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About is a website that people can use to buy or sell services for the flat rate of $5. The service categories range from creating videos and graphics to making unique gifts to things that are simply “Fun & Bizarre.”

In order to sell something on Fiverr, you create a “gig,” which is a small service you are willing to perform for One Fiver ($5). Post it on the website. You will be notified when someone orders your service.

48 hours after your work has been successfully delivered, $4 will be deposited into your accounts, $1 taken by Fiverr. Your earnings can be withdrawn to a PayPal account.

To order something from Fiverr, you must pay $5 by PayPal or with a credit card. While your order is in progress, you can track the seller’s work, exchange files, and communicate with them.

You have 48 hours after the delivery of your product or service to ask for changes or corrections from the seller. You can provide feedback on the quality of work of every seller you do business with.

In order to buy or sell with Fiverr, you must be a registered user of their site. Registration is free and open to anyone.

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1 Review

Ended my Project before it was finished...

February24, 2018

Fiverr said that it would give notification when one illustration was finished in a list of four. I didn't hear from my artist till the day it was due and he said he needed more time. I gave it to him. He only had one illustration out of four done to my specs. Fiverr didn't notify me of the third one and then three days later, they completed the file because I didn't respond. When I asked them to reopen it, they wouldn't. I can't even find the artist on there anymore. So yes, even though I have been able to use their site before, I would say that it is most likely a scam site.

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1 Review

Scammy for sure - 90% of gigs

July4, 2017

It's been ruined if it ever was legit r isn't anymore it's done

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Blackmailed by Fiverr Seller and Bullied by Fiverr

April17, 2017

I purchased online services from Fiverr for tshirt design. The seller waited until the day the project was due to send me thrown together image after thrown together image - no real thought given just to meet the deadline and get paid.

After going back and forth with the Fiverr Seller and Fiverr, to get a refund after the seller did not deliver as promised by the deadline. The seller then held my images hostage because I did not give him a perfect 5 stars in all categories (have screenshot), Fiverr cancelled my account in the middle of other gigs (email messages) I have going on. They did not refund me for 2 of the projects that were ongoing. I did not violate the terms and conditions I STATED the options I had for recovery. Fiverr didn't like the fact that I kept pressing the issue to get my money back so now they are retaliating against me.

I have a screenshot where I was told, by the Fiverr customer service, that filing a dispute was against the terms and then Fiverr deactivated my account in middle of a website being built and an image design. Fiverr has bullied me after I was bullied and blackmailed by their seller. In the many screenshots, I have one where the seller told me I was wrong in what I wanted and told me what I should have asked for. He then sent me what he wanted me to have and said, "here take it". The image he sent was not a complete image with just the word “mother”. Because both the Fiverr and Fiverr seller have both tried to strong arm me for standing up for my rights I am being punished by having my projects shut down in the middle of them. Then Fiverr has not refunded all my money that is owed to me. I had to contact my bank to have them step in.

As Fiverr is again unwilling to see the error in how this issue was handled and now my project is dead in the water. I am going miss my project deadline, have to fingd another graphic designer and I am looking days worth of web design work that was cut short due to Fiverr overacting.

This all started because the seller wanted a higher rating then what he earned with the quality of his work and service he delivered to me.​

I have narratives, emails, images, and screenshots as proof of this lack of professionalism.

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1 Review

Total SCAM !!!

February16, 2017

Just got scammed by Mcflyer_Designs ! This is a recommended seller by the website who never answered any messages and ever delivered anything...

Amateur hour and do not use their service: Mcflyer_Designs and Fiverr = Total ripoff !

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1 Review

Fiverr took my money without negotiation!!! is that scam?!

December25, 2016

- Order numbers: #FO48499221D5 #FO28498E28D7
- Buyer username: mohaharb from United Arab Emirates (Mohammed Harb)
- Oct 12, 16 and Oct 13, 16
- Website design
- Payment has been gone after finish the order and done all works

>> What I did:

- Links:
First design:

Second design:

- Screenshots from second website:

This screenshot in 11th October:

- Screenshots from FTP from CPanel:
First design 25th September:

Second design 5th October:

- Kindly check the attached screenshot from admin.

1- I make a full dynamic cms without providing any content and I put Content from the internet as per request (first design).
2- He didn't like the design.
3- I make another one as per request (Second Design).
4- He likes it and request to change photo, and I did.
5- He likes it but need the logo to be suitable on the scrolling photos, then I make a glow on Logo and add more photos.
6- He requests another page and I make it (Writing Services), and we got content from the internet because he don't have a content.

Conclusion: I did 2 designs and all the requested points and more without extra gigs, and he didn't provide content or even any other requests, even he will post-pond your business, I make a good work and deserve my offer, and waiting if there's any obvious requests.

Fiverr has been canceled the orders without returning to me, and after he accept the orders!!!
is that scam?

I request a full refund to my money

is this a scam??

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