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Established in 2008, Field Nation began from the need of companies to connect with independent workers for labor and other services that need their expertise. Known as a field service marketplace, Field Nation is a company that caters to job connections in different fields - like hospitality, IT and telecommunications.
Over the years, it has established a network of both businesses who need the services, as well as the individual service providers. Field Nation’s nature vs work market differs particularly in convenience and the fact that it was created with the changing demands of the way people find work. The idea behind Field Nation is people who work together to win - a value that they instill and observe in their own company ranks.


The primary field of service that the company caters to is technology services. Field Nation caters to the demographics of both companies and independent workers, mainly to connect them with each other as needed. For businesses, the company gives them the opportunity to find the workforce they need from workers who are not only certified in their fields of expertise, but highly qualified and rated ones, as well.
Another advantage that their services present is that business owners have impeccable project management. Projects are planned effectively and conveniently and Field Nation helps them to achieve these projects on time and within budget.
Opportunities are just as teeming for independent workers, as working with Field Nation and their partners allows technicians to find work locally, gain and establish their field experience, as well as enjoy the benefits of quick payment transactions.

How Does It Work?

Field Nation is a free web-based service wherein clients can access their records for over 10,000 technicians all over the country. Once you gain access to the database, you will be able to create a work order from there. To protect their clients’ privacy, Field Nation makes it so that only qualified technicians can view the work orders, depending on the specifications stated. Contact details are released only when a technician is chosen by the hiring company.
Also included are scheduling services, hiring the technician/s of your choice and a secure payment system for their services. As clients, you won’t have to worry about taxes, as the company manages it for their technicians. 
As for technicians, they are given access to work orders that they are qualified for. From there, they can apply for those which interest them and will have the opportunity to be part of the hiring company’s choices for accomplishment of the work order.
They are also given the assurance of secure payment, as funds for the work orders are put in escrow upon the publishing of the clients’ work order. The payments will be released as soon as the client approves their completed services.

Cost and Price Plans:

The best thing about Field Nation is that signing up to be a client or a freelance technician are both totally free. As a technician, the only time funds are paid is when they process the client’s payment for you. A 10% fee is taken during payment processing, but it’s a small price to pay for a secure and timely payment method.

Customer Service:

For further inquiries, contact Field Nation at 877-573-4353 Ext 1 and their fax number is 877-833-4353. For platform support, a support team is available online 24/7. Simply log into the company’s support portal to gain access to this assistance service.

Online Reviews/ Complaints:

Field Nation’s strongest points are its 24/7 customer service, its client and freelancer-friendly system, as well as their secure and timely payment facilitation. There is a huge variety of jobs that technicians can choose from all over the country, so that they can find local work. The environments also vary, so freelance technicians can choose jobs to apply to accordingly.
Meanwhile, one of the freelancers’ major complaints against it is the fact that the 10% processing charge is a bit fuzzy and that you’ll have to do some digging to know more about it. Another complaint is the lack of assurance that freelancers who sign up for the site will gain employment within the site. However, it is also up to the freelancers to build up their profile, credentials and experience to garner the attention of potential clients.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Three sites that offer similar services to Field Nation are OnForce, WorkMarket and Upwork.  OnForce is the most similar to Field Nation in terms of the nature of jobs on the site. On the other hand, WorkMarket is slightly more varied in the kind of jobs that are offered on it.

However, it should be noted that Upwork only offers freelance jobs that can be done online. Despite the similar system to Field Nation, Upwork limits its freelancers and clients to conduct all communication within the site. That means that technical services aren’t usually posted on the site.

Where to Buy?

Interested clients and technicians can go to to sign up for their free accounts.

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