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Very dissatisfied
July 10, 2019
I ordered 25 hats from Fashion Mia for a special program we were having at my church. When I realized the order was not going to come on time, I quickly wrote the company to cancel. They replied to me wanted to know why I wanted to cancel and they would give me a 5% discount on my next order not to cancel. I told them again the reason why I was cancelling the order and that I wanted my refund. I received an e-mail back telling me that my order has been cancelled and submitted for a refund and that they will let me know once the refund is issued. After seven days, I contacted the company back regarding the refund which I did not receive. I was told that it will take 7 to 15 days to issue a refund. It's been more than a month now and I am still waiting for a refund. I called several times and leave messages, no one return my call. I wrote several times, no one answer back. In the meantime, the company has my $170.00

Refund Please. Extremely Disappointed with my order.
May 30, 2019
I ordered a blouse from the company called Luvyle who is obviously affiliated with FashionMia, because when you call the number it says to leave a message for FashionMia, NOT Luvyle from whom I've ordered it from. My order took over 2 weeks to arrive and when I opened the package, it looked and felt nothing like the blouse I expected. I have always been a true medium, so I ordered a medium. Did not fit at all. Very short sleeves

Great products!
March 25, 2019
Order white shirts with long sleeves for the office, just after buying one at a local boutique. I do not need to go out to buy clothes, it's great and I can do it from my house. Beautiful products of good quality, easy interaction and I love the low impact prices!

happy and satisfied
March 24, 2019

I bought some stuff clothes from FashionMia and they are good The clothes were delivered on time and the quality was fantastic. I love shopping in fashionmia because they are good and unique

Great experience
March 13, 2019
My experience with FashionMia was very good. Starting with the website that has a good navigation system, the time of purchase and payment is well simplified and intuitive. The shipping of the products is fast and with care, the products arrive in great condition and are also of great quality. I will certainly buy again.

Not bad.
March 13, 2019
I prefer online shopping, because you get all what you need at your door step. First time i bought with happy with the services. Stuff is good. But stutching can be a bit more neat.going to wear tbe cardigan at a beach party. Hope so my friends will like it. I will recommend you among my friends

Bad Company Practice
January 7, 2019

This is the second site that I submit a review about FashionMia. Hopefully, my experience will help someone experiencing my saga.

I placed my order with FashionMia on January 1, 2019. Within the hour as I worried about the clothing size, I cancelled the order with the intention to place another order at a later time. It's been 7 days since I cancelled the order and FashionMia is giving me the run around instead of refunding my money. They have sent me several emails wanting to know things such as confirming my cancellation, wanting to help me determine my size, and asking why I wanted to cancel the order. This is not customer service! This is invasion of my privacy. The company website's phone number is (302)300-4089. However, when when I called the number I got a voicemail not even identifying the company name. The message says the opening hours are "from 9 to 6 GMT plus 8 hours." Definitely not a U.S. operating company. This company is misleading its customers as 302 is a Delaware area code, but it is not present in the U.S. with the GMT time plus 8 hours, this implies the company is located somewhere in China or somewhere in that part of the world.

Fashionmia January 09, 2019

Dear customer,

Thanks for your order on Fashionmia. We are really sorry for the inconvenience to you.

I have canceled your order and applied for the refund for you, could you please check your registered email box later?

Thanks for your understanding in advance.If you have other questions, please reach out to [email protected]

I love it
December 21, 2018
Exceptional service. From design through to the finished product(s) Ken (Brisbane) fully involved me throughout the entire process, providing regular updates and projecting a high level of professionalism. The finished product(s) are a real testament. I am Very happy with my new ‘bespoke” suit

December 17, 2018
I bought several clothes from FashionMia and they kept their promise. The dresses were delivered on time and the quality was not compromised. I like shopping with them because they are cheap and unique

November 1, 2018
I've been browsing for weeks trying to find the right dress, it was hard because of certain restrictions regarding the size, the color etc. It was hard to find the right robe from Fashionmia, mostly because there were not a lot of large sizes. This is a beautiful, spa-quality terry Dress. Thank you Fashionmia!

Scam is the right word
October 26, 2018

My rating is way below any star.

I have very similar situation and worst.

I placed total of 5 pieces, only received 3 and none of them fits. I never receive the other 2 pieces. They also kept coming back & forth asking me to pick out other styles and never get anyway where. Finally I returned the three pieces in August 10th to the address they provided.

As up to this date October 26th. I still not getting anything back other than the email back & forth from Alicia somewhere in Asia ( due to the time she responded). I'm asking for my refund and will take the next step if I have to.

Fashionmia October 27, 2018

Dear Customer

Thank you for your order and post here, we are sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused, would you please offer us your order number and the problem with your order to [email protected] so that we can confirm with relevant department and solve your problem as soon as possible.

Thank you for your kind support and cooperation.


Good product quality
October 22, 2018
I recently bought a dress and absolutely fell in love with what I received. The fit is flawless and it looks just like it's described on the website. It was a hassle-free purchase. What stands out the most is the quality of the dress and the fabric used. I was a little hesitant to try a new website at first but I wasn't disappointed one bit. I will purchase again.

Nice customer service
October 14, 2018
The item I ordered from was really what they advertise, product arrived on time and safely. The product was beautiful and makes a perfect gift set for my boyfriend.

September 18, 2018

These people are crooks - they stole my money.

They will regret it because I will not let this go.

Do not buy anything from these scammers. Knock them out of business. Truly dishonest crooks here.

OUT OF STOCK every other day for a week
August 24, 2018
B240its been more than a week since they took my money. I think they should cancel this whole order since you are out of stock on two items. EVERY OTHER DAY i am getting messages that they are OUT OF STOCK of one thing or another. they SHOULD NOT take my money or allow an item to be purchased if they are out of STOCK. I want an immediate REFUND. We don't have time to to engage with ridiculous order experiences.

August 10, 2018
I have ordered from them prior and usually they would allow me to replace the item they claim is out of stock with another of equal value this time someone by the name Kitty took it upon herself to cancel my order she claims is out of stock and didn't even allow me the option to replace it with other items of equal value nor a refund I have been going back and forth with them trying to at least get replacement items in place of items I paid for and have not received and to add insult to injury they have the nerve to ask for extra money to send items which I paid to get shipped express already not only is that illegal they post on their site do not give extra money or credit card info to anyone asking for additional fees cause its fraudulently yet they are holding my money hostage and trying to illegal solicit extra money from me! !

Caution! is a scam
July 24, 2018 takes your money, then notifies you the item(s) are not in stock. They will not refund your money. They require more money in order to resolve these issues. They never answer their phones and reply to emails with a link to send more money for insurance to fix any problems. They do not actually have the items they advertise. Please review SiteJabber and read the MANY reviews stating this same thing.

They are a scam. Don't Bother giving your money away.

Don't waste your money people!
July 23, 2018
Bought items. Most arrived safely; however, they weren't cotton as the website said they were. Two, however, didn't arrive at all. They said it was sold out. I asked for a refund; instead they just typed lame replies for MONTHS. After a while, they sent a message regarding a "Order Insurance" and that I didn't select it during purchase. I forwarded them the receipt FIVE times now, and I still keep getting the same thing over and over again! Don't waste your hard earned money on this SCAM!

July 20, 2018
I ordered one jacket on Jan 30/18. It is now Jul 20/18, and after numerous emails back and forth with customer service I still have not received my order.

Worse online site
June 28, 2018

Placed order on 5th June 2018. No update on my order after a week. Wrote to them and received an email from a Mandy informing I had forgotten to pay for the shipping insurance upon check out of my purchase. I paid and waited some more.

Wrote to them again to check on Status. Then received reply from Zora informing me to be patient and with a shipping tracking number. I checked on the shipment with this tracking number for 2 of the 5 items I have purchased from them. Message says tracking number not found. Wrote to Fashionmia again twice after that and no reply from them. It has been 3 weeks and no one can tell me what is happening.

I should have done my research on their site if they are legit.

Please do not ever order anything from them.