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It's a SCAM

March19, 2013

It's simple, it's a scam. Whos going to pay you? what are you going to get paid for? for doing 4 mins if work to post an ad?
Theres no such thing as free or easy money.
You "CAN" make money with ads, but it will take a lot more work than what these clowns at extraincomeprofit are showing you.

Making thousands of peoples lives miserable because they got scammed is just cruel.
This person running these scams should be executed and shot dead by firing squad. SERIOUSLY

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July 04, 2013

good thing i check on line again,i've sign up this "money making" on feb 2013,but just got getting busy so don't have lots of time doing it,noticed it as well when i'm trying to create my website i have to to buy and stop me there...really!.....this danielle should be executed,agree....big time!!....fooling people for her own benefit. get millionaire by fooling people?...shame on you!..lady!... feeding your family by scam!!!!...i don't
know how this lady from herein burlington got interview and said she is getting comfortable life to her family?...How?.....

why this people in media don't screen properly before airing it?..it got me because of bbc i seen it.

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December6, 2012

If such a scheme were really true dont you think that just the people advertised as having fantastic incomes would have shared this fantastic offer with their friends and family and these friends with their friends and family and so on-----.

Would you really need to market it!

I nearly filled in their stupid form . What an idiot!

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An Idiot *
January 08, 2013

Hi Carl,

You nearly filled the form. As I said it up. I filled

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Supplement the income

October23, 2012

I saw this website and got excited. I thought, yep this sounds like me I want to make money from home etc, etc.
But what alot of filler and then the real surprise at the bottom of the page.
I almost sent some money off to these people until I looked at the review.
Thank you for making up my mind and good luck to those seeking a refund.

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Christine M
December 03, 2012

Yep, total scam. I paid them 49.99 just to find out and that it's absolute crap! Does Channel news 8 now this? The news channel that promoted this scam?

December 05, 2012

My guess would be that they are definately not aware of this site. Simple reason being because it is, after all - just a scam....
I believe the fictional Danielle Staub - ( Who is pictured on the ads in the uk at present ) is possibly named after a reality tv character from the USA.

December 05, 2012

Channel new 8 did not promote it. It is not the real channel 8 website!

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Therese S

Thought I would make some extra money as I'm on disability

October21, 2012

Thank you so much for all the information that you people have put here. It saved me from making a big mistake. I only have to pay $49.95, but it's not about the money. I love doing this kind of work, but a scam is a scam and I won't buy into this one. I came onto this site by luck and I'm sure glad that I did. Thanks again everyone!

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Kiara Bigatao

Total Scam!!! Do not sign up

October4, 2012

I lost $97 dollars with the Profit Master Academy Scam, It all sounds too good to be true then when you sign up all what they want is more money and it is not easy to post things online plus you have to have a Blog to really start making money if there is money to be made...
Extremely rude workers, I tried to get my money back, THEY WOULD NOT REFUND IT TO ME, tried speaking with a floor manager and the worker said she was not in yet ( we are talking Tuesday morning) what kind of real business doesn't have a manager present during regular work hours.
Please DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID. I work hard for my money, and that was a wast of money, this website should be reported.

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October 15, 2012

sucks dude i feel ya, fella works hard for money is a shame people would scam ya out of it

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