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The Fitnus Knee Brace is a basic compression sleeve created to help relieve a wide variety of causes of knee pain that's marketed as an all around solution for knee swelling, soreness, and stiffness.

Below we take a closer look at this product to see if it's worth the price and if it might actually provide you with any relief.

Choosing a Knee Brace

While buying a knee brace may not seem like a big deal, this purchase should actually be given a good deal of thought and planning.

There are many options on the market and many factors need to be considered, the most important being the specific reason for needing a brace.

Typically, knee braces are used after an injury to one of the knee's major components, such as the ACL, MCL, patellar tendon, or other ligaments and cartilage.  They can also be used to alleviate pain and complications for degenerative disorders such as Osteoarthritis.

This is why choosing a brace should be done while in the care of your doctor or physical therapist, because they can recommend an option that is specific to your needs.

Depending on the design a brace can have different functions.  There are 4 main types of knee braces:

Prophylactic Braces - These are commonly sold in sports stores and are widely available.  They come in several styles such as basic hinge, knee sleeve, or patellar tendon straps.  

The Fitnus Brace falls under this category.  They are used to protect the knee joint and prevent injury.

Rehabilitative Braces - Used mainly post surgery/injury and designed to allow the knee to heal.  They may limit motion and keep the knee in a position to promote healing while avoiding reinjury.

Functional Braces - Also used in conjunction with a knee rehab.  Generally prescribed by a doctor to help users safely ease back into some activity.

Unloader Braces - As the name suggests these braces are used to ease the load of an affected knee and help with pain management and function.

Additionally, it's also important to take into account how well the brace fits and how it feels when you’re actively using it, which may depend on personal preferences.

Fitnus Knee Compression Sleeve

There isn’t much information on the Fitnus website about the company or the product aside from some general claims.  There are no details about who developed the product and whether they have any medical accreditations.

The company states that the product is made from a soft Neoprene material and has “state of the art stabilizing technology.”

The Fitnus brace is one size fits all and comes in only two options based on gender.

Cost and Price Plans

The Fitnus Knee Brace sells for $39.95 plus $6.99 Shipping.  The website offers a discount if you order more than one.

Customer Support

If you have any issues or questions you can reach a representative by phone at 1-800-516-7542 or email at [email protected]

The parent company for the Fitnus brand is:

Bazaar Innovations LLC
162 Rancho Santa Fe Road E70, #495
Encinitas CA 92024

Their website states that you have 30 days from receiving the item to request a refund if you are unsatisfied.  You may have to send the item back and will have to do so at your own expense.

If your refund is approved it will not include the shipping and handling fee.

Fitnus Knee Brace
7914 Ronson road suite I
San Diego, CA 92111

Fitnus Knee Brace Reviews & Complaints

There are only a handful of websites that have reviews of the Fitnus Brace, and a majority of those are sites promoting the product for a commission.

You can find some actual customer feedback on the BBB if you search for the parent company.  There they have a B+ rating and are accredited, however the customer score is 1/5, albeit from only 5 customer reviews.

Fitnus customer service reps do make an effort of closing complaints on that platform, which is a good sign.

On other review platforms the Fitnus Brace has mixed reviews.  Some customers have found relief from using the product and would recommend it, but there are also many complaints. 

One of the most common complaints is customers stating that they didn’t receive instructions with the product.  Users had issues fitting and adjusting the brace and wished that it came with an instruction manual or a link to an explanatory video.

Other negative reviews mentioned that the Brace was too small and too tight.  Some customers also complained about the Velcro straps.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re not looking for an injury specific knee brace one good alternative is the PowerLix Knee Compression Sleeve which costs $19.99.

It comes in a variety of sizes, is an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ selection, and has a 4.3/5 rating from 44,545 reviews.

For a brace offering more support a good option is the EzyFit Knee Brace costing $22.95.

It offers dual stabilizers and an open patella design.  Meant to be worn during exercise and aid in recovery post knee injury.  It’s also an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and VeryWell health magazine selection.  

Another more robust knee brace is offered from ShockDoctor.  The Hinged Maximum Support Compression Knee Brace costs $74.99

This brace has a dual hinge and claims to offer support and protection for medial and lateral instability, minor patella instability, meniscus injuries, minor ligament sprains, hypertension, and arthritis.  It come in comes in 6 different sizes

Note:  None of these products should be used in lieu of medical care.  If you suffered a knee injury or are experiencing pain or instability see a medical professional.

It can also help to have a medical professional recommend the type of knee brace needed prior to looking for one online.  This can help narrow down your selection as there are many options and prices can range widely, from under $20 to $400+.

Is the Fitnus Knee Brace Worth It?

We would recommend buying a brace from a company that specializes in medical or rehabilitative care products.

These days virtually anyone can order a wholesale shipment of cheap medical products, rebrand them, and resell them directly to customers online.

While the company behind Fitnus Brace also markets a Fitnus Smartwatch they are not a health company and don’t have the most positive online customer reviews.

It’s best to get the advice of your physical therapist or doctor on the type of support your knee requires, and then proceed to find a highly reviewed brand that fits those needs.

If you have any experience with the Fitnus Knee Compression Sleeve, please leave your reviews below.

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Fitnus Knee Brace Customer Reviews

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Where's my refund?
April 21, 2023

Ordered knee brace, was too small. Returned for larger brace. Received refund for first brace. Returned second brace still too small. never received money for second brace return. why? where? when?

The comfort and fit
April 19, 2023
I ordered it and it came a day before they said it was to come, which was a plus, but there were no instructions. Also, One size fits all do not fit larger leg or knee people. I contacted Customer service to return. They responded quickly. I tried to wear it and it was very uncomfortable.

First time buyer of any kind of knee brace
February 14, 2023

This company would get no stars because:

1) the deal was buy 2 get one free. I only received 2.

2) no instructions whatsoever. zero zip zilch nada. any company that swears by their physical/medical products would have comprehensive instructions one way or another. this company obviously could care less. i just received these so i’m searching the intranets for any type of instruction simply on how to put it on and use properly.

when i saw these advertised up in the corner of a different webpage i was on looking for god knows what, i thought i’d try them only because i’m a gimmick buyer. im also an electrician so i spend all day on my feet in various positions while working my craft. i’m 59 and i do have knee issues like the average man my age, so i wanted to try this and see if it helps or alleviates any of the uncomfortable motion i experience during my daily movements. for the price i paid, im going to give the product the benefit of the doubt for the time being and see how i feel about it in a week or so. i plan on wearing both braces all day especially at work. i hope i use them correctly!

i’m a great example of lessons learned the hard way: waste money first!

if i was a fiscally responsible person i would have reminded myself that the intranets are full of everything and many different types and at that point i should have contacted a professional for a consultation about my knees. that would have been the right thing to do.

don’t be like me. you should research first and still there is no guarantee that the company your dealing with has a policy that’s “human centric” and not “dollar centric”. good luck on that one!

It works
January 24, 2023
This works. Fits tightly and relieves knee pain. Probably delays knee replacement surgery for 12 months

TO February 21, 2023

Just got mine. The material is scratchy and very uncomfortable. No way to know if I have them on right. The ONE video I found had a dude putting them on backwards!!! WTF. Take this off the internet please.

Getting a Refund
July 21, 2022

Brace too small, they said they were sending another brace. I never received it. I want my money back. Scam

Look for snother. Nothing special about these .
May 28, 2022

Too big, and too much material. Not able to get a decent fit. Feels like you got something wrapped around your leg that will definitely move and eventually fall down. T

here's zero instructions in the bag. I'll have to read thier claims again, if I can find it. But I remember something said about new age. I have a pair of these somewhere. They at least 10 years old, bought them ar a yard sale. I want my money back please.