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Death is a touchy subject for many of us, and rightfully so. However, unwillingness to bring it up in conversation can lead to some tragic results. Often times after we die, our friends and families are left aimless when it comes to deciding on what to do with their loved one’s assets and belongings after they die.

This is because we don't create wills or write down the details of what will happen to us after we die and how to prepare our funeral.

Wills are difficult to talk about, which is why we were pleased to come across Fabric Online Wills.  They're a team that provides affordable life insurance and consults with legal experts to help create wills with their customers. Fabric Wills presents itself as a refreshing step forward with regards to preparing affordable wills for all.


Fabric Wills provides a couple of different services regarding your will and life insurance. The will, writing it up, and providing the legal experts is a completely free process, which is good news as many individuals don't go through the process because of fear of money constraints and an overall distrust of legal figures. 


Fabric Wills presents itself as transparent, with all the costs being laid out in front of you. You'll know what is free and what's not.

First, they write up the will itself, then they make it legally binding, before setting up the final arrangements. The process is simple and super easy to do.

Once they run you through the will making process, Fabric Wills provides its customers with various life insurance plans that ensure you and your loved ones will be covered financially once you're gone.  This is, of course, their main business model, but it should also be kept in mind that it's not necessarily a necessary step you're required to take.

How Does It Work?

The process is of setting up your will is a pretty simple one, providing an easy to follow will kit and everything you'll need to complete the will on the website itself.  All you’ll need is the following personal information: your address, ZIP code, phone number, and email.

When you include your beneficiaries and executors in your will, you’ll also want to include their information as well so make sure you have that information handy as well. Make sure you have information for your back up beneficiaries as well.

The first step is designating your beneficiaries, this means who gets what after you die, what your kids will get, your spouse, your friends, family and so on. Also, you need to pick out who will carry out your will or your executors. This should be somebody who lives close to you and is very trustworthy.

Next step, you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to make your will legally binding. This takes little time to do and the website’s user-friendly platform will help a lot as well.

The second to last step are the details of your funeral, where you would like to be buried, how, and what kind of funeral you intend on having. Once all this is done, the very last step is designating who will be able to see your will both presently and after you die. During the process, you may be asked which kind of life insurance policies you wish to enact, and it’s entirely up to you whether you want to get the insurance or not.

Cost and Price Plans

As mentioned previously, the will is entirely free to create online. There are a couple things you might want to consider purchasing for yourself however like a lawyer for example. An attorney will already be provided by Fabric Wills, but if you choose to get your own lawyer that’s okay too.

The life insurance will policies they’ll present to you may also be something you’ll purchase in the process but keep in mind that purchasing insurance is entirely up to you. It covers all forms of accidental death and natural mortalities but will not include suicide. It may be a good idea depending on your circumstance, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Customer Service

When you go onto the website, a customer service representative might end up messaging you while using the site in which you can engage in an active conversation with that representative.

You can contact them either through their Facebook, Instagram, twitter handle, or Linkedin. They don’t, however, seem to have a phone number you can contact.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Overall, customers across the board have an overwhelmingly positive review of the services provided by Fabric Wills. Users applaud their user-friendly platform, easy to follow instructions, and the general freedom Fabric Wills gives its users. The will writing process is simple and easy.

Competitors and Alternatives

Willing is another will construction and life insurance service, ensuring their customers that no matter the situation after they’re gone, it will be covered. They do provide attorneys and can construct a will for you. But their services aren’t free, however, costing about $70 to create a will.

Farewell, a company based in Britain is similar to Willing in that they charge a fee for constructing a will, about 90 pounds or so. The one upside is that they provide will and life insurance services pertaining to specifically couples.

Freewill, also similar to Willing, provides about the same services except they specialize in giving to charities as their customer’s beneficiaries. Like Fabric Wills, creating a will through Freewill is absolutely free.

Where to Buy?

The entire process is done online, so all the business will be conducted on the site. Once you go to the Fabric Wills website, there will be instructions on how to properly format your will there.


It’s imperative that our society today encourages an active discussion surrounding what will happen to our loved after we die. Although uncomfortable to talk about, nonetheless is quite imperative. That’s why companies like Fabric Wills are promising towards directing the conversation in a friendly and comfortable manner.

Check out Fabric Wills and see for yourself, and start having those tough conversations with your family and other loved ones.

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