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About Finishing Touch Flawless Legs

Everyone wants smooth legs for those hot Summer days when shorts are all the fashion. In Winter, we tend to be more laid back and let the hairs grow out a bit more than usual. However, once an emergency date or a need for skirts arises, we reach for the razor once again.

Shaving constantly is time consuming and can lead to nicks and cuts. Buying razors every time they get too dull to use wastes hard-earned money as well. Thus, having a shaving tool that is reusable and that actually works is a dream come true.


The Flawless Legs shaver by Finishing Touch boasts exciting and elegant features. The four floating heads are coated with 18-karat gold plates. Moreover, the special palm-fitting design is especially fabricated to fit comfortably and tirelessly.

The design also allows for superior control and reaches all of the body’s angles better, such as the knees. It saves you time too, thanks to how easy it is to use and the fact that it requires no soap or water.

It is a wet and dry hair removal tool to some extent, but it should never be used in moist conditions while plugged and charging. That said, dry use is the recommended and safest method.

It is, as mentioned previously, rechargeable and is adorned with a bright LED light for accuracy. Another amazing quality is its safety - it can be used on all skin types without irritation, nicks, or cuts.

How Does it Work?

Similar to other circulatory electric razors, the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs shaver uses microscopic perforations to lift hair, while the spinning blades deliver a close cut. It is a relatively simple dynamic but offers a close shave each time.

However, remember that electric shavers do not inhibit or reduce hair growth. So, repeated use will be necessary every time the hair is growing back.

Cost and Price Plans

You are able to buy this electric razor via two payment methods. The most economical option consists of free shipping and handling for a one-time fee of $59.98. The other option allows for two easy payments of $29.99 plus a charge of $7.99 for shipping and handling fees.

On top of that, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. However, extra sales tax and charges may incur, depending on the country and/or state of destination.

Customer Service

Contacting their customer service is easy and can be done through various methods. To learn more about the product, ask questions, or for any complaints, you may call 844-764-4363, or email [email protected]

Their return policy and information, such as return address, is also available online. They conveniently allow for great access to excellent customer service.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Unfortunately, online reviews for the Flawless Legs are hard to find. However, it is said that it works just like any other razor, but with the convenience of being electric, easy and irritation-free. If you have realistic expectations, it just might be the hair removal tool for you.

There are approximately a handful or more of no-show complaints. In other words, they have placed and paid the complete order, but have yet to receive the actual product. In addition to that, consumers have also complained of waiting times of a month or longer.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are hundreds of circulatory, rotary electric razors on the market. A quick look online will guide you through all the available brand names and trends. Moreover, choosing the right one for you will depend on your specific desires and needs.

Similar products can be found on Amazon, for example, the Remington WR5100 Rotary Shaver. On the other hand, the Butterfly Pro 5h from Skull Shaver is another added competition, with the same sleek design as the Flawless Legs.

There is also the LIGE hair removal, which comes with extra features such as a trimmer and is unisex too. Another characteristic of the LIGE electric razor is its ability to be used in dry and wet conditions without worries, which makes it similar to the Flawless Legs as well.

Those are but a few of the products that work in the same way as the Flawless Legs electric shaver. Compare the price and consumer reviews between these shavers to get an overall picture of the quality, reliability, efficiency and appeal.

Where to Buy?

You may buy the Flawless Legs by Finishing Touch directly from their website at, or through other third-party sites such as Amazon, or eBay.

Moreover, there is currently no mention of it being available through retail stores, only online purchases have been registered for now.


Considering the worrying complaints, it may be necessary for the interested consumer to dig a bit further into the product before purchasing. Other than that, it seems to be a fit and enjoyable electric shaver that does indeed look elegant and attractive.

If permanent hair removal is not something you seek, this tool will do the trick in what seems to be an effortless and easy way. However, if you want to inhibit future hair growth, then lasers should be what you seek.

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January1, 2020

Worked great for the short time it worked, just under 60 days and it's totally dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Review

good product

November6, 2018

This product is truly a life changer for me. I have PCOS and one of the side effects is excessive hair growth, which is a huge problem for a woman. I’ve tried so many different things to deal with the hair on my face but nothing has worked like the finishing touch! Normally I use a straight razor to shave my face but it would leave razor burn and took forever to do. With the Finishing touch my face feels so soft and only took about 2 minutes! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!.i bought it from nanacorner.

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