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About EyeConic.com

People in need of eyewear nowadays are all flocking towards the internet to get their glasses. Why? Because they’re cheaper, have fairer prices, are more customizable, and often have greater quality. But the stresses of getting glasses such as insurance, prescription, etc still persist.

That’s why at eyeconic.com, their mission is to make the eyeglass purchasing process simple and to leave customers feeling reassured and satisfied. They hope to be your go-to when it comes to not only purchasing glasses, but also getting your prescription, insurance, and frames. All your glasses needs in one place, that’s what Eyeconic hopes to be for the internet.


Eyeconic sells glasses and progressive lenses for men, women, and kids first and foremost. They have a plethora of brands to choose from and countless styles/colors to choose from. Same goes for their sunglasses, from Nike’s wacky designs to a Calvin Klein’s sleek and regal look. They also sell contact lenses too, coming in their typical packs of 6.

Want to know how the glasses will look on you? Eyeconic has a “try-on” feature whereby customers can upload a video of their face onto the website before creating a filter of you wearing the customized glasses of your choice.

This way, you don’t have to go to the store to see how your glasses will look. You can find some pretty interesting eye tech on their too, everything from anti-wrinkle and lip devices to transition lenses.

Regardless of your eyewear needs, it seems Eyeconic has something for everybody. Although an eyewear selling website, Eyeconic’s real selling point is their numerous doctors and insurance plans. Currently, over 34,000 doctors work for Eyeconic’s team, one of the largest in the business.

They also offer optional insurance that only requires you to plug in some personal information. Adding all these together means you can choose your glasses, get your prescription, then get insurance all on one website.

How Does It Work?

The process of getting yourself a pair of glasses is simple as it gets. First, you pick out your glasses. Depending on if you’re getting glasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses, you’ll be able to choose from a plethora of models and brands.

Pick your color, then your size, then your type (prescription, non-prescription etc), add it to the bag and you're all set. From there, you can either purchase other stuff or go straight to check out.

As mentioned, you can find a doctor through the website itself to get your prescription. You can search for the nearest doctor by entering your location. From there, the website will pull up some offices in your area.

Already have an office in mind? You can search up a specific office and the website will tell you where to find it. Looking for a specific doctor? You can search that up as well.

Finally, you can get insurance from a couple eyeglass companies. Each has their own costs and benefits depending on your financial situation, but across the board, they're fairly well priced. Just plug in some information and you’re all set for insurance.

Is Eyeconic.com safe?

Eyeconic keeps all your private information completely confidential and offers a money back guarantee.

Cost and Price Plans

Costs can vary widely based off the brand you’re looking for. Obviously, if you’re going with designer brands then you’re going to have to pay a hefty amount, but Eyeconic also provides some more affordable brands for their customers as well.

Contact lenses are relatively less expensive than the glasses typically are, so if you're just looking for good old fashioned quality eyesight, then contact lenses are perfect. Also, by connecting your vision benefits to your purchasing (insurance) you can save well over $200 on your purchases, making typical eyewear cost less than $40 for each purchase.

Customer Service

You can contact Eyeconic through their email at 1-855-EYECONIC or 855-393-2664. You can live chat with them on their website or email them on their website as well. You can find them on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Their return policy is pretty simple. Find the order you made through order status, print off a copy of the pre-paid shipping label before dropping it off at a UPS location, then send the product back and your good.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Eyeconic is a mixed bag when it comes to customer satisfaction. On the one hand, you have experts claiming the quality and price of the products provided by Eyeconic are exceptional. On the other hand however you have a lot of customers who were frequently upset with the customer service of the company.

Eyeconic claims to price match other lens products but many customers felt this to be untrue. Complaints mostly surrounded insurance, however, so if you're already covered then you shouldn't experience too many problems.

Competitors and Alternatives

WarbyParker.com is a leading competitor in the online lens craze boasting affordable pricing and exceptional customer service which gives it a pretty good leg up from Eyeconic. However, Warby only showcases their own brand, meaning they don’t sell anybody else’s brand making their selection quite limited.

Another leading competitor in the industry is Glasses.com which has a brilliant policy when it comes to privacy and cleans itself up nicely with some really pretty packaging. But it fails in that it has very expensive frames and has a strenuous purchasing process.

Where to Buy?

All the products provided by Eyeconic is bought and sold directly from their website. Other expenditures, such as eye doctors and such, might be paid at the office itself. Most purchases are usually done on the website itself, however.


Online lens websites may not seem like a big deal, but they are in the internet revolution. Most eyewear companies that you typically think of as being separate and competing with each other are in fact all owned by one company. That means they have a monopoly on the entire industry. Online websites like Eyeconic are helping to combat that by providing quality eyewear products online.

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1 Review

Never got them and they couldn’t care less

October13, 2019

The absolute worst. They sent to wrong address and will not forward to me but was happy to use my eye benefits. Never again

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