to ship my order ASAP!

until today, i got worse feeling about them since they didn't update my order.


what?? this is the way how CHINEESE DOING BUSINESS!! THEY ARE ALL DIRTY!!


Kenneth March 19, 2014

There is nothing to do with 'Chinese' people. Don't blame the races. Why do you want to buy it from them at the first place? This is racist, use your brain before you express your feelings.

Great buys but problems with shipping
November 5, 2013

Focal price is definitely a legit store. I have bought countless watches, toys and other non-essential items including clothing from them. Watches are of adequate quality while their clothing is excellent . Since all shipping is free and is from china, i would strongly recommend you to not purchase expensive merchandise. Over the couple years i have used them i have spent over $100 in total and have only been let down once when i didn't receive a 50 cent phone case. Do not let your skepticism cost you, you ignorant moron and buy from Focal Price. If you do not, you do clearly don't deserve low priced asian goods.

Thank ye, for thou time

EMMANUEL January 10, 2015

I don't think this is a real customer

fine prices good shopping experience
June 30, 2013

i have made 43 orders since 10/2012, every order delivered in a max. of 3 weeks at different places (towns) here in greece.

Good packaging, products are in fine condition, only 2 of them arrived at a non working condition,

i messaged rma and they responded the next day, took a week to solve th issue,

they didn't resend or refund but issued a coupon to my account of 70% of the starting price and i kept the defect pruduct.

Their products are of good quality and good price.

They have new arrivals every day. So far i am satisfied.

EMMANUEL January 10, 2015

over a year ago....hmmmm.....what happened???? cause now everyones product doesn't work

Shipping is not good, The rest is OK
June 2, 2013
I have purchase 4 times from The free shipping is slow to the US, takes around a month for me. If you know this than the products are as described for the most part. The prices are great, the customer service leaves a little to be desired. ie. I purchased two screen protector for my tablet and due to poor packaging one was damaged in it's month long trip from China. On principle alone I contacted customer service for a replacement. It took a week to work out the actual problem with at least three correspondences and they sent me the replacement. It arrived in the same condition as the original due to the poor packaging. I gave up on the $0.99 investment.

Trustful :)
May 29, 2013

Many products, updated daily, fine quality and low prices,

same day dispatching, live chat works. I have made 41 orders,

all delivered fine and on time. 20 days max to greece.

Something goes wrong and there is someone there to help you. Recomended....

EMMANUEL January 10, 2015

this is not a real customer

They are frauds
May 29, 2013

Never buy anything from them, they will always say please wait for few more days but you will never receive the product

Danny October 14, 2013

I had the same problem, never received the product that i ordered!

Filthy Focalprice
May 28, 2013
Bought a tablet from and it took many weeks longer to receive it than they promised. The tablet failed right away and now I have been waiting MONTHS for them to honor the 1 year warranty on this lousy piece of junk. Focalprice continues to ignore my warranty requests which means they simply are an EXTREMELY DISREPUTABLE COMPANY. Only a fool would buy anything from Focalprice. RUN from Focalprice, they CANNOT BE TRUSTED ! ! !

One of my top 3 sites
May 21, 2013

Focalprice is in my top 3 of sites that I order electronics or gadgets from.

I have been ordering products from them for over 3 years, the quality of the products is what you expect it to be, shipments are on time and in my experience issues or refunds are dealt with without problems by customer service.

I would and do recommend to whomever is looking for a reliable on-line retailer that offers affordable products.

And I did not get paid for this review. (unfortunately)

everything works fine
May 20, 2013
I have placed over 35 orders at this company, spent over 1500 euros. Everything works ok, even if i had problems there is always someone there to help and give a solution. Dispatching time is really fast(sometimes same day) items arrived on time and well packed. Prices are reasonable (free shipping) and if it happens to find a lower price you can tell them to correct their one. They provide many awards also(coupons,discount,gifts etc).

Alkiviadis May 20, 2013

yeap fine!

Nice work
May 20, 2013
i bougth several items in this page and they arrive fast and well. Maybe the pakages were not very good assembled but nice anyway, nothing broken and 100% functional

You have to know how to buy
May 19, 2013

I ordered more then 10 times, and all product arrived as I expect.

But consider these points:

- I never bought something that I could go mad if it lost. The highest product price I bought is less than USD 20.

- The shortest time it took to arrive was 18days and the longest was 60days.

- I always bought items indicated as IN STOCK

- One time an order was taking more time then usual, and after 6 messages they agreed to give my money back thru a coupon. But the item arrived 2 days after and they canceled the coupon.

- You if buy a tablet, don't expect that you'll receive an iPad. 99.9% of products made in China are low quality.

May 18, 2013

Bought this smart phone over 2 months ago, was faulty......not the first time with Focalprice. Had to return it back which cost extra money !!!.

Now, struggling to get a refund or a replacement....a nightmare with Focalprice.

No more from this dodgy website as I found a much better website,

Item never received
April 25, 2013

I order my tablet on 10/03/2013, now after 47 days I still haven't received my tablet and Focalprice want me to wait on until I die, DON'T BUY OR REGRET.

Unhappy May 09, 2013

I paid for fast shipping option (within 7days world wide) and thats 3 weeks ago. After 5 to and fro messages, I'm now told the tablet I've ordered was discontinued and I need to choose another. I chose another and now as that few dollars more than the discontinued order, that I have to pay the difference. I've now had it and told them that as they failed to deliver on time, it means that they should honour this... Lets see what happen and I will be reporting this to paypal.

ARR0WS May 15, 2013

you need more patient, it takes about 2 weeks - 3 months for the delivery if you are using free shipping.

i always get the item i bought from Focalprice

Fabian May 17, 2013

there are 47 days from shipment or from time that they sended item? usually chinese shipments delays from 15 to 60 days, you will have to be patient

Tarun g May 29, 2013

they are frauds

Danny October 14, 2013

Same problem i had! never received the product, they had in writing it was shipped out on 8-1-13, it is now 10-14-13 still no product! Focal price said send them the order#, i did, and also sent the order receipt, still no product! This Company Is A SCAM!!!! They Take Your Money And Dont Deliver!!!!

So bad they ship not working products because they know shipping back is harder
April 22, 2013

Hello Everyone

Around one month ago i did a mistake and decided to buy a tablet from focalprice to send as a gift for my friend in other country. the tablet is Ainol Novo 10 Hero 10.1, i found very good feedback for the tablet so i decide to choose it, i order it and then pay, and i asked the store to check it before shipping because i don't want to have any problems, and they said : yes all our products are tested and bla bla bla ....

Ok after one month my friend got the tablet and it is broken from the side and the 2 cameras don't work and have other problems like the screen response is weirdly bad. I asked for refund on paypal and opened RMA request, and decided to ship it back, i asked for money for shipping it back because its not my fault !! i asked to check it before shipping but they didn't !!!!! but they offer me coupon instead of shipping fees !! come on ! do you think i am going to buy more from this store !!!

Today my friend went to ship it back and they told him he have to pay customs too ! so its not only the shipping fees there is customs too.

In the end thats what i got after i ordered from focalprice

1. one month waiting

2. then got very bad tablet

3. i have to pay around 23$ shipping fees

4. i have to pay tax around 30$ !!!!!

5. when i'll get my refund i'll lose around 5$ paypal fees

i think the store should cover everything or just send new one !!! because its their fault !!!

WTF focalprice !!! i feel you sell me this just to get rid of it.