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About Field Agent is a portal to information for individuals and businesses. Using this service is a resourceful tool when you need specific data that is not readily available, nor conveniently obtainable. 
Clients only need a credit card to sign up for FieldAgent’s services. The cost of projects that do not require travel the cost is $4.00. They are typically in the form of a survey and are limited to a set of 10 questions. Each additional question costs an additional $.10; if photos are needed, the cost per photo is $3.00. 
Projects that require travel cost $5.00 and are afforded with one question for the agent to answer. If the client has additional questions, each one costs $1.00. The option to have photos taken by the agent is available at a cost of $3.00 per photo.
Agents are people with mobile devices who can gather the information requested by FieldAgent clients. These individuals assist in the collection of data online and offline. Agents conduct research using surveys, public opinions, and crowdsourcing. 
FieldAgent has over 250,000 agents across the nation making for a quick turnaround in the retrieval of information. Using multiple agents in different locations helps speed up the data collecting process to just days, when it may have taken months to collect otherwise.
The accuracy of the data is verified by FieldAgent through technology, data points and exceptions. GPS is used to ensure the location of the Agent is where the data must come from.
While agents can earn quick money completing assignments for FieldAgent's clients, it is probably not enough to live on. Most of the jobs pay around $2.00-$12.00 and their services are offered across the world.
GigWalk is a similar service; however, the earning potential is much higher. Jobs pay anywhere from $5.00 up to approximately $200.00 and their service area is limited to the U.S.
Agents only receive payment for tasks that have been approved. Each job must be satisfactorily completed and must meet the specifically outlined criterion. Payment is first processed and deposited into a FieldAgent account for holding. A PayPal account is necessary for the transfer of funds to a personal bank account. Once a request for the transfer of funds is made, they are withdrawn from the FieldAgent account and processed through PayPal.
If any small detail pertaining to that project was misconstrued or a component was overlooked, the whole task is considered debunk and is not paid for. In fact, this is one of the complaints submitted online by FieldAgent’s information collectors.
They had felt as if the company would come up with excuses as to why the project was not 100% accurate. This is a common trait among other companies offering similar services; to avoid this issue, read the requirements pertaining to the task making sure not to skip over any details.

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Issue Resolved Super Fast
February 21, 2017

Revising my review of yesterday... Rachel, a rep at Field Agent Support got back to me really quickly with the answer to my issue. I was trying to login via the US website instead of the South African website. They gave me the link to the South African website:

and I was able to login and cash out.

5 Stars for speedy Service, but I've gone with 4 Stars for Field Agent in general, as I agree with your original review - becoming an Agent for Field Agent is a nice way to earn quick, easy money, but it's not enough to live on.

By the way, payment in South Africa seems to be less than the dollar amounts quoted in your review. I've earned R 25 to R 35 for each mission so far and missions have included posting a photo. Gee... clients pay THAT much for photos, and we get so little? Hmmm.

Completed missions, now cannot add banking details
February 20, 2017

Right now, am not very happy about the Field Agent.

I am in South Africa (so Gig Walk is not an option for me, unfortunately). I've completed a number of missions but when I try login to add my banking details, it says my username doesn't exist. - yet I can see clearly on the app that I'm using the correct username. Ho hum. I've just emailed them. Let's see how quickly they respond and whether they respond satisfactorily. If not, I can only assume I've been scammed.

Will revise my review if this all gets sorted out and I get paid.