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Exec Cleaning, found online at IAmExec.com, is a professional cleaning service available for homeowners and businesses that promises top quality services with satisfaction being guaranteed.

According to their website, Exec Cleaning promises that they only work with cleaners that pass rigorous cleaning exams and are all fully vetted to ensure that you have the best possibly quality of service.

In addition, all cleaning services are full bonded, licensed, and insured in the case of an item being broken or damaged, they promise that they will offer their customers replacement or repair services.

They also promise that they specialize in "green cleaning," a specific type of cleaning which focuses on using cleansers without harsh chemicals, toxins, or toxic smells. For example, they say their cleaners will use mineral oils instead of chemical stainless steel polishers.

The two person cleaning team that they send to your home will bring all their necessary cleaning supplies, including vacuum cleaners, except in cases where you require specialty equipment or cleansers or in certain residential areas.

You can get an instant price quote online based on where you live and the size of your home, which is determined by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home - one living room and one kitchen is automatically included in the price quote.

Exec Cleaning says that there is no need to tip their cleaning teams, as the tip is built into the price. However, they do send out a follow up email where they ask for your feedback which they encourage you to fill out because they reward their highest rated cleaners with bonuses.

For extra convenience, they also offer an iPhone app to help you book your cleanings in the easiest way possible, and new customers who download their app will receive a $10 coupon toward their cleaning.

Customers who are unhappy with their services cannot request a refund, but if they alert Exec Cleaning within 24 hours of the problem, another cleaning team will be sent out to make sure everything meets your satisfaction.

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