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About Flat Tummy Shakes

Flat Tummy Co was founded with the goal of helping women look and feel beautiful. Instead of embarking on drastic diets that cut out just about everything, Flat Tummy Co offers a range of shakes and teas to help ladies slash calories while staying nourished.


Diet replacement shakes and other aids have become increasingly popular over the years. Meal replacement therapy shakes and appetite-curbing products are especially useful if one is looking to cut down one’s food intake and shave off extra calories.

Flat Tummy Tea

Detoxification, full-body cleansing and rejuvenation are just some of the go-words one often hears when dietary supplements are described. Flat Tummy Tea is one of those products offered by the Flat Tummy Co.

Created from a variety of natural ingredients, Flat Tummy Tea is claimed to be able to flush out toxins and excess waste from one’s body. This is believed to aid digestion, reduce bloating and improve general wellness.

Full body cleanses and detoxification have become all the rage in recent years. It is believed that cleaning out one’s body is beneficial when one is embarking on a diet. By flushing out toxins and waste from the body, Flat Tummy Tea leaves the drinker feeling refreshed and lighter. Along with this, Flat Tummy Tea is claimed to be able to reduce water retention which helps one look and feel slimmer.

According to Flat Tummy Co., you will begin noticing the difference between after 3-4 weeks.

Flat Tummy Shake

A common misconception among most is that exercise alone is able to help one reduce weight. Unfortunately, this is not often the case as factors like your metabolic rate and food intake play a much larger role in the fight against flab.

This is why in recent years, meal replacement shakes have become increasingly popular with dieters. Whereas traditional people on a diet would consume tossed greens and chicken breasts, meal replacement shakes have now taken center stage.

True to its namesake, meal replacement shakes are exactly that; meal replacement shakes. In lieu of a full meal, a dieter would only need to drink a shake which provides one with essential nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy while keeping the calories low.

The only true solution to effective weight loss lies in strict, consistent dieting. By slashing calories and piling on healthy food, you can fuel your body with the right nutrients it needs to function healthy.

In contrast, sugary foods laden with calories may taste great but on the long-term, these junk calories get turned into fat which is extremely difficult to burn.

Flat Tummy Shake It Baby Shakes are specially formulated from a variety of vegetables, fruits and supplements to keep your body functioning at an optimum level.  The primary ingredient in Flat Tummy Shakes is Super Citrimax, a plant-based, water extract that aids in the burning of fat and speeds up one’s metabolic rate. What it also does is cut out unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and salt which only pile on excess calories.

This in turn forces your body to utilize fat as a replacement energy source and allows you to cut excess from your body hence leaving you looking fit and trim.

Flat Tummy Lollipops

The hard truth of the matter is that dieting and exercise can only get you so far. Each time you snack, you’re packing on unnecessary calories that get converted into fat. Meanwhile, working out at the gym for several hours can only burn so much.

This is why Flat Tummy Co. has developed specially designed appetite suppressant lollipops known as Flat Tummy Lollipops. On their own, these lollipops come in a variety of flavors and only have a 2 digit calorie count. Satieral, the primary ingredient of Flat Tummy Lollipops causes your body to release an enzyme which suppresses the appetite.

These lollipops naturally suppress your body’s appetite, which allows you to feel full quicker while still consuming a smaller meal. It will cause you to no longer have the appetite to eat more.

How Does It Work?

Through research and clinical testing, the experts at Flat Tummy Co. have developed a range of diet aids and meal replacement shakes to help women shed pounds naturally and easily.

Through a combination of detoxification, meal replacement shakes and appetite suppressants, Flat Tummy Co hopes to help women out there regain control of their bodies. Along with this, their Flat Tummy Tea helps purge your body of toxins and excess waste.

Cut down on your intake with the Shake it Baby meal replacement shakes and keep your appetite and cravings in check with Appetite Suppressant Lollipops.

Cost and Price Plans


If you’re looking for something in the short-term or just looking to try some of their products, Flat Tummy Co.’s sales team have a range of bundles to suit your needs. Choose from the Ultimate Flat Tummy Bundle which contains teas, shakes and lollipops to their Appetite Control Bundle that comes with lollipops and shakes.


Embark on a Flat Tummy program with the company’s subscriptions pack. Choose from a 4-week or 2-week program to a long-term monthly subscription, the choice is yours.

Customer Service

Unfortunately, there is no phone number or even email to get in touch with the company. If you need to contact someone, you can fill in the contact form on their website here.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Generally speaking, reviews of Flat Tummy Co are mixed. On average, most customers agreed that they were able to curb their appetite after consuming Flat Tummy Co products. Along with this, a fair number of reviewers were happy that they were able to lose weight. There were also reviewers who did not like the taste of the product citing that it tastes artificial.

Overall, most people had a problem with how the product tasted and many complained that it had a thick, mud-like texture. However, it should be noted that a fairly large number of reviewers agreed that Flat Tummy Co products have helped them shed pounds.

Competitors and Alternatives

Flat Stomach Meal Replacement Shake Strawberry

If you don’t like the taste of vanilla and green tea, you could also opt for the Flat Stomach Meal Replacement shake that comes with a Strawberry Flavor only.


IdealShake meal replacement shakes promises dessert-like shakes that come in chocolate, mint chocolate chip and Vanilla for those of you interested in something a bit different.

310 Meal Replacement Shakes

Another competitor is 310 Meal Replacement Shakes. When comparing 310 Meal Replacement Shakes vs Flat Tummy Co, some customers have noted that 310 Meal Replacement Shakes have a more pleasant taste.

Where to Buy?

Flat Tummy Co products are available on Amazon.com and also at the Flat Tummy Co homepage here.


Overall, Flat Tummy Co shakes have been proven to be fairly effective for some. However, they should be consistently consumed and combined with a rigorous exercise regime for optimal results. You could take advantage of their bundles and offers and give it a try to see if it will work for you.

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