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Fiverr scam
March 16, 2013
Fiverr takes your money then drops your account. No refund or even a email telling you. They keep your money BEWARE of this site

Good services for $5
March 11, 2013
Fiverr is improving everyday. It continues to make improvements.

Penelope March 25, 2013

No, it's not. You obviously work for Fiverr and hence this review. Fiverr is NOT improving. It is getting more and more unfair every day. People are working hard and they are screwing them over.

Aiko September 24, 2013

I agree, fiverr is not improving, its version 2 , is a big waste!

Just wait another month or when you got money in your account, then you will cry Moe!

That is true goat, being cut on fiverr!

Didn't deliver
March 3, 2013
Paid the money, reviewer agreed to review, received "delivered" notification, but no product. No further communication from Seller. No satisfaction from Fiverr. First and last experience.

not worth the $5, did not deliver what I asked for
February 21, 2013

I think Fiverr has a great concept but paying $10 for different logo designs that was not even close to what I asked for is not worth the price. I paid for 2 different sellers to create a logo for my business and was specific in what I asked for (font, colors, images). Both sellers did not include the colors I asked for or the images, and the font was completely off. Basically it was nothing close to being "professional". I asked for edits and never heard back. I created a customer support case and nothing. I lost $10 which isn't such a big deal but I guess you get what you pay for.

Some people may find Fiverr useful but I didn't. Won't be using them again and I'll be spreading the word about that.

Agraphicdesigner April 05, 2013

Maybe you shouldn't be cheap and pay someone what they deserve for branding. Thats why logo creation is usually over 200$ for small clients and over 1000$ for big businesses because you people are way too demanding for what you want to pay. True story.

No n April 14, 2013

I agree with you!

No n May 22, 2013

obviously fiverr sucks. no one's disputing that. but, consider this, good, professionally designed logos cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, with multiple, multiple edits. Somehow, you're complaining paying about paying $10... what did you expect?

Aiko September 24, 2013

Well , alice expected to have sweets, instead got crap!

Good Job, alice!

Design Providers are Garbage
February 11, 2013
don't even waste your money on anything design related. they say they will get you an attention grabbing logo, a professional logo, but they will just create one in ten seconds using Paint or some horrible program. It is really the most awful work you have ever seen. Watch a youtube video of logo design and you will make one leaps and bounds better.

Urajakas February 21, 2013

Seriously, You are paying 5 bucks....what exactly are you expecting to get?

SIS March 01, 2013

The truth is you can find really talented people who deliver high quality designs but you really need to be careful. Check their offers for samples of their work and read the feedback. Usually the good ones also have a lot of gigs in the Que and their estimated delivery is usually longer but that's okay - it's worth the wait to have good design. I've used it enough times that I've found my favorites and will continue to use them. I've also gotten junk (but just once) when I didn't follow my own advice on how to separate the talented from the mediocore - but the error only cost me 5 bucks. By the way, the same rules & experiences apply to writing gigs.

Laura March 13, 2013

Exactly SIS, you need to learn to work with fiverr. There is talent and crap there. Check samples, contact seller before you order and and explain in detail what you want. Watch for their answer: are thay talking kind of "Yer sir I can do requirement" move on. If you get an intelligent response and are able to explain what you want exactly, it wull turn good. When you brief with details and you don't get what agreed, you can refuse orders.

Laura March 13, 2013

PS: And if you get to meet me in Fiverr: DO NOT HIRE ME AS A COPYWRITER.

By using a bit of common sense you can get pretty cool stuff done there.

Aiko September 24, 2013

I don't agree with laura!

As a seller, i got a lot of stupid buyers!

If Buyers follow sellers instruction, give the required info, then work goes ok!

But some buyers just give , a vague idea, what they want!

So hands up for those stupid buyers!

fiverr scam
January 6, 2013

fiverr is not exactly what it shows. Oh yeah make as much as money you want using fiverr? and they take a $1 commission? I was a level 2 seller and fiverr decided to suspend my account and not let me withdraw my cleared revenue. What kind of BS is that?

This looks like it has been going on for a while.

Just be smart. Withdraw your money fast. Don't end up like me.

Peter February 17, 2013

They also take additional money from the measly $4 to transfer the money to Paypal. So in essence for every $5, you only get $3.92, plus it takes over 2 weeks to actually get the money.

Aiko September 24, 2013

true, i agree!

This site is not worth the effort
December 17, 2012
The worst part of fiverr is they keep your $$ you earn way too long. I did two gigs on Dec 1st and I can't get my $$ until the 20th!!! its ridiculous. On top of that, they will keep 20% of your funds then if you use paypal to get your $$, they skim some off the top too. This site is a scam in my opinion. Other ways to make $$$ on the internet.

Never go to Fiverr
December 15, 2012
Fiverr is a terrible place fill with scammers. If you ask for a refund, the Fiverr doesn't even give your money back but just puts it's as balance for the next thing you buy from them which i'm not buying again from them.

Mike S January 13, 2013

I will never go to that site again. I had a deal with a person offering marketing and advertising services, but never delivered what i paid for. It is not worth the headache

Nice experience have used the site many times
November 27, 2012
Hi, if you are buying a service it helps to look at the person's ratings. I have ordered several services from fiverr and have had nice experiences. But I only ordered from sellers that had a decent rating. I found the seller to be polite and deliver good work. I highly recommend but only to trusted sellers. I avoid new sellers with no ratings, or people that have negative ratings. I think that is the key to having a good experience on this website. Good luck to you.

November 22, 2012

I know there are a few four or five star reviews at the top of this BUT DO NOT LISTEN. This site will take your money and then tell you the arrival of your material won't arrive for days. So you buy the gig so that it will come sooner. Not only will it not come sooner, more than likely, you will be simply sent a message from the seller claiming they can't do it. I had an experience named Padhu who screwed me over and kept half my money.

His name again, PADHU.



I write this three times so you don't buy from him, don't visit fiverr.

Great Experience as a Seller
November 6, 2012
I am always sad to read when someone has not had a good experience on FIVERR. I have been with fiverr for about a year now and I help people start their family trees. I always make sure that I deliver a great product, a wonderful family tree with at least 7 generations listed on the chart. My feedback is accurate and legitimate as there are not really any repeat customers for my particular gig. Usually when you see that a person leaves more than one feedback it is because they are so happy with the information I gave them that they order for a friend or maybe their spouse. Drop on by, check my gig out and drop me a message if you have questions.

Peter February 17, 2013

Not having any repeat customers is not a good thing. I guess it depends on what you are selling, but it could also mean that your work is not good enough for your customers to come back.

Laura March 13, 2013

If they order for a friend they are repeat customers. Once yu have a family tree, you don't need another one, unless you want a bonsai. :)

Aaron October 01, 2013

At least there is someone who likes the site! I am sick of seeing all the cry-babies who dont follow the rules.

some good, some not so good.
November 4, 2012

I gave Fiverr a try for some "college campus" advertising and it was a dud. You essentially get an ad placement on a flyer with a QR code included that is distributed on one or more college campuses. Never got a response but then it was a shot in the dark and only $5. No biggie for a trial. Advertising this way is a very "noisy" area and not surprisingly I got lost in the noise.

My second foray with Fiverr was much better. I actually had two things done, a WordPress capture page for a website I own and a Logo design for another site I run. Both were excellent and well worth the $5. Sure, I could have done these myself but that's not my area of expertise. Let the pros do what they do and get on with your own business.

.Consuela March 13, 2013

The point is, they're likely not professionals, or they wouldn't be advertising themselves on Fiverr. It's filled with people who want to make a buck without doing anything. May as well write your name on the bathroom wall.

No N October 01, 2013

Actually, many of them are actually professional; look in the voice acting section ... most of those people make a living outside of fiverr doing very similar things they do on Fiverr!

And I KNOW I am not making a buck for doing nothing ... my gigs take at least an hour to accomplish and that is less than $4 an hour!

fiverr sucks
October 28, 2012
I ordered a service that the seller cancelled days later with a lame excuse. Didn't receive my money back so I contacted both seller and fiverr asking about this. No reply from either one. Two days later sent fiverr cust. svc. another email asking about status of refund and still no reply so I filed a dispute with paypal. Fiverr apparently got THAT notification because when I went to login a few hours later to see if any messages, my acct with fiverr had been restricted, I'm guessing as a result of the dispute I filed. So apparently fiverr has the time to restrict my acct but can't reply to my email? My advice is avoid using fiverr because is nothing but a headache and their cust. svc. is non-existent.

Tom December 01, 2012

You are funny. Maybe you should read rules?

You do not get a refund, the money is in your buyer balance, you can use it to buy something else. If you were smart enough.

Her January 20, 2013

yeah it is like a gamble... it is $5.00 you really gonna go all cranky losing $5.00 ?

when you spend that much on something like this. just say oh well..... wont do that again... but to have to complain is annoying for us to read. really?????

Laura March 13, 2013

I have always got serious replied from customer support. And when you get a crappy logo for 5 well spend another and make a better choice of seller and you'll get a logo for 10 !

Service Not Delivered, Money Not Returned
October 24, 2012

I ordered one service on Fiverr and the seller did not deliver. I am now in a paypal dispute with Fiverr to get my money back.

I tried again and in good faith ordered from another seller with great reviews. The seller did not deliver and i am in a paypal dispute with Fiverr to get my money back.

There may be legit sellers on this site, but once Fiverr has your $5 they cling to it and don't want to give it back, even when the seller does not deliver.

I would never use this service again and would recommend others do the same. It's worth it to go to a real freelance site and hire someone for $10.

No Check and No Money back, Disadvantage for Buyers
October 19, 2012
Buyers Beware, They remove negative feedback of Sellers and cheating people, there is no way buyers can get money back, fiverr is good for cheap things and buying ready made stuff only, its not a place of freelancing or outsourcing... Stole My Money... A Very Unprofessional Escrow Service
October 9, 2012

I was a long time user and advocate of spending a good $250 a month with them consistently for 2 years. Then, they lied to me, slapped me and stole my money.

I bought 10 gigs from one provider for the total amount of $50. The provider failed to deliver. Fiverr would not refund the money back to my card. So I requested it back from Papyal. Fiverr then blocked my account and unlocked it only once the Paypal dispute was closed by me.

Then they blatantly refused to add it to back my account saying that Paypal had not returned it to which is a blatant lie as confirmed by Paypal on 3 occasions.

Shame as have now lost my business over a measly $50. Someone at obviously cannot count. $50 versus close approx $3K a year. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb decision.


S. G October 24, 2012

I totally agree. I ordered one service on Fiverr and the seller did not deliver. I am now in a paypal dispute with Fiverr to get my money back.

I tried again and in good faith ordered from another seller with great reviews. The seller did not deliver and i am in a paypal dispute with Fiverr to get my money back.

There may be legit sellers on this site, but once Fiverr has your $5 they cling to it and don't want to give it back, even when the seller does not deliver.

I would never use this service again and would recommend others do the same. It's worth it to go to a real freelance site and hire someone for $10.

Amit March 16, 2013

Even i had simliar incident :(

I use this product for Logos
December 19, 2011
I used about three "gigs" for logos it was extremely fast and the seller was professional and quick. The work was very good. I reccommend this "Fiverr" service for anyone who needs quick website fix them up work with a low end budget. Some these people are giving away some good "gigs" such as: increase website exposure, Facebook, Twitter "likes" clicks and so forth:

Lorna November 12, 2012

Thanks for sharing positive info about the Fiverr site, I am thinking of using them to advertise my business.


Bad, Compared to what?
December 9, 2011

Fiverr is a great website and continues to make improvements.

S. G October 24, 2012

they are thieves.

no check if you got cheated!
December 4, 2011

when the cat’s away the mice will play .

as long as there is no check, this will encourage cheaters.

no way to have your money back!

S. G October 24, 2012

I agree. Fiverr is terrible.

Microjob site with potential
September 30, 2011

The website, offers many types of services from graphic design,Search Engine optimization,video editing,programming and what ever else you might think of. These services are sold for $5.

The way the website works is that workers place their areas of skill as offers and people hire them to perform the task. Clients can also post what they want done and the workers respond to this.

The site is secure for both the client and the worker in terms of payment as it holds the payment from the client until the job is certified complete by the client. The money is then released into the workers account. In cases of disagreement, then the two parties can choose to cancel the order and the client gets their money back.

Problems on the site.

Much as this is a micro-jobs site, people are out-sourcing services there,making profits off cheap services. The problem is that the client who is in turn representing their own client might misinform the worker, leading to more work for the latter and grounds for dispute.

The site is very slow and full of bugs. Sometimes uploading files is a problem.

Another down side to it is that you can only upload up to 50mb of data. So if you have edited a video above this limit, you have to find alternative ways to send the file to the client.

The Good points

-If you are good at what you do and market yourself well, you could make good money off small jobs.

-The site also pays immediately into your Paypal account once you have requested funds.

Generally, is a good site to get services and also provide services.

Aaron October 01, 2013

Awesome points! I agree with you!