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About FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe

FlexSafe by aquavault is the ultimate solution to having your valuables secured while you’re in areas that you can’t keep an eye on your stuff. The owners created the product after having their personal belongings constantly ruffled through when biking, strolling the beach, or in hotel rooms.

What makes it innovative is its ability to wrap around and tightly secure itself to bikes, beach chairs, hotel clothing racks and much more. It provides you with a portable and convenient safety deposit locker at a moment’s notice.


FlexSafe is an anti-theft security system that is unlike any other. It features a nickel alloy lock that is corrosion resistant, and each individually tested for extra security. Its main benefit is to keep your valuables secured and accessible in areas where you may need extra security. 

The flexibility allows you to secure it to any hard surface, and create an impossible to steal the device. It also is made of RFID blocking material, so thieves cannot try to scan your cards for their personal information. It also works great as a portable hiking device, with its mesh pockets, shoulder straps, and belt loops for easy carry.

How Does It Work?

FlexSafe has a very simple setup mechanism vs the average flexbox. You simply take apart the top notch, and then wrap it around any pole that will support its grip. You can fill the pouch with all your valuables before you wrap it around the support. You then attach the clasp back to the base, and it creates a lock and deposit box with all your valuables trapped inside.

The ultra-slash-resistant nickel alloy will keep your valuables secured until you want to remove them. The lock is a heavy duty 3-digit combination lock, so it gives it enough protection from intruders while keeping it simple to memorize.

Cost and Price Plans

The FlexSafe is currently available for only $59.99. This is very affordable of a price for a product in the security and lock department. If you buy one FlexSafe, you can also get another one for 75% off as a current promotion. In the USA, free shipping is also included in the promotion as well.

Customer Service

The FlexSafe comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for every purchase. The company will also fix, replace, and refund any broken products. They are confident in the product they sell and believe they will be able to troubleshoot any difficult devices.

The customer service information is provided at the bottom of the FlexSafe website. They provide an email and mail address, so you can contact them about any concerns.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The reviews for FlexSafe are very positive across purchasers online. A lot of bloggers have said that it is an absolute must own for people who frequently travel. The belt loops and shoulder straps make it the perfect device to carry passports, and other travel documents tightly during a trip, to protect them from pickpockets. There has also been high praise about its ultra-sturdy durability.

Reviewers have tried to cut through it with knives, saws, and other sharp objects, with a large amount of resistance. Customers also have been very happy about its water resistance. This will protect your important documents from harsh conditions, and keep them from going damp. There have been a few complaints as well. Some customers were not too happy with the small size of the FlexSafe.

The dimensions are clearly outlined on the website, so take caution if you don’t think you can fit all your products in the FlexSafe.

Other people were worried about professional thieves, and not just average pickpockets. With heavy duty equipment, the FlexSafe lock can be broken over some time. This is the same as any heavy-duty lock, and you should always be careful about leaving your valuables alone for prolonged periods of time.

Competitors and Alternatives


Pacsafe is a backpack that also contains a secure strap to attach it to posts and anchor your belongings to safety. It functions as a regular backpack but can add an extra layer of protection when you need to set your bag down. The bag is fashionable, comes in many colors, and provides easy storage for the locking mechanism.

The main downside to the Pacsafe is that its lock is meant to protect from fast grabs, and not real pickpockets and thieves. The lock is thin and can be cut very easily by many tools. Its lock function is mainly used to keep the bag secured, but not to leave it for any real time.


Travelon anti-theft bags are designed to look like string bags that keep your valuables safe, and can be locked around most objects. The bag is fashionable and adds an extra layer of security to your everyday belongings. It holds a lot of objects as well for its size. The bag is more secure than an average string bag, though the safetek material won’t protect it from any professional pickpockets.

ClickPack Pro

The ClickPack Pro is a functional anti-theft backpack that provides comfort, convenience, and quick security. The backpack has multiple layers of storage, more than the average storage locker. With multiple pockets, this backpack can keep your whole study block secured. It has a top secured lock, which attaches between both zippers.

This can then hook onto any post, and keep your backpack locked up. This lock will keep your backpack posted down, but will not protect it well enough from someone who is eager to get into your bag.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the FlexSafe on its official website and on amazon.com.


The Flexsafe is a good product on the market for keeping your valuables safe from quick fingers. If you need a safe for more of your everyday items, you might want to consider one of the competitors that offer for space for less security. If you’re travelling, and need to protect essential documents at all costs, then the FlexSafe is the product you will want.

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