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Terrible service
February 17, 2020

I complained about host FIVERR and was basically told 'tough sh..' by the company and by the narrator Michael Goodrick. They stated that after 3 days...tough. Below are some of the audio book complaints:

Jarvis audiobook reviews--- Michael Goodrick – Narrator

Book: “All Present and Accounted For”

From Mary C:

Hey... You should talk to your publisher about the person who they chose to read your book. There's already a negative review about the guy on Audible, but now that I've started it - I can see why the other person complained. The guy isn't the best "reader", let alone he misses critical things, like instead of saying "Lieutenant" when it says LT - he just says LT... you can figure it out, but damn. I listen to quite a few Audible audio books and I have to say this is the worst reading of a book I've experienced yet. The intonation is off. Sounds like they hired a high school or college student to read it...and you can tell that he's just READING it. I guess it's better than having a computer read a book...LOL

Great story but needed a qualified narrator

I really enjoyed listening to this story because I myself spent 3 years serving on the USCGC Morgenthau (sister ship to Jarvis) as a Machinery Technician in the Engine Room. I could actually visualize the turmoil the crew would have endured during this causality. I would highly recommend this book to any 378 Sailor.

My only complaint would be that the narrator obviously had no background experience in the Coast Guard or Navy and so mispronounced many of the terms using phonetic pronunciation instead of common terminology found in the Coast Guard and Navy. Examples included: Corpsman - corpse man, Boatswain mate - boat swan mate, Lieutenant Commander - L C D R he would spell out the letters and Lieutenant JG - L T J G.

Please find someone else to read the story

It was painful to listen to this story. The narrator mispronounced many of the words, using phonetic pronunciation instead of common terminology found in the Coast Guard and Navy.

examples included: corpsman - corpse man, boatswain mate - boat swan mate.

Lieutenant Commander - L C D R he would spell out the letters

Lieutenant JG - L T J G

And then the staccato delivery, no smooth flow.

Overall a good story that is little known today

Great Book, Poor Narration

Loved the book and being a CG cutter vet, could envision the drama that unfolded. However, the narrator was horrendous in his mispronunciation of basic nautical terms and military jargon. It was painful to hear him pronounce ensign over and over again along with so many other terms. I felt the narration really distracted from the excellent content. Seriously, I can't believe a narrator with little or no experience in military terms would be selected to narrate this book.

Email: Bob Mislan

I swear I have never heard a more painful book narration as I have with your book. I commute about 2 hours each day and have listened to 60 audio books and this narrator by far is the worst. I can't believe anyone could mispronounce so many terms and if I hear him pronounce ensign, helo or mariner one more time I'm going to scream!

On a brighter note, I am loving your book and almost finished. I may have to buy a hard copy for a more enjoyable experience.

Some examples below:

Routinely mispronounced:

ensign = en-sign

commandant = command-ent

helo = hello


mariner = mareener


Identified rank by letter only: LCDR, LT, LTJG, etc.

do not be mislead
January 18, 2020
It's a convenient service but when I was looking at the sight for the first time I thought I was going to just pay $7 for a gig I purchased ($5 plus tax). When I tried to pay to the amount, they asked for a required tip with a minimum of $5 (I only wanted to put an extra $3 to make it an even $10 which is already double what is asked for on the site). But in the final click at PayPal, I ended up paying $14! The tip of $5 has an additional fee so it ends up as a $7 tip expense.

Work never completed, No refund others have the same experience
June 27, 2018

I paid $225.75 for some t shirts designs. I did not get a single one. Fiverr allowed me to cancel the project. They did not refund the money. I tried to contact them, they ignored me. I disputed via paypal. Now Fiverr states they disabled my account, because I am going against the TOS. They demanded I stop my dispute with paypal, and maybe they will work with me. No way! That would mean they get to keep my money without doing the work.

Scammers. Stay away.

Ended my Project before it was finished...
February 24, 2018
Fiverr said that it would give notification when one illustration was finished in a list of four. I didn't hear from my artist till the day it was due and he said he needed more time. I gave it to him. He only had one illustration out of four done to my specs. Fiverr didn't notify me of the third one and then three days later, they completed the file because I didn't respond. When I asked them to reopen it, they wouldn't. I can't even find the artist on there anymore. So yes, even though I have been able to use their site before, I would say that it is most likely a scam site.

Scammy for sure - 90% of gigs
July 4, 2017
It's been ruined if it ever was legit r isn't anymore it's done

Blackmailed by Fiverr Seller and Bullied by Fiverr
April 17, 2017

I purchased online services from Fiverr for tshirt design. The seller waited until the day the project was due to send me thrown together image after thrown together image - no real thought given just to meet the deadline and get paid.

After going back and forth with the Fiverr Seller and Fiverr, to get a refund after the seller did not deliver as promised by the deadline. The seller then held my images hostage because I did not give him a perfect 5 stars in all categories (have screenshot), Fiverr cancelled my account in the middle of other gigs (email messages) I have going on. They did not refund me for 2 of the projects that were ongoing. I did not violate the terms and conditions I STATED the options I had for recovery. Fiverr didn't like the fact that I kept pressing the issue to get my money back so now they are retaliating against me.

I have a screenshot where I was told, by the Fiverr customer service, that filing a dispute was against the terms and then Fiverr deactivated my account in middle of a website being built and an image design. Fiverr has bullied me after I was bullied and blackmailed by their seller. In the many screenshots, I have one where the seller told me I was wrong in what I wanted and told me what I should have asked for. He then sent me what he wanted me to have and said, "here take it". The image he sent was not a complete image with just the word “mother”. Because both the Fiverr and Fiverr seller have both tried to strong arm me for standing up for my rights I am being punished by having my projects shut down in the middle of them. Then Fiverr has not refunded all my money that is owed to me. I had to contact my bank to have them step in.

As Fiverr is again unwilling to see the error in how this issue was handled and now my project is dead in the water. I am going miss my project deadline, have to find another graphic designer and I am looking days worth of web design work that was cut short due to Fiverr overacting.

This all started because the seller wanted a higher rating then what he earned with the quality of his work and service he delivered to me.​

I have narratives, emails, images, and screenshots as proof of this lack of professionalism.

Total SCAM !!!
February 16, 2017

Just got scammed by Mcflyer_Designs ! This is a recommended seller by the website who never answered any messages and ever delivered anything...

Amateur hour and do not use their service: Mcflyer_Designs and Fiverr = Total ripoff !

Fiverr took my money without negotiation!!! is that scam?!
December 25, 2016

- Order numbers: #FO48499221D5 #FO28498E28D7

- Buyer username: mohaharb from United Arab Emirates (Mohammed Harb)

- Oct 12, 16 and Oct 13, 16

- Website design

- Payment has been gone after finish the order and done all works

>> What I did:

- Links:

First design:

Second design:

- Screenshots from second website:

This screenshot in 11th October:

- Screenshots from FTP from CPanel:

First design 25th September:

Second design 5th October:

- Kindly check the attached screenshot from admin.

1- I make a full dynamic cms without providing any content and I put Content from the internet as per request (first design).

2- He didn't like the design.

3- I make another one as per request (Second Design).

4- He likes it and request to change photo, and I did.

5- He likes it but need the logo to be suitable on the scrolling photos, then I make a glow on Logo and add more photos.

6- He requests another page and I make it (Writing Services), and we got content from the internet because he don't have a content.

Conclusion: I did 2 designs and all the requested points and more without extra gigs, and he didn't provide content or even any other requests, even he will post-pond your business, I make a good work and deserve my offer, and waiting if there's any obvious requests.

Fiverr has been canceled the orders without returning to me, and after he accept the orders!!!

is that scam?

I request a full refund to my money

is this a scam??

October 17, 2016
Complete waste of time! Asked for a very simple flat logo design and got an image that I soon discovered was! I hired two more designer and made sure to ask for an original custom logo, both came back with work they stole from! I bought the premium package as well, total scam!

Shady Business Model & Scam Site
September 14, 2016

As others have stated, this site is set up in such a way where:

1. The majority of vendors are awful, offshore individuals

2. Feedback cannot be left for failed projects, meaning that you only see positive reviews and no critical feedback of vendors

3. As soon as you pay a vendor, even if the project fails and you get your money back, your funds are 'stuck' in Fiverr with no option per their TOS to pull your money back out.

This isn't right. This site and it's business model is crooked as Ron Jeremy's you-know-what.

To get your money back:

1. Create a new account under a different email address

2. Have your first account hre your second account for exactly the amount of money in your account

3. Play along, wait a few days, deliver some dummy files & deem the project a success

4. Pay your second account

5. Link PayPal to second account

6. Withdraw your money

Fiverr will take about 20% from the payment amount, but consider this what it cost you to learn that this site is a SCAM. Crooked thieves.

Fiverr is a scam
August 13, 2016
The site search is not accurate and doesn't capture the tags of all the gigs, and they preach about this proudly proving that they are boosting the sellers who they want (their friends) who mostly don't have high quality products to offer especially in the promotion field. And what's proving clearly this too is that they feature their friends sellers gigs, and giving false unprofessional excuses to the real top sellers just for closing their accounts. Fiverr will fail...

It's Not a Scam... BUT
July 30, 2016

I've been a seller on Fiverr for the past year and my experience has been a bit of a roller coaster. Still, to call Fiverr a scam is completely unfair to me as a seller. I set very clear prices, I communicate with my clients, I deliver quality work and I take pride in what I do.

That being said, Fiverr is a buyer's market, hands down. Yes, there are plenty of sellers with poor quality work, but there are also people like me who have spent real money to produce professional grade work at a fraction of the cost.

I do voice over work from my home studio. I've invested a lot of money in fantastic hardware AND software for the purpose of chasing my dreams. Then along comes Fiverr, lowering the bar in every way possible. Now, buyers think that professional voice-overs should cost 5 bucks an hour. Sellers think that their gaming headsets produce professional grade sound. Truly nobody wins in many ways.

I keep selling on Fiverr because I have an active roster of regular clients of which I've developed fantastic relationships with. I'm not living the dream, but it pays my internet and cell phone bill which is pretty cool.

Bottom line, Fiverr is what it is. Anyone can can sell and many times you get exactly what you pay for. However, please do NOT refer to it as a scam. I work too damn hard. Never have I taken money from a client without fulfilling my obligations. Never has Fiverr taken money from me outside of their 20% fee.

It's not perfect, but it's far from being a scam.

July 3, 2016

The first advice - KEEP IT SIMPLE. I know people who have had really great experiences on Fiverr but mine was mediocre at best.

I will not name the Fiverr I worked with as this person truly wanted to get better BUT some of the tactics used were less than professional.

Here are some tips to watch out for...

- Make sure you know exactly what you need AND the technical language to get what you need. Most gigs will have extra cost add-ons but are vague in what they entail.

- The videos posted on a Fiverr gig sites as examples of their work are not necessarily done by that person. Make sure you ask if the sample video is theirs.

- The star rating system can be flawed. My Fiverr asked that I rate them before the project was done... they did this by closing out the project and starting a new one when I asked for fixes. This was very unprofessional and I refused to rate them until I had the finished project in hand. I think it's a way to get around the company restrictions and to get more ratings since I was asked again on the second project once it was finished.

- I was also pressured to give 5 stars. Once I rated (at 3 stars) they emailed multiple times to "please change my rating". This is understandable since a bad rating can really hurt their chances of landing a gig... but I'm making you aware that it can happen.

- I was not satisfied with the end product and decided not to use it. You can get a refund (although I'm reading it's quite difficult) if you are not satisfied but because our working relationship was positive I did not want to do this to my Fiverr and chalked it up to the price of doing business... tax write off.

- Prices can change once you agree to your gig. I work in the same industry that I was asking the Fiverr to do work for. My instructions were clear and specific. When questions were asked if they could create an asset that was most important to my project, the Fiverr confirmed that they could do it. Two days into the project, I was told they couldn't do what I had asked for unless I paid over $100 extra... which I now know couldn't be achieved even if I'd paid... which I didn't. What I did do was downsize my request and ask for less than what I thought I had originally paid for.

- On a positive note - The Fiverr I worked with was probably green. They communicated with me extremely well and wanted to make sure I was happy. I provided most of the assets they needed so it was an easier gig than most I would think. I was very easy going with them the entire gig letting them take as much time as needed. They claimed they worked through the night and that they bought new equipment for what I was asking for. I don't know if either of these statements were true but I'll lean towards the positive.

Extra fees keep being added...
June 14, 2016
Extra services keep being presented in order to get your file (for a logo design) Lost $60 I could have had better odds at the casino! Design was good but they tried to nickel and dime me...

Mixed results
March 11, 2016

The prices are really cheap but people don't realize you get what you pay for. You can find good quality work and other stuff is just plain garbage but it only cost you $5.00

So folks realize you get what you pay for and shut up about it

Bad customer service and you will be scammed on Fiverr
February 23, 2016

I got scam by a writer, a designer and supposedly a wordpress guy.

The writer deliver articles she jut copy and paste, I report her to fiverr, oh yes they send my money back TO MY FIVERR ACCOUNT!

I can't withdraw it back to my paypal, horrible customer service!

Then designer create a logo for me that already exist

And I needed help with some stuff with my wordpress website and the guy mess up the all things and half of the job was done because "he didn't know how to do it"

There is other platform was better with a better customer service than fiverr!


Fiver Beware
February 15, 2016
I had some work done on my wp website and the indians jacked it to post all kinds of back end stuff for other companies. I paid 20$ for initial work but it cost me much more to have a local company clean it up and re-secure the site.

Waste of time and money
October 10, 2015

I was looking for music promotion.

I decided to give it a try given the low costs, but I can't say that you pay for what you get. You get almost nothing and waste a lot of time only.

First seller disappeared after a couple emails back and forth.

I cancelled the order, but you can NOT get your money back if that happens, they stay on your Fiverr "account".

So I searched for another service, which actually delivered the service and it had little to no impact.

5$ wasted, a few hours wasted and many doubts on their policy of keeping the money you put for undelivered services.

Fiverr jerk using dead girl's pic for their own pic
February 17, 2015
"jennyarts" is using a picture of a murdered young lady from Virginia as their default pic. Way to go scamsite!

Fiverr is a huge scam
November 23, 2014
Fiverr is a huge scam! if you want to lose your money with time,you can try it !

Jim January 22, 2015

They took my money and gave me nothing for it. Creativeslogans said they were a 600 score with a 5 star rating. If that's true, they would be honorable but they are not. I do not recommend any of these people. Buyers BEWARE!