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Eye Level learning centers, found online at MyEyeLevel.com, is a company that describes themselves as the tutoring center that is “all about seeing things from the student eye level.”

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Eye Level learning centers are based on Daekyo, Korea's leading educational services provider. This method is all about adjusting the teaching to the individual student, which allows students to progress steadily at the individual pace which is comfortable to them.

Their website says that the Eye Level program focuses on building each child’s foundation in both English and Mathematics, as well as in helping them to gain the self-confidence they need to grow an interest in learning, and to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills. 

Customers who are interested in bringing their child to these learning centers will be able to contact the learning center closest to them and speaking to learning director in order to arrange a free consultation which will include a diagnostic test to assess your child’s current aptitude.

Once this diagnostic test is complete, the center will be able to walk you through the individual program that will be used to cater directly to your child, as each student has a customized starting point and plan that depends entirely on their ability, regardless of age or grade.  

Cost/Price Plans

This company does not provide information on their website regarding the costs of their services, but this is likely because their prices will vary depending on the location of your center, the age of your child, and the number of times per week or month your child will attend their center for services. Customers will need to speak to their local Eye Level to see what kinds of pricing and payment options will be available them.     

Refund Policy

Unfortunately this company and website do not appear to provide their customers any information regarding refunds or any sort of standard Refund Policy at this time. Concerned customers will want to contact their Customer Service team to request information about any possible policies before they submit their order.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by using their website to locate the specific contact information for the local Eye Level near you. 


Unfortunately it seems as though this company has different reviews depending on the local learning center that children will attend. Some centers appear to have really excellent reviews and happy parents, while reviews of other centers show less positive experiences from their customers. 

This isn’t surprising, as it appears that running Eye Level is similar to other franchise opportunities, in that most people have the opportunity to open a center as long as they have the right financial profile and agree to follow their franchise’s organizational plans.

Customers who considering having their child attend this particular learning center will want to look closely for the reviews of their local Eye Level branch and possibly reach out to other families who have attended this location to see whether or not they have benefitted from their experiences here.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There actually are a variety of options available for parents who want their children to get extra help outside of the traditional classroom, whether that is all around tutoring or simply help in math specifically, including the Kumon Center and Mathnasium learning centers.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Eye Level reviews below.

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