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About is the home of the eSignal brand of “smarter trading tools,” which offers a variety of products, services, and education to both individual investors and active traders alike. claims to be well known in the active trader community for over 25 years for offering top quality products that assist traders in acquiring and monitoring global, real time market data and helping them with professional level decision support.

They have desktop products, such as eSignal, Advanced GET, eSignal OnDemand, as well as browser based products like LiveCharts and QuoTrek, which were specially designed for use on your mobile devices.

They also have training and education options for individual investors – or anyone that is interested – at their  This website offers product training as well, for those who have purchased their products and wish to know how to most effectively utilize them. products range from $120 per year for their most basic product, which only offers real time data and the ability to view 200 symbols at a time, to $3,995 one time fee for their most advanced product.

The eSignal Advanced GET offers the Advanced GET scanner for 1 year, online mentoring for 3 months, 20+ exclusive predictive indicators, specially priced datafeed packages, the chance to attend a seminar for free, and more.

They offer seminars on specific topics such as Stocks, Forex, Options, and Futures, but also general seminars on topic like “The Secrets of Successful Trading.” Their seminars take place online, and so are accessible to everyone.

It is important to note that used to run the well known websites,, and, but have since sold them and are no longer affiliated with them.

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