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Farecompare.com has become a front-runner in travel search engines since its founding in 2004. Created by Rick Seaney and Graeme Wallace, the website aims to give you more freedom of choice when purchasing airline tickets.

The website allows you to compare all the airline ticket prices worldwide and choose the one that fits you best. One of the best features is that it shows you the cheapest fares right at the top of the page. This is especially important as some of these deals do not last very long.


Farecompare.com is essentially a service that compares the prices of airline tickets. It does most of the work for you by curating and compiling all the air fare details you require into one place.

From there, you are able to choose and purchase the tickets that best suit your needs, preferences and budget. Not only does Farecompare.com allow you to decide between flights, it also lets you to choose the best hotels for your vacation, as well.

The website also has a real-time email alert service. With this service, the website can send you email alerts detailing the latest and best deals when it comes to air fare. There is also a new and exclusive Twitter tool that does the same thing for you on Twitter.

How Does It Work?

The website has numerous travel experts who search through multitudes of travel itineraries to obtain the best and cheapest deals. This gives you a wealth of choices to maximize your travel experience.

Use the website by entering a specific travel destination and signing up for email alerts that notify you when prices drop. Alternatively, you are able to get a better sense of adventure by using the Getaway Map feature. This shows you a map of different places you are able to travel to at the best prices.

Cost and Price Plans:

Farecompare.com doesn’t actually sell you anything, so you don’t have to pay for anything. The airline tickets that you buy will be from whatever company you end up choosing. They only compile the information on the cheapest prices and deals and directs you to the appropriate website where you are able to purchase the tickets or deals.

Otherwise, there are no fees involved for the service on the website.

Customer Service:

Farecompare.com makes contacting them for any reason really easy. In fact, they have social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are able to find them on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @farecompare and on Twitter at @farecomparedeal.

The website also allows you to contact them for any media reasons through a request form on the website itself. There is also a contact form available for any issues or enquiries you have. This form can be accessed through https://www.farecompare.com/contact/.

They even share their company address if you have any need to work anything out personally.

As mentioned, Farecompare.com itself doesn’t sell you anything; it is only a comparison website. As such, if you encounter any issues with your purchase or bookings, it is best that you contact the website or company involved directly.

If you need any help though, you may always contact them through the contact form above, or email their customer service at [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There isn’t a great wealth of reviews in regards to Farecompare.com, but what is available is a mixed bag.

There are some reviews that tout the website as a great tool to help save costs for traveling. In addition, some users have claimed that the website is very sophisticated and manages to help with finding the best deals available.

However, there are other users who say that the website and its comparisons are inaccurate and the links lead to websites that show higher prices. Some users have complained that the customer service is bad or unreliable and that confirmation emails were not received.

Competitors and Alternatives:

There are three alternatives to Farecompare.com that you may check out, namely: Skyscanner, Airfarewatchdog and Byojet.

To start, Skyscanner has many of the very same functions as Farecompare.com. It was founded in 2003 and is helpful regardless of where in the world you’re using it from. Right from the homepage, it shows you awesome destinations from the city you’re currently in.

In a battle of FareCompare vs Skyscanner, Skyscanner.com can easily win out. It’s a bigger company with headquarters all over the world. All this translates to better service supported by more people across the world.

Next, Airfarewatchdog is another website that is great for comparing airfare prices. The homepage itself shows you great travel deals. However, it isn’t tailored to your location, so it just looks good but may not actually help you. For Farecompare.com vs Airfarewatchdog, the features are very much the same, offering comparison services as well as email alerts.

Lastly, Byojet is another good service website you are able to use to make great decisions for your traveling convenience. It allows you to compare various flights and hotels; it can even arrange a care hire service for you. The website also shows top deals on its homepage, giving you some ideas for your next vacation.

Where to Buy?

The website and its services can be accessed at farecompare.com.


While everyone wants to get the best deals available, comparing flight and hotel prices can be a tedious job. But with Farecompare.com, this troublesome task is completed for you. With this website, you will find the best deals available and travel the world on a cheaper budget.

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