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About Find and Flip Event

The Find and Flip Event is a seminar series intended to educate people on method and principles of real estate investment that is created and hosted by real estate guru and star of A&E’s television show “Flip This House,” Than Merril.

The Find and Flip Event is described as a free two hour training event which can teach people how to make money by “flipping houses” in their local area. The term flipping houses is how people commonly describe buying a piece of real estate simply as an investment, making basic repairs and upgrades, and then quickly turning around and selling it or renting it for a profit.

This seminar claims to teach its audience a variety of things, including how to get properties which will produce the best income for you, how to find funds you can use for investment if you yourself don’t have a lot of investment capital, and how to network with other real estate investors in your area.

The website also says this seminar can teach you how to invest in real estate on a “part time” basis, tax tips tricks, and how you can use the same systems seen on A&E’s “Flip This House” to your advantage.

Since this is only a two hour seminar, you will likely be given a general introduction to these topics; just enough to see whether or not you would like to continue learning about real estate investment.

Audience members who are interested in learning more and pursuing this field of earning an income will then be invite to join Fortune Builders, which is a formal real estate investment training program run by not only Than Merrill, but also his A&E’s costars Paul and JD Esajian.

Those who are not yet decided can go home and review the “hundreds of dollars” worth of free materials they receive at the seminar and decide at a later time whether or not they would like to move forward and continue with the program.

If you have any experience with this program, please leave your Find and Flip Event reviews below.

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November23, 2014

No information given about real estate investing. Simple scam to get your money. The most heart breaking thing is watching older people pull out three or four credit cards to pay for the fake work shops and get nothing in return but wasted time. These guys should watch their back. When I see them in Austin on Dec. 3-5th at the Omni hotel for the fake 3 day work shop that people paid 2k to attend, I'm going to tell them to go fuck themselves and stop stealing from peoples 401k. Losers!

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Find and Flip reaches deep into your wallet

June23, 2014

Please be aware of this get rich quick in real estate scam. They offer "education" to their "students" and it is very costly. We did not opt for the “advanced training” to the tune of $20,000 to $50,000. Tuition is usually billed in semesters or semester hours. This is an upfront fee payable in cash, check or the credit card they just had you raise the limit and lower the interest rate. Mind you this is after the initial free come on and the follow up 3 day event that cost $2000.

I've done some research so if you follow the links and connect the dots you should be alright.

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