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About is a new dating website which promises to connect single people who live in rural, countryside type areas who are interested in finding like-minded partners because "city folks just don't get it."

Online dating is becoming more and more common as the years go on, with almost one third of US couples married between 2005 and 2012 reporting that they met online. Because of this, niche dating sites are exploding in popularity.

A niche dating site is one which seeks out a particular identifying quality that people may be looking for in a partner - whether or not they have that particular quality themselves - and then reaches out to those singles to use their site.

Niche sites include websites that specifically target people based on their race, religion, educational level, ethnic background, and any other quality that these sites determine people may be looking for in a partner. is reaching out to another type of niche - people who love living in rural areas and the type of activities, beliefs, and experiences that traditionally come from living in these areas versus those that come from living in large scale metropolitan areas.

Customers who are interested in this dating service can sign up for a free membership with just your email address, your zip code, your gender and the gender of partner you are looking for, and your age.

Like other websites, free memberships only provide very limited services, while upgrading to a paid membership allows members to contact one another and take advantage of all features.

The costs of membership at changes depending on the length of the membership you would like to purchase, since purchasing a longer membership at one time will result in discounted membership fees.

While you can cancel your membership at any time you choose, does not honor any refunds of membership fees, so this is something you need to consider when deciding what length of membership to purchase.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

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March9, 2016

farmersonly is a playground for HATEMONGERING GAY-BASHERS! Unbelievable. The "MEN FOR MEN" section is a JOKE. I would NEVER consider joining this site until they incorporate a "REPORT MEMBER" link to remove all the hateful, GAY BASHING bigots they let signup on their site to promote HATE SPEECH without monitoring them and with no way to report them or have them REMOVED. They kept sending me these emails "Top Profiles Selected For..." and EVERY SINGLE EMAIL has at least ONE of these dumbass bigot's FAKE profiles that are nothing but PURE HATE against gay men. This last HATE email from has member "Durango Ironballllls" looking for "18 yr old men African American midgets plz" with a pic from "Brokeback Mountain". This email was actually TAME compared to some of the real SICK ones they've sent me. Their website is a constant reminder of how much straight people HATE me, and not about gay men who want to date me.
Since their client base has found an EASY way to target gays thru, I'm sure it's the same problem with black people constantly getting emails full of profile pics of WATERMELONS, FRIED CHICKEN, DYING ETHIOPIANS, etc with comments referencing "big lips", "love me some fried chicken" and "Sickle Cell Anemia". Why don't they DO SOMETHING? Unbelievable.

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February10, 2014

RUN! Seriously the worst. Customer service is non existent. Cant' delete what mail you get. Terrible. ANY WEB MATCHMAKER but this site is advised.I HAD NUMEROUS POOR EXPERIENCES WITH THE SITE, DETAILS, AND MANAGEMENT. As for the people on here, like many sites, both good and poor experiences.
Yep pardners should be called FARMERSONLY dot RUN!!

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