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Horrible- do not book

July 5, 2020

Horrible company- Marko Cadez is a crook. You should go to prison for stealing my money. I am a hardworking healthcare worker that has been diligently working during this pandemic and it’s people like you who are a disgrace to mankind by doing such bad business. I booked my flight for my family Jan 2020 in hopes To travel to the UK July 8-18. Your company is only giving us a voucher for one year which does not work since my kids are in school, The UK is not allowing US citizens to even travel and you won’t refund my money????????
Unbelievable and horrible business model. Stealing my money and taking advantage of people during a worldwide pandemic. There are no words for this type of situation.

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Do not book

July 5, 2020

This is the WORST, dirtiest, money hungry agency that I have ever encountered. We have saved very diligently for a trip to Europe 7/8-7/18/20 with our kids which would’ve been their first trip. Because of COVID we are Unable to travel. They issued a voucher good for one year which dosent work since we booked 1/20- our kids are school age and would need to travel in the summer. We have tried countless times to reach them over the phone to no avail. Their phone number constantly tells you to go through the website but the site tells you that you can get a voucher for a year. WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF A PANDEMIC!!! DO NOT BOOK WITH WITH AGENCY. The Ceo Marc Cadez is clearly a crook and is stealing everyone’s money. I would like a personal phone call from him explaining why he is doing this to me and my family. You are a terrible person and hope will reap what you are doing to all of us in some way or other. Why don’t you speak up and voice to everyone what you are doing. You should go to prison!

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Pushed into a refund and then charged $150

July 2, 2020

Pushed into a refund and then charged $150
Greetings. This is our first time using Fareboom. We purchased tickets to fly from Tampa, FL to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and back to Tampa (August 14th - August 21).

We were happy with the tickets we were able to reserve through Fareboom. But then... we received an email.

When Fareboom emailed me that our flight(s) had run into seating/cancellation problems, they gave me two options: allow them to reschedule us on alternative flights (which is the choice we first made and wrote them) ...OR... pursue a refund.

Their response to finding us alternate flights was to confirm out cancellation (which we did not choose in our initial response).

Having to confirm the cancellation (we didn't make), we were left with choosing a refund. Fareboom gave us two refund options (allegedly).

First option, accept the cancellation through them and pay $75. Second option, basically go request a refund from the airlines (in this case United Airlines).

Having read reviews, I learned the standard answer from the airlines is that my wife and I purchased our tickets through a 3rd party (Fareboom) and therefore the airlines were not responsible for any refund.

So basically, it appears that Fareboom did not give my wife and I any refund options other than to pay a $75 fee (per ticket) for them to provide me a refund within 2 months.

This is the email I received after having to accept their refund process with a charge of $150:

"This is to confirm that your Fareboom Order O-2B1149981 has been cancelled and filed for full refund per United Coronavirus waiver conditions. You chose the expedited processing option with $75.00 per ticket administrative filing fee."

My problem is, Fareboom used the phrase "expedited processing option" to justify the $75 fee per ticket (and we had 2 tickets, so its costing us $150). This "expedited processing option" is included in their response but not given as an option when I was forced to pay the $150 fee for the refund.

There was no option to get the refund from Fareboom without having to pay for the "expedited processing option".

It appears Fareboom is forcing people to pay $75 (per ticket) when the industry and government regulations / standards clearly say "Full Refund", is a terrible way to do business.

Since this whole process just occurred 30 minutes ago, I'll wait to see if Fareboom does the right thing and refunds my entire amount or keeps $150 of our money.

July 26, 2020

Ok...wanted to give a follow up and its all good. Fareboom contacted me to discuss my options. The guy was very friendly and cooperative. He recommended I submit a refund request to the airlines and he even completed the submission for us. Within a three weeks, we were refunded the entire amount we had spent. There was no fee taken out and we received all of our money back. Fareboom really stepped up and helped out given the situation forced upon us by Covid-19. Thank you Fareboom!

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Bait and Switch

March 6, 2020

Booked a ticket for my husband to go to Italy (I was traveling separately). Got a good fare from this company but then had to reschedule due to coronavirus. Ticket was on American Airlines, they waived change fee so we called FareBoom to reschedule. Here's how it went:

1. If you book an itinerary with a lower fare you get no refund. Okay, fine, not uncommon.

2. We found an itinerary we wanted and noted the price, which was $170 more than our original. When we went to book it they told us it was actually $305 more than their quoted rate.

3. We chose a different itinerary that was $128 LESS than our original flight but were still told it would cost us an additional $304. Huh???

Every time I tried to grasp the logic of these quotes I was given different explanations (the taxes, published fares vs. their discounted fares, blah, blah). At the end of the day the math is the math and they just wouldn't come out and say that the $998 wasn't really $998 but $1098! They list the fare as one price and quote you another price when you go to ticket. They try to bamboozle you with a lot of nonsense to "explain" it but it's still a bait and switch.

Not to mention that the people who work there don't seem to know what they're doing and I spent hours on the phone getting bad info and only got passed to a supervisor for clarity after pressing the guy for logic. Even the supervisor gave me a load of nonsense. I'm planning on contacting the FTC.

Go somewhere else more reputable. In the end, what we paid was no different than if we had gone to the airline directly.

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April 9, 2017

Reading tho all the comments im scared to say that majority says its a scam and will take all ur money
(example) *what people have said*
pros and cons
-less $$
-focuses more on flights


-some people had to pay double the original price
-Accidentally did the wrong date and called for a refund but no refunds
-bought a security site
-Sometimes cancelled the ticket after 30 minutes of the flight and was forced to pay the full price directly form the airline's airport counter
-Refused to modify ticket after buying it even tho the airline company are allowing u to modify after buying
-messed up the ticket and refused to take responsibility to fix it.
- hidden charges

I prefer to use
-Flight Hub

Being Honest dont use Fareboom personally i havent used it but reading all the negative comments, I dont want to give my credit card information to a website people are saying is a scam.

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December 10, 2015

I had the WORST ever experience with Fareboom. I booked a ticket using my mother's international credit card. After a lot of additional information requests (which included a scanned copy of the credit card (??!) I spoke to a representative that was supposedly able to verify the payment. 3 days before the flight I noticed they cancelled my ticket and never confirmed the booking. Not only that, the payment was processed and haven't refunded me the money yet. PLEASE BE AWARE AND NEVER BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

July 22, 2019

I'm a very cautious person on anything i buy online over $50.00 .. i hate getting
scam over money ... i don't trust third party seller ... i always research certain websites credibility .. this review forum is very helpful

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Great fares from a reputable travel agency with A+rating at BBB

August 14, 2014

In an age of online travel where many sites are merely shells with no physical location in the U.S. and merely a call center in a distant part of the world, Best Travel Store / Fareboom is a nice exception with a physical presence, customer service representatives that you can know by name, Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation with A+ rating, technology-investment and a presence on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. For this reason, I would rather patronize them than others such as smartfares, Go123travel etc., that also have low fares on the front end but virtually no support on the back end.

Further, other online travel agencies and consolidators (for example cheapoair) have a blanket statement that all the tickets sold on their site are non-refundable even when the airline fare rules clearly state that the ticket is refundable. Fortunately, fareboom is not like cheapoair and other discounters/consolidators. Instead fareboom offers the same fare rules as the airline for that particular fare and one can click the "fare rules" button to know the rules right upfront (other travel agents indicate ticket fare rules only after you enter all information and are just about to buy a ticket)

So kudos to fareboom for running an ethical and reputable business.

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