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Filippo Loreti is a luxury Italian watch brand which was started a crowdfunding campaign with the stated aim of providing customers with high quality watches at affordable prices.  

How Does It Work?

According to their crowdfunding page, most luxury watch brands are incredibly expensive not just because they are high quality, but because they require a variety of manufacturers, distributers, marketers, and retailers to all be involved in the creation and selling process.

Filippo Loreti decided they wanted to try a new approach to providing their customers with high quality watches at more affordable price points by cutting out all the middle men that were involved and instead using a crowdfunding approach to finance the creation of each individual watch.

Their watches will still be held to the same luxury standards as always, made from 316L stainless steel which offers high strength, durability, and long-lasting visual appearance.

They also offer premium quality Italian leather bands that will be made to your specific wrist measurements for the best fit. 

Their website says that this new approach to watchmaking will truly create luxury watches, as their watches will be limited edition and made to order, not mass produced and available at local retailers. 

Cost & Price Plans

Unfortunately this product is not yet available for sale on the open market at this time, as they are still in process of crowdfunding on their Kickstarter page.

Customers who are interested in purchasing this product at this time will be able to order one for roughly $158.18, as all prices are listed in Euros at this time, and it appears as though the full retail price of these products will be $317.42.

According to their crowdfunding page, it seems as though this product will begin being shipped to crowdfunding donators during Spring of 2017, though these dates may change in the future.    

Refund Policy

Because this product is not yet actually being sold on the open market, they also do not appear to have any kind of published Refund Policy available for their customers at this time.

Hopefully once their product actually begins being delivered to customers that participated in their crowdfunding campaign in the Spring of 2017, they will begin publishing these important policies, but until then customers will need to contact their Customer Service team with any questions they have regarding refunds. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to them by using the Ask A Question link at the bottom of the Kickstarter page.


Because this company has not actually yet made this product available on the open market, there is no way to know how well it will fulfill all of the promises it has made to its consumers.

However, it does appear that the other watches they have made in the past that have been sold at luxury prices are well-liked, so it stands to reason that these new collections should be made to high standards as well. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly there are many different kinds of luxury watches available on the market, as well as many mid-level watches which have fantastic ratings and reviews and tend to be significantly more affordable, so customers who are looking for a watch to purchase in either of these categories will find many other options for their needs.   

If you have any experience with Filippo Loreti Watches, please leave your reviews below.

Filippo Loreti Customer Reviews

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The Scam Continues
March 10, 2021

Ordered a watch from Kickstarter. Loretti took most of a year to deliver Ascari Chronograph. The chronograph was non functional. After a month each for them to return my emails, they sent an attachment to print return material.

Almost two months went by after the return of the watch. They did absolutely nothing but return the same watch, apparently untouched. I have always found their customer service extremely poor. They rarely answer emails. Their contacts do not function. In my opinion this company is not reputable. I have little trust in their positive reviews.

I believe that they are mostly bogus reviews. Let the buyer beware. They owe me $130 for a piece of trash. How they get away with cheating people with no actions by the consumer bureaus or government is puzzling to me. I still hold a chronograph that has not functioned since the day it arrived in the box for the original delivery. Its junk at best.

All they send you is bogus customer service replies stated that they will be in touch soon. Can you repeat SCAM! Avoid them.

Do not be fooled by fake ads, do not buy from this company!!!
February 15, 2021

So like most, I assume, after being bombarded with continuous adverts for this brand

( just a side note, but if there is a guy wearing white gloves telling me that he has just bought a watch, no way am I going to believe it....HES WEARING WHITE GLOVES, but I did believe it !!!)

It all looked good, so i spent £190 on a watch i liked the look of. i then added another £20 for " express" delivery.

I paid for it in August 2020.

I got to November and decided to contact them, ask them on the delivery status, they said I had pre-ordered it

Still Waiting
September 17, 2020
I bought 4 pieces in March and they said it would arrive by Jun. My various email chasers received no response until now. This is definitely a fraud or they have gone into financial difficulty due to the pandemic!

dubious company fake name
September 16, 2020

Forget about wasting your hard earned money on this junk that is supposedly made to order. What is actually going on is they wait until a minimum order qty has been met to make their order with the Chinese mfrs. This way, they don't need to keep any unnecessary inventory which tie up funds. They have effectively cut out all the middleman and replaced them with Filippo Loreti. And just who is Filippo Loreti you ask? Was he a famous Italian designer from days past or is he a current fashionista flying under the radar?

Answer to those questions are both NO! There is no one by that name, it was made up to fool you into thinking this is a high fashion Italian company. If you don't already know, Filippo Loreti's founders are from Lithuania and I do not know what other qualifications exists but one thing for sure is they are masters of marketing. No one can deny the excellent job marketing this company with a made up name...

Word of advice, if you like these watches, you owe it to yourself to take a look at these following companies; Tissot, Hamilton, Seiko, Orient, Longines, Oris for starters. Heck, even Timex would be more deserving than them based on their history alone. Shop around and you can find a watch 10 times better than the one you thought you wanted from FL. And all the companies mentioned have tons of credentials to back up their name and product.

Customer service lacks!
August 4, 2020
accidentally purchased the blk Okeanos.I though I selected the green one and after the purchase it was too late. Then called their customer service 1800 and no answer. Emailed them 3 days ago and nothing. I'm done with them. I will not buy from them again.....

December 20, 2019
Ordered moon phase watch, ad said delivery in 2 to 3 weeks, I was good with that. 24 hours later I received an email saying my watch will be delivered in March 2020 … WTF … It took 9 emails to finally get them to agree to refund my money. Then I get a confirmation email saying it will take 7 to 14 business day. It took them 3 seconds to take my money. Don't buy from them.

Terrible watch...definitely a fraud...beware......I am reporting this company.
October 2, 2019
They sent me a cheap watch and when I wanted to return it. They asked for pictures and then said I could not return due to I had worn it. I never wore the watch. It looked cheap out the box and wrist ban feels like cardboard.

Very Satisfied
June 13, 2019
I ordered my watch after seeing it online. It arrived intact and within a reasonable amount of time. The watch looks great and has a nice heft. So far, it is working as I anticipated and I have no complaints. I really like it.

filipo loretti
April 29, 2019
I bought a watch and just found out that they will deliver in September. do not recommend the company

JocelynTan June 18, 2019

I have the same problem. which particular watch did you purchase

DaveGallagher July 01, 2019

This is a total scam company - exact same thing. Bought in June - con confirmation, after complaints sent, several days later said it will ship in September. Do Not Purchase From This Company!

Worked with them - it's a scam
April 18, 2019
Worked with them on influencer marketing. They violated contract and I was never paid. Please be careful! This company is a scam.

Did not receive my order
February 20, 2019
I have placed an order in early November 2018 and till now i have not received it. They have promised from time to time and in the end came up with many excuses when I question what is the status of the order. Do beware people that this is a scam. I have notify Facebook and Instagram. Hopefully they can take notice and do something about it. If you were to click the info button on their profile pic in their Facebook, you will see that the profile was created in 2014 and it was originally known as Odinis Shop with very low ranking. So do beware of this scam.

BobStrader December 18, 2019

Same here........I ordered mine on the 3rd of October 2019 and I can never get any body on the matter if I email them or leave phone messages it's the same response by email.....we will look into it and get back in 48 to 72 other words, nothing as been done about my order in 2 1/2 months.....this is definitely a time I will look on the internet for reviews like all of these to see if the company is legit. So I am out $199.00 Bob, Bremerton, WA

very bad
November 28, 2018
very bad customer service , they do not answer , you can not modify the order by yourself and they must do it , but unfortunately they do not answer your requests

CélineA. Campeau February 15, 2019

We ordered their black marble face/gold trap model back on October 28, 2018. Not only we didn't get it in time for Christmas, but when we inquired about the delivery date, they replied that we had ordered a "pre-sale" model with a longer delivery time without specifying how long it would take. We were not aware of it at the time that we placed our order. They later said that the parts for this particular model would be delivered to their US warehouse and that they would ship the watch to us. We would get a tracking number to follow the delivery of our timepiece. On February first, we recieved an email saying "Great news"...Our US warehouse has recieved the parts of your watch which will be shipped to you within a week (February 8th). We didn't recieve anything!!!

I emailed them yet again on February 13th, they replied this morning pushing the delivery date yet again for another 2 weeks!!! That would take us at the beginning of March 2019 IF THEY HONNOR that promise!!

There is no way to reach them by phone nor a way to obtain further assistance or concessions..Ex: Change the model for one ready to be shipped today from your closest warehouse to us (Québec city, Canada.

5 months from the time our order was placed and played for and still waiting!!!!


Beware, this looks like a scam company!!!

Tan Detong February 20, 2019

I totally agree

October 26, 2018

I purchased the moon phase watch and two extra straps. The first day I wore the watch it fell off three times. The straps were difficult to change and I was not happy with the watch as a result. I contacted the company for a refund and they required me to take photos of the watch and pack it up carefully for return. I also had to pay to return it. I packaged it carefully. They came back to me with a photo showing the watch just thrown in the box without care, which I did not do and close up photos of microscopic scratches that could have been polished away and were caused by their strap failure if anything, They not only refused to refund, but also required me to pay twice the postage to send it back to me.

These are difficult owners and I would make sure you want to keep the watch because you will not be able to return it.

$25 watch in a fancy box
June 25, 2018
This watch does not have functioning Day date dials as Illustrated. It is a $25 watch in a fancy box. Don't fall for the Italian branding. I actually have a watch of similar quality that I bought on Amazon for $10. Basically the watch is a fraud.

A Really Sharp Looking Watch
February 3, 2018
I received my watch in 8 days live in N.Y. Really looks good on my wrist fit is very comfortable a real eye catcher. Very nice and a good price.

November 14, 2017

I placed my order on January 2nd, excited and interested about a new name in the watch industry that met both quality and price points. Realizing it was a Kickstarter I remained patient through the entire year's production and shipping delays until I finally received a notification that my order shipped in mid-July.

I awaited my delivery for weeks, only for it to never reach me. When I contacted Filippo Loreti directly, I was informed that I was already delivered my package by their courier, which turns out to be UPS (not that you would know by the broken link sent to you and posted in your order section on their limited-option website).

Despite me checking, double-checking, and triple-checking all of my shipping information was correct both on the site and in direct messages with the staff, my order was delivered to an office in Port Washington, New York (I live in Virginia) and signed for by someone I've obviously heard of.

After multiple attempts to reach a representative (there's only 2 or 3 of them who don't seem to communicate with each other), I was told what I already knew, after being condescendingly informed that it was sent to MY "selected delivery address" after also receiving a concurrence that the package went to the wrong address, by a DIFFERENT representative 3 weeks prior.

As of writing this (October 14), Filippo Loreti is still "conducting an investigation" with UPS, which they've told me the last 3 times of contacted them, most recently being over a week and a half ago. With no resolution in sight, my next step is reach out to the BBB.

Long story short, this is first and LAST time I will back a Kickstarter product and I would recommend avoiding this company.


It's November 14th. I've contacted the company 1-2 additional times -and got the same response. Additionally, I contacted UPS, who stated most investigations take approximately 8 business days to resolve IF an investigation was even launched at all, which they did not see on their end.

Bottom Line, if you have an extra $300 or so that you don't mind never seeing again, FL is the company for you.

Never arrived
November 13, 2017
More than a year and the watch never arrived. They keep lying about it, that it's on its way. A scam.

October 18, 2017

Unacceptable my experience with this company. I bought and paid in December 2016 for a watch in a company campaign on the Kickstarter. Expected delivery time, February 2017. After skidding, March, April, May, June ... as of today (Oct 18, 2017) I do not have my watch yet. 10 months later I do not have my watch !! I started complaining in July, nobody wanted to know. Then in September. They said they could not get from the transport provider where my order was. Now in October I'm making things harder. I made a complaint on the kickstater and I will do it in the European Union - Electronic shopping portal.

But the most anecdotal of this company, is that they are at this precise moment to launch a new campaign in the kickstater, without having resolved and delivered the previous campaign with almost a year late!

August 28, 2017
This is the biggest scam ever, and I fell for it,never again. 400 dollars down the drain and no way of recovering it. Fool me once, shame on you, that will not be a second. They won't even return emails now.

Worst online shopping experience in my life!
August 3, 2017

Worst online shopping experience in my life, even an E-Bay seller has faster response, shipping, and customer satisfaction. Our delays are almost 8 months, in this time a baby could be born already.

Also it is not difficult to see which reviews here are real and which reviews here are fake.

If you're planning to buy a watch from this company, I would advise you to go to you local store to get one if you don't wish to wait for 8 months and receive only emails back and forth.

I only have bad things to say about this company and I will be saying it to every person I meet who are watch enthusiasts for the rest of my life

I honestly regret having to shop here