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About ExploreTalent.com

Explore Talent, found at www.ExploreTalent.com, claims they are the world’s largest talent resource, with over 7 million members and over 40,000 job and audition listings at any one time.

ExploreTalent.com lists jobs and auditions for many different creative sectors, such as Acting, Modeling, Musicians, Dance, and Crew. You can search these listings, as well as create your own profile page at Explore Talent for free.

Your profile page can contain your resume, headshots, and reel, and any of these things can be updated as many times as you like. This profile page can be accessed by both Casting Directors and Agents who use Explore Talent.

If you find a job or audition you like on the ExploreTalent.com database, you can immediately email them your resume, headshots, and reel with a click of a button from your Explore Talent account.

You can also upgrade your account to the Pro Membership. A Pro Membership requires a monthly subscription fee, but also results in more benefits and services for you to take advantage of.

Pro Membership allows you to submit your info directly to Casting Directors without an agent, a team of in house submission reps who will match you the castings and job postings that best fit you, and you will be submitted to casting director who express interest in you for free, and more.

A monthly subscription costs $39.95 each month, while a 3 month subscription costs $69.90, $ 119.94 for 6 months, and $129.95 for 12 months. But no subscription fees will be refundable, so make sure you do your research before you commit to a subscription.

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April 22, 2013

I signed up with these people hoping for a chance to go to some auditions and a chance to get into the entertainment industry. I filled out my profile, uploaded my pics which were professionally done, submitted myself with my work resume to different calls and auditions, etc..everything they told me to get the job I did, I even enter their contests on their Explore Talent page...

Well not only did they send me auditions they also submitted me for auditions that were not even meant for me "looking for a male model" I am a female... Looking for LA talent, I am on the east coast...

When I did receive auditions that the "casting director" wanted me I quickly looked up everything I could find on the people asking for me... what I found 9 times out of 10 that these audition posting were not only not real but the people behind them were depending on me to show up so they could do harm to me... Most of the "auditions" were from really bad people (NOT REAL DIRECTORS).

These were not professionals...Explore Talent is posting these jobs as if they are valid, safe, and secure projects however when I person tries to validate that its safe to go to these said projects it turns out its a low life guy (s) trying to kidnap, rape, or sell these people that turn up, which most of the time are pretty young ladies that don't suspect they are being lured into a bad situation.

When talking to these Explore Talent people over the phone they tell you that you are wanted for auditions by the casting director and everything is on the up and up, they tell you that these auditions are safe and that you will make big money because their directors are interested in you... DON"T DO IT... the only reason I write this on here is that maybe another young girls life will be saved.

We think its secure because they tell us these auditions are 100% real when in reality some of these auditions are just a way to get pretty young girls to a location so they can do what they want with you, which more times than not include rape, sexual exploitation, and kidnapping for human trafficking... there are very few auditions and I mean like 1 or 2 out of the hundreds that I looked up to validate that are legit.

Please be careful out there and research what you are getting into before just going on one of their "auditions" it may save your time from being wasted and even more...your life.

A Total Scam
January 23, 2013

Yes, three years ago I was a customer. Today they called me. I asked the representative to repeat herself several times as I could not understand a word she said. She kept talking on, saying what, I do not know. I said "I am hanging up, I cannot understand you."

Within one minute I was called back by a gentleman, with somewhat the same accent, but a little better to understand. He kept saying I could be in such & such movie at $842 an hour, the movie company would pay for my travel and boarding on top of that.

I asked if he/they knew what I have been in previously, no. Do I fit the physical requirements, I will have to get back to you. Why do they want someone with brunette hair. "Because you are beautiful"

I am a blonde!

After he put me on hold to check something I hung up. My phone, both home and cell that they had on file, rang repeatedly!