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About is a website which claims to have top of the line, professional hair colorists on staff who will create individually blended hair color specifically for your needs and goals.

eSalon is only technically only available to members, although membership is completely free, and just requires your email address, contact information, and for you to fill out a short personal questionnaire.

First, you must tell them about your natural hair color, beginning with whether your natural color is best described as in the blond, brown, or red family, as well as what percentage of gray is currently in your hair. You describe this in 25% increments, from 0% gray to completely gray.

Then you must tell them what type of chemical treatments you have recently done to your hair, from the time of your last hair coloring, to any type of Keratin or relaxation treatments, perms, and more.

Then you must describe to them your appearance in terms of coloring. Your eye color and ethnicity will be asked for, as well as your hair length and texture, and finally, what color you are hoping to achieve with this professionally created hair color.

You can also send in a picture of yourself to their specialists, with a description of what you are hoping to achieve with your new hair color, so that all your personal needs will be taking into consideration.

The hair color kit you receive will include your custom hair color and developer, personalized instructions, follow up shampoo and conditioner, stain guard and remover in case of accidents, and a set of protective gloves.

A one time order will cost $24.95, will joining their auto-delivery program provides you a 20% discount to $19.95. You can arrange the auto-delivery of your hair color kit to whatever frequency you wish, from every 3 weeks to 12 weeks, and you can change this frequency whenever you need.

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